Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tuesday and more day 6

First of all - as if you haven't guessed - tomorrow will be day 7.

First in this morning is from Janet who says:-

"I finally caught up (been down with a nasty "rotovirus" tummy bug that's going around here in Texas). I'm still not certain what this might be. . .perhaps a swan??"

Second in this morning is Dale Marie with her comment and picture:-

"Here at last is day 6. I am more confused than ever as to what it might be, but therein lies the fun:-) Dale Marie"

Now I have Fiona with her beautifully colour coordinated TIAS. Here's what she has to say:-

"Hi Jane,

I'm a little late with day 6, but here it is! I have also linked TIAS on my blog. I still think it may be a hot air balloon...but day 7 will probably nip that in the bud LOL. I am really loving seeing others work and beautiful shuttles. I also quite enjoyed the split rings...I recall learning them to make your little sea-horses about 3 years ago, and now I try to use them when adapting older patterns to try and do them in 'one pass'. Kids go back to school this week, so hopefully I will find that balance again soon! 

Fiona T (Melbourne, Australia)" 

Now I have Liz who's playing 'catch up' with her days 5 and 6 and who says simply:-
"Many thanks Jane.

Now I have Corina who says:-
"Oops, I seem to have forgotten to email you the next picture. I blogged about it."

Breakfast eaten and now I have Sook Yi who says:-
"Hi, Jane. 
Greetings from sunny Malaysia. I was back in my hometown, Penang Island, and busy eating all the yummy food that I only managed to tat Day 5 and Day 6 last night. This is the result. I can't wait for Day 7. My guesses from me. I like surprises. :-)
Sook Yi" 

Now I have Julie who accuses me of being 'tricky'!!! I did laugh when I read her comment:-
"Here're my day 6 efforts. Blimey you're a tricky bugger! It's thrown my tropical fish idea out the window. No idea now!

Next in is Rosemaryann from a soggy Australia. She says:-
"Hello Jane, I had some spare time so I started another "What is it?" :)
I did the scanning this time. Another thing I've learnt over the last few days.
since Day 5 we have had over 2" of rain that fell in 2 hrs on Saturday night.
Other places in Queensland and northern NSW have had tremendous rainfall that has caused dreadful flooding. Australia is definitely a land of contrasts!
Within one week we have had bushfires, flooding rain and even snow in the southern Highlands! What else are we in for during this crazy summer of 2013?
having fun and waiting for Day 7.

Back again with Axa's days 4, 5 and 6. Here's her comment:-
"Dear Jane, 
It is my 4, 5 and 6th day of TIAS. I think it will be a basket with a lot of flowers. I am waiting for the next step
thank you
Axa " 

Now I have Jeanne's day 6 with the following comment:-
"Here is my day 6, I still have no clue about this one, usually I can see something, but not this year, you are mysterious Jane." 

Helen's comment and picture are next. Her pictures are very distinctive with the background she uses. Here's her comment:-
"Hello Jane,
here is my day 6. Still not sure what it is. I think it could be a flower basket...but on the other hand these last rings make me doubt it.
Bye for now.
Greetings Helen" 

Next to arrive is Rebecca with her day 6. She says:-
"Hello Jane,
Attached is my day 6 instalment. My husband agrees with the flower basket guess but I am still clueless. Being clueless doesn't bother me too much because I'm used to it. Much of the time that is my normal state of mind,
Rebecca D.
Michigan, USA"

Now I have Martha's day 6 with her comment:-
"Ooh, if the next page is coming out tomorrow, I had better hurry and send you this one. Shh....I'm supposed to be getting ready for work."
Yes, Martha, tomorrow morning is day 7!!! 

Sarah's just caught up with us with her days 5 and 6.  Don't worry, Sarah there's no time limit to the TIAS. Here's her comment:-
"Hi Jane, I'm a bit behind... not with the tatting but with getting the photos onto my computer and sent off to you. It looks like the winds have shifted and my little sailing craft is morphing into something else altogether. The mystery is intriguing and though I would like to be sailing along on "Moon Light Bay" I am enjoying this puzzle. Can't wait to see what the next day brings.

Elizabeth has now strolled into my inbox next and she has this to say:-
"Here is day 6. No guesses from anybody at work today..Can't wait to see what happens next
Las Vegas NV USA"

Last one for me today is from Michelle who says she's sure she knows what it's going to be:-
"Hi Jane,Here's day 6 and I'm convinced it's a hot air balloon. Maybe tomorrow will be the day when all becomes clear!

Goodnight world!!!

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madhur said...

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee...got a couple of hrs to kill. Off to day 5 and day 6! Hope I atch up.