Monday, 28 January 2013

Monday morning

Good morning, world. Monday morning at mission control and my inbox is FULL - hoooorrraaaaayyyy.

First in this morning is from Cindy who says:-=

"Hi from Minnesota, where it's snowing to beat the band! (as my grandma always said) Photo attached of my Day 6 progress, and my guess is . . . well . . . I'm not sure. Hubby guesses a grocery/shopping cart. Maybe a baby buggy? Thanks for the push to think about split rings and various joins - Michelle and I got together for some tatting and looking at specific join techniques yesterday. You are such an inspiration! A little bit of our discussion is on my blog.

Thanks for the fun!


Now I have Melanie's day 6 along with her blog link and comment:-

"Good afternoon-

I have completed day 6. I'm leaning towards it being a flowerpot, but am thinking of that second color you had us set aside. mmmmm

Stay warm,


Tania is next in my inbox and here are her days 5 and 6:-

"Hi Jane, here are days 5 and 6.The lock chain was new to me and i really liked the effect of it :)

I still don't have any guess but it has been fun participating and reading other people guesses.


My next visitor is Diane who says:-
"Hi, Jane!
Well, I managed to catch up today. Day 5 went well, but Day 6 was a challenge. I'm not sure split rings and I will ever become close friends, but we are learning to get along.
Lace-lovin' Librarian"

Off to grab some breakfast - back soooooon. 

OK, back again with a few more of the overnight TIAS's. First in this time with days 5 and 6 is Linda who says:-
"Day 6 and day 5 are finished.... I like what ever it is!!!"

Now I have Andrea's two day 6's. Don't know how you managed that, Andrea, on such a busy day. Hope your DH is feeling better soon.
"Hi Jane,
I managed to get Day 6 finished. No further guesses a it's been a busy day today ... celebrating my grandson's 3rd birthday and looking after my hubby who is poorly! It was great to have an excuse to have time to myself though!
Hope you are well.
Best wishes Andrea x"

Well, Dorcas says good evening and I say good morning!!! These time zones make the TIAS even more interesting for me.
"Good evening Jane,
Here is my day 6. I still say it could be a pram. Then again, the weather is so beautiful here, a picnic in the park would be very nice. Maybe it is a picnic basket.

Next in is from Sharon who sends in her days 6!!! Yes, several of them:-
"The menagerie!
North Carolina, USA"

Heather has sent her day 6 in overnight too. Here's her comment:-
"Good evening Jane, after a busy weekend I got a chance to tat day 6. 
Thanks Heather." 

Now a Canadian visitor - Helene. She says:-
"Hello Jane,
Hummmmmmmm, we're half way there and I'm still clueless. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see.
Hélène, Québec"

Next in is from Umintsuru who sounds really puzzled!!!
"Dear Jane,
I forgot to take a photo of Day 5 so just sending you Day 6 now. Is this right side up or should it be the other way or should it be sideways? I liked Val's guess of a Viking ship.

Next is Nikki with her day 5 and who also follows herself into my inbox with day 6!!!
Her comment for day 5 is:-
"Ok I finally got to do my day 5, my tea cup is coming along!
Her comment for day 6 is:-
"Ok, I was all happy to finish day 5 and send it in... Then I checked the blog only to find day 6 waiting for me.... here is my tea cup, it has waves now lol

Now I have Sharon who has done the same as Nikki - almost!!! She's followed herself into my inbox. First her comment on day 5:-
"Here is my day 5.
I still have no idea what we are making. Maybe a HotAir Balloon???"
Followed by her day 6
"I put it backwards on the scanner, but here is my day 6. Forward or backwards, I still have no idea what I am making."

Next in is a puzzled Rose Anne who says:-
"OK I can say it was just lovely to have an uneventful tatting installment without any hiccups enroute!!! Now I'm still going with a grocery shopping cart but seems many are guessing a baby carriage/pram. BUT I can tell you that while working on this baby at my Lace Gathering today I was told with all the new learning within this TIAS that I was producing "good neurons" which helps stimulate new brain cell growth! HMMMMM OK!!!
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA"
Please send me some new brain cells, Rose Anne!!!

Final offering from the overnight inbox is from JoLene who says:-
"Trying to play catch up after doing much research to figure out the Lock join in needle tatting. I hope it looks ok.
I am thinking it looks like the bottom half of a Faberge Egg.
JoLene McFarland
Phoenix, Arizona, USA"

Now I have Claudia who has this to say:-
"good morning!!! it is a fresh morning today in Formosa, hope it would last a few days !!
my day 6 is complete and no clue about what it could be!!!

Next in is from Maureen who says:-
"Held up a little by the small tailender of a cyclone - no power for over 24 hours, JUST when Day 6 was released! It doesn't look like a boat anymore, or a tortoise - maybe it's going to be The Magic Faraway Tree? It looks a bit like a mushroom with legs, if you put it upside down!"

After an afternoon out with my friend I'm now back in mission control and the first person in this session is Bernice who says:-
"Day 6 TIAS. I have to stick with the Baby theme.....a baby buggy this time. Thanks for doing the TIAS for us as well as your sense of humor Jane. Not only are we a little old for the babies but as I turn 72 in Feb I don't have the energy for one!"
I LOVE your sense of fun too, Bernice and after a very trying day (NOT with my friend, I might add) I'm only too glad to escape back into Tat Land where people are all so nice.

Next in is day 6 from Allison who says:-
"Here's Day #6 for me! All the bright colors on the blog are quite a cheerful sight versus the cloudy, rainy day we are having in Illinois. But rainy days are good days for tatting!Have a marvelous Monday everyone!

Now I have Cathy's day 6 with her short but simple comment:-
"Anxious for day 7!"

Pat has now popped into my inbox with her comment and picture:-
I finally completed Day 6. With Sunday being "family" day, I did not touch any crafting. I really like doing the split rings. I really look forward to the rest of this project. The drawings that the others are coming up with for their guesses are really imaginative.
Pat G (Arial - The Tatting Faerie)"

Next in is from Joanie with her day 6 and her comment is this:-
"Hope you are having a good day! Hope I can get a chance to look at the TIAS blog later! I haven't even looked at your regular (I've decided that there is nothing NORMAL anymore!) blog! Thank you for putting links to the blog and also on the pattern!"

Caroline is next into my inbox with her comment and picture:-
"I am a little slow this time. I guess I have never thought of how to attach the second half of a split ring to a picot. Just did a quick and dirty attachment. Someone put the instructions in an email the other day so I hunted it up and it sure makes the split ring look a lot better. The first try went perfectly but I got tangled up on the second one. Now I just have to remember how the next time. A few more times should make it an automatic for me. I think the handle is a little small if it is a baby buggy. Just not sure what it will be but I hope you do or we are all in trouble. Ha!!
Caroline H"

Now we've all heard the expression 'breeding like rabbits' but Marie gives this a whole new meaning!!!! This is getting to cause overcrowding on the blog, Marie!!!

"Anyway, here is Day 6. I am even more sure now that they are the little tribble creatures. As you can see they are playing ring-around-the-rosie and OOPS! there are 2 more coming to join the merry little band. Whatever am I going to do? They are multiplying faster than ever! And they seem to be mutating, too. Some are small and some are growing larger. Does anyone know how to control these "TRIBBLES"? - Marie in SC"

Next in is IsDihara with her comment and picture!!!
Couldn't get a scan without some measure of motion blur (*grumble.grumble*) so I resorted to a cell phone snapshot for my Day 6 progress. Forgive the quality as best you can. My Viking Ship hopes have been pretty much dashed at this point, leaving me with a stubborn image of a pram (baby buggy) in my head. A pram would be delightful, but it makes me extra sad, now that "The Big Cry" episode of Downton Abbey has aired here in the U.S. *sob*
Will Day 7 banish the sadness resulting from Downton Abbey latest episode? Only time or a crystal ball will tell.
Looks fine to me, IsDihara.

Poor Karla hasn't been well so her day 6 took her a little longer. Here's her comment:-
"Bleh! Had a nasty headache yesterday =S I felt like a knife was stabbing the side of my head--but I did manage to do Day 6! 
I have no idea what it could possibly be anymore, I'm completely at a loss! But I will go ahead and say a picnic basket with flowers, or maybe a little sailboat... or something... I don't know any more, haha =) 
From My Secret Underground Bunker in Switzerland"
Well we know the bunker isn't in Switzerland but it is still a secret!!!!

Now I present another new 'joiner' - Anita. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane
I learned how to tat last year and got totally hooked on it.
And then I saw your TIAS 2013. What a great idea, and what fun!
So someone out there in Switzerland is following your TIAS too.
Well, variegated yarn was not available, so I’m curious if it will be an albino….whatever it is.
By the way, thank you. With your TIAS 2013 I learned so many new techniques in the last few days, tatting is even more fun now.
Best wishes
Anita from Switzerland"
Ah, Anita, Karla actually isn't living in Switzerland but we do have other Swiss tatters in the TIAS.

Next in is from Coretta who has also sent her day 6 with comment and a picture:-
"Day six cuddles up to my Azaleas that are blooming early this year with the warm weather. This thread totally matches them! I will have to tell Green Gal that its name should be Azalea. :) 
One of my friends suggested a crown. I like that idea, but am not convinced of it...


madhur said...

I think I shall have to do the remaining project in one go next week. No time to pick up shuttles right now!And boy it sure is so disappointing.

Marjorie said...

Can't believe tomorrow is Day 7 already. I just finished Day 6 (forgot to look last night!). Just mailing Day 6 so I'll be ready for Day 7.