Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday and Day 4

Today it's time for day 4 of the Tat It And See. Here's the link.

You will notice that we're all back together again - cautious and intrepid tatters alike!!!! This will remain the 'status quo' for the rest of the game. 

All together now, TAT!!!!

First in my inbox this Monday morning is from Prabhjyot who has risen so well to the challenge and taken it a step or more further. This is what she says:-

"Hello Jane,Thank you for challenging me, I am able to do the backside split chain. I tried many different ways and then finally I found the way out on your techniques page. There are two techniques on the page for split chain. One is good for front side & the other is good for back side split chain tatting. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful page. The result is not so neat this time But I am sure I will be able to do it better next time. 

I did split ring #18 in front side so I got a bit confused at that part but then I realized that either way it is good. I am attaching my day 3 picture & waiting for the surprise to unfold soon.

Thanks again for the fun.



Next in is Svet who has also got her husband involved in the guessing game!! She says:-

"I have been so busy lately that I missed day 2. Then day 3 came and I was afraid I would fall too far behind. Luckily I was able to catch up, even after spending an hour on my first ever split chain. I ended up switching my shuttles on accident on day 2, so I did it on purpose on day 3 to get back to my original position.

My husband has joined the guessing game. He claims it is the base of a snow globe. I beg to differ. It's definitely a teddy bear with an oversized bow tie."

Another new joiner in this morning - hi, Cindy. This is her comment and picture:-

"Hi Jane – I’ve decided to join the TIAS 2013, and am attaching pics for each segment so far (including an oops.)

No guesses yet! My blog is here.

Thanks so much for doing the TIAS. I always enjoy watching everyone's progress!


Next in is Bernice who is showing her day 2. Here's the picture and comment that came with it:-

"Day 2 (top) shuttle bottom needle Bernice"

Now I have Coretta's day 2 but it seems as if she's been having way too much fun to do the TIAS!!!!

"Catch up... catch up... So much fun with the kids this weekend left me cramming for day 4! Day 2 had me thinking boat."

This time I've had to turn into a detective to try and find out who sent this!!! Sadly I've failed. Would the owner please put their hand up to take responsibility?!?!? I was sorry to hear you've been ill, though.

"Day two! I have been under the weather so I am a little late." 

Back again is Coretta who must be 'running on gas' this morning. Here's her day 3 now and her guess:-

"A southern Belle's dress (of course upside down because she is standing on her head, that is what they do... And her dress defies gravity). 

Or perhaps an hour glass just flipped over. I could go for a cupcake but it narrows to fast, perhaps, to be that. 

Whatever, it will be smashing in this pink and purple thread. :)"

Back again is my mystery tatter. He or she has now done day 3:-

"Day 3 done. Looks like a basket?"

Now I've got Frances's day three in another colourway and she says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my final Day 3 in peach colour. I have used the Join with no blips for joining the rings to the chains for practice.
Am looking forward to Day 4.
Kind regards

First in with day 4 is Claudia. She's been in my inbox for a while but I'm doing things in the 'right order' so as not to get brain cell three into a muddle!!! Here's Claudia's picture and comment:-
"Good morning Jane
It looks like the first time my cwj worked! Well, I never was looking at them so well, with your instruction beside, on them....
Today no guess, as the Matterhorn is cancelled, oh wait, my guess about a cup of tea could still work out!
Grettings from snowy Switzerland

Second one in with day 4 is Maureen in over heated Oz. She's still thinking about last year's TIAS, I think!!!!
"Morning, Jane - it was too hot to think about tatting this weekend, so I have now caught up - and I think we are tatting a little house for the goat! Maybe it's airconditioned, so he can get out of the heat. 

Now I have Jane's next in her wonderful bright colours. She says:-
"Oh goodness, I still don’t have the Catherine Wheel join down pat. Good chance to practise it. I think I might have twisted some of them, in spite of your warning about that. Too difficult to undo, so I concentrated on improving as I went along. The piece is looking definitely boat-like, but I suspect that’s too obvious. Happy tats, Jane"

Sonja seems to have solved the mystery of this year's TIAS!!! Here's her picture (very pretty) and her comment which I agree with, Sonja. I feel really, really sorry for all the people in the heatwave in Australia. 
"Hello Jane
My day 4. I never did the Caterine wheel so I used the usual Lock. I make also a second one. I give that a try with something new. It looks like a split chain around both threads. pfff difficult to do. Your PDF about the catherine wheel helps. Thank you
Greetings from a very cold Holland with snow and frozen rain, but I dont want change with Australia, too hot for me.

Well, after Karen's which is next my inbox is empty of TIAS messages so it's on now to answering personal ones. This is Karen's comment and this is followed by her picture:-
"Good morning all from a very white Sussex, Here is my Day 4 don't have a clue what it can be at the moment."

Next in is Helen who has just finished her day 3. I'd love to know what she's planning to make with the designs on the squared paper! Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hello Jane,
here is my Day 3 of the TIAS. Still no idea what it will be. Going to practice my
Catherine Wheel Joins!
Bye for now. 

Now I have Mary who is also tackling the Catherine wheel joins. She says:-
"Hi JaneHere is day 4. Given the catherine wheel joins ago, seems to be like a split chain into a picot will have to try and remember that one. I can see its not going to be a triangle something, so I'm now thinking the front of a shuttle bag!

Next in is Shelly with her day 3 and she says this:-
"Morning Jane,
Here is my Day 3. Thank you for the No Blip document. It is very well explained and illustrated. I had probably seen it before but I am now using it on this project and I am enjoying how well it works.

Now I have Umintsuru's days 3 and 4. She has this to say:-
"Dear Jane,
I am sending you both days here. It didn't take long to tat at all. Thanks so much.
Have a great day ahead!!"

Next in is Valerie who has a valid comment to make:-
"Hi Jane, here's my day 4. Hmm, it's beginning to look like a bowl, but I don't believe you'll make it this easy for us! Brain cell #3 surely has something up. ;-)"
Oh, yes, Valerie - brain cell 3 has more interesting days ahead, I promise you!!! 

Well, Anita has excelled herself this time with her picture and poetry! This made me laugh. Here's her comment:-
"Good Morning, Jane,
Even though it is the morning of Day 4, I have forced myself not to look at the webpage so as not to spoil my idea of what we're making before mailing you my idea.
Well, we are still at sea, but our vessel has been downgraded from a sailboat to a tub floating in California's Salton sea...a Tub??? But wait, who's in that tub??
Three gals in a tub,
And who do you think they be?
Why, Jane, Bernice and Anita, tatters all three!
Stay tuned...." 
Clever, clever, clever.  Thanks, Anita.

Next in with her day 4 is Sharren who is rushing off to work. I sometimes wonder why she goes home as she's always at work!!! Here's her comment and picture:-
"Day 4 done! I’m getting ready to leave for work – just a couple of hours and then we can enjoy the rest of the day. No real guesses today – I thought maybe it was going to be a mountain with a ski lift, but maybe not..."

Next to pop in is Brenda who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is one on my Peacocks. I love the Catherine Wheel join.
Loving the snow that has fallen over night. It is still coming down here. 
What better way to enjoy the snow and keep warm, tatting day 4 of course.
Thanks Jane!
Lovely to have the snow, Brenda but I'm now beginning to wish it would go!!!

Now I have Stephanie's day 4 and she has this to say:-

"I'm sticking with my UFO guess for now. 

This year, for the first time, even my husband is getting involved. When I printed the pattern, he came into the room and asked 'what have we got for today?' looked at the diagram (he doesn't always wait for me to tat the new section), and said "yep, just as I thought, it's going to be a flowerpot." I ....umm...gave him a bit of 'advice' based on previous TIAS patterns and reminded him we are not halfway there yet, and there will be surprise changes of direction, I am sure. He's sticking with 'flowerpot' for now, though, and I'm staying with 'UFO,' although from Day 2 it has reminded me of a shopping cart, and it still DOES. ;-) 

Have a fantastic week!

Big hug!


The next person to wander into my inbox is JB who has this to say:-


Here is day 4. This is so much fun. Loving all the different colors used. 

I hope you have a good week. 


I love this thread on TotusMel's TIAS. It sort of jumps off the screen. Here's her comment too:-

"Hi Jane,

Here's my day 4 for your mighty large collection. Still no guesses from me.

Thanks - Pamela"

Next to pop in is Marjorie who says:-

"It's a pretty little teacup for your favorite tea! Only four more split rings and I'll lift my cup to tea-toast you.

Btw, I tried the Catherine wheel on the last join. Not a pretty sight- I'm sure it was operator error, so I'll try again with much bigger thread. I wimped out, picked out, and did the lock join after all."

Now I have Nikki who seems very pleased with what she's learnt so far. Here's her comment and picture:-

"Oh what a joy! I learned how to do a Catherine wheel join!!! Ok I messed up on 3 of them but got the hang of it after that! I really like this join!!! I'm debating undoing so I can fix those 3 I didn't quiet do right but......... I think I'll let it stay as is......thanks for having me learn yet another tatting technique!! I can split chain and catherine wheel join now!!! I'm so enjoying this years TIAS!!


Maria has just sent me her day 4 now. She's also excited at having learnt a new technique. Here's her comment and picture:-

"Well well well, Here we are at day 4 and even though I am still stubbornly holding out for the Nina or Pinta, I have to say it is looking more and more like a teacup, It just needs a handle & saucer.... maybe even a few wisps of steam :) and a cookie! Anyway, you have made me finally give the Catherine Wheel Join a go, and I love it! It took a couple of times to get it, but it is much nicer and easier than I expected. Now I am ready to try something with 'Onions' in it! Thanks!



After Claudia's (which is next) I'll be taking a break to eat but I'll be back!!! Here's what she says:-

"hiii!! my day 4 is here my friend.. and really dont know what iI am tatting!!!

a friend said me it could be a teapot? or a boat??.. hmmmm



claudia meza" 

Next person to drop in is Geraldine who says:-

"Well what have we here, Catherine wheel join's, another thing I've only done a couple of times before. Don't think mine have turned out to bad.

Whales out the window, well I'm going for something with feet or wheels as two picots at the bottom to join to. 

Happy playing


Now here is Ancolie's day 4. She writes from another snowy place - France. 
"Hello Jane I am sending you my day 4
Thank you for your Pdf about Catherine wheel join (never done before)
It looks like a sledge : we have snow here and we'll have to manage with what we've got ;-)
With love from Ancolie from France"

This time I have Nima's day 4 and she says:-


Getting interesting day by day . Finished thatching day4 roofing. 

Can't wait for next bit.


Now I am able to welcome Jacee who has been quietly tatting along with us but has now sent in her progress:-

"Hello Jane,I have meant to send a picture of a finished piece of ...? Sorry, no clue just yet! But then again I thought - Why Not ? So here's my piece of work done with Lizbeth 120 Denim Whisper. Thanks for the fun and pleasure.

Hugs, Jacee, Malaysia "

The next to stroll into my inbox is Dale Marie who says:-

"Here is day 4 complete. I am still thinking it may be a basket of some sort. I am not terribly fond of the tiny light blue blips I ended up with. I may have to give this another go using another technique. Any suggestions?

Also, I thought you might like to know your split chains inspired me to practice the technique and I ended up with a lovely heart which is here.

Dale Marie"

Sharon has now dropped in to say this:-
"Sending sunny thoughts from balmy North Carolina! along with Day 4 pics :-)

Now I have another snowy (and excited!) person - Sonja. She says:-
"Hello Jane
I did it, i did it. The Catherine wheel join!
Greetings from a cold and snowy holland

Another snowed in lass - this time it's Jo from here in the UK. Well, Jo AND her snow mouse here on her blog post:-
"hi Jane

Here's my day 4. this time I didn't have to wait until evening to do it! Since I was working from home today due to the snow (there's a whole 3 inches in Cambridge today) I did most of it in my lunch break and the last two chains in my afternoon short break. Since I've been intrepidly learning new things with this TIAS I went for the Catherine Wheel join option after the first 2 joins. I now think Catherine Wheel joins are a good thing." 

Now I have Winnie's day 4 and this is what she has to say:-

"Hi Jane,

Day 4! I used Catherine wheel joins, never tried them before. 

It is starting to look like a basket.

Bye, Winnie"

I did laugh when I read Jenny's message as this has happened to me SO many times. I won't call her a silly old moo because that would make me one too for doing the same thing!!!!

"Hi Jane
As I was unable to go out today due to the snow I was looking forward to the next part of the TIAS but then - calamity! I could not find my tatting. I was not where it should have been, it was not in any of the places it might have been. I thought I would have to start again, but round about tea time I discovered it still on the scanner. I just know you are saying silly old moo.
I will try to to lose it again before day 5
Next in is from Melanie who says:-
"Hi Jane-
Here is my Day 4 sample. I'm not sure my guess of a platform for a performing seal is still on track, we'll see!!
Have a great evening!

Now I have Denise next to arrive in my inbox and she says:-

"Hello Jane,

I hope you are having a wonderful day. I've completed day four. This was my first time to try Catherine Wheel joins. They worked pretty well. I must have tatted a little looser on parts of the chain as it seems a little bowed in parts. I wish I had left out a stitch so it would look a little smoother.

You can share my information with the other Denise from Texas. I do not believe that I know her, but it can't hurt to know another Texas tatter named Denise.

Thanks again for the wonderful tatting game,"

Next is a short message from Wendy who says:-

"Might be a boat now

Wendy x" 

Just wandered in is Cathy who has this to say:-
"Whoopsie... When I tried to add day 4, I realized I had made an error on the black and white day 3! After cutting out the error and correcting it, Day 4 went much better!!!...Still guessing a coffee cup!"

Next in is Laurie who asks a question:-
"Here is my recent effort..I think it's better and done correctly, however, I didn't quite understand the last bit of your instructions that say "4 SS". Is that chain 4 and then switch shuttle? It wasn't part of the diagram as far as I could tell. Good luck with getting through all the emails, and thnks again for doing the Tia's! Xo Laurie"
Yes, Laurie, you finish with a bit more chain of 4 doubles and next time we start off you'll have switched shuttles. Don't worry - it'll all become obvious!

Now I have Beelizabeth with two wonderful drawings and she says:-Hi Jane

"Hi Jane,
Looks like every other installment of this years TIAS is my pace for sending pictures this year. Who knows- since the worst of my flu has lifted, maybe I'll get more on the ball. Anyway, I actually drew my little sketch before looking at the pictures of what others have guessed but some of us are thinking along the same lines. I didn't mention last time but I'm from the west end of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake in the state of Utah in the United States of America. I usually sign "Beelizabeth" when I comment online.
I love your TIAS" 

Next in is Margaretha who has this to say:-
" Hi Jane. Here is my day 4 it is getting quite interesting as we go along. Cheers Margaretha"

Now I have Adrian's day 4 and this is his comment:-
"Here's my day 4. My first Catherine wheel joins for a long time! The first was tricky, then I got the hang of them again.
My first real guess at what it will be is a teacup. And possibly saucer.
Now it'll turn out to be something completely different. :)

Final entry for today is from Fox who says:-
"Thanks to Frivole, who inspired my Catharine Wheel Joins a while back, Sponge Bob on steroids has a nice, neat inseam. I couldn’t be happier.Fox : ))"

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