Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday's arrivals in harbour

First today is from Amanda who has just arrived in Tat Land's main harbour. She says:-
79.  "Hello Jane, 
My sailboat is finally limping into harbor. There was an unexpected storm at ring 30, and my line snapped! After some splicing and swearing, the breeze is back in my sails. Thank you for a very enjoyable tatting experience! 
~Amanda ( from Everett, Washington USA) 

The second sailing boat in this morning is from Bernice who has sent in two pictures.  She says:-
80.  "Jane,
I have been busy cleaning up my tatting as tax season is coming and I’ll be busy with books/meetings and paperwork.  But I am counting down the months to retirement so one last push before that actually happens and I can spend my days tatting.  Day 15 was done on the road, no I was not driving.  Here are days 15 and final.  So much fun.
Here are my threads.
Lizbeth 40 Color 136 Autumn Spice
Lizbeth 40 Color 138 Leafy Green
Best, Berniceb"

Oooooh, another boat has just sailed in from Gea.  She says:-
81.  "Hello Jane,
Sorry I am a bit late with my Tias. Had again trouble getting my pictures on the computer to send them to you.
But here I am, finished my sailboat! (with here and there some flaws in it, sorry did not pay enough attention to the pattern)..
I used Flora 20 in 3 different colours, white, kind of orange and mixed.
Greetings and thanks from Holland.

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