Thursday, 26 January 2012


First in today is from Sharren who says:-
"Here’s the picture and a guess: could it be a double-necked guitar that was left out in the rain???

Next in is from Meredith who has this to say along with both her 'thingamajigs':-
"Hello Jane, I have been following your mystery TIAS since last Saturday and it has now compounded my obsession with tatting. As soon as I wake in the morning, I am on the computer to see whether the next step has been posted and yes, day 6 has been and gone. I just finished the shuttle version of Day 6 and it's much tighter than the needle version. Thank you so much for running this as it is so much fun. I am so love love loving this.

Meredith from Canberra, Aust."

Now I have Mary Jo's day 6. Here's her picture and comment:-
"Here is my day 6. My guess is a rooster. The last 2 clues are the comb.
Mary Jo"

Next in is Heather who thinks it's going to be an animal!!! Here is her comment - oh, and her picture:-
"Here is my day 6.... still not a 100 % what it is going to be, I do think is going to be an animal... it looks like we have two legs done. thanks Heather"

Now beware, we have a strange creature next from Sue H. She says:-
"Dear Jane,
Something must have gone horribly wrong....I have come up with a swamp creature!!!
Sue H
Washington state"

Nancy has managed to catch up with us. Welcome to the TIAS 2012, Nancy. Here's her picture and comment:-
"Jane, I knew I could do it! Here is Days 1 through 6! No clue what it is. I was thinking a strange looking cat but then what would we do with the beads? LOL I do just love this. Thank you so much for creating this fun for us in January."

Now the next offering is from Lim (least tracking back I think it's Lim) who sends in days 4, 5 and 6 and says this:-
"Last Monday was Korean New Year's Day and was holiday from last Saturday to Tuesday.
I was busy to visit the house of my husband's head family.
Now, I got a flu. I hope there are no more festive days.
After I made Day 6, I think it is like a dinosaur, triceratops."

Next is from Jeanne who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane,here is my Day 6,
it will take more pieces for me to have any possibility of guessing correctly. You have certainly come up with a puzzler."

Another new idea - this time from Marty who says:-
"It's taken me six tats to see what this is, but I've got it now. :) I don't know what everyone else is making, but I'm making a blue kiwi!"

Nearly at the end of my morning's offerings and next in is from Nima who says:-
Here is my day6...good going...not trying to give any weird guess....i'm enjoying the mystery...

Now I have Patsy who has this to add to the mystery!!
"Jane,I've caught up, and here is lessons 4, 5 & 6.
With two beads, my guess is it has to be an animal or else your just joking and we won't use the beads at all.
I still think one bead is an eye and the other bead is the nose.
Patsy A. Goodman"

Finally in this batch is Elizabeth's and she's pleased that the pieces are only 'bite sized'!! Here's her comment and picture:-
"Dear Jane
Attached please find day 6.
I am so relieved (and pleased) that the segments are so manageable in content. Thanks Jane.

Good afternoon!! Now I have Sue Anna's day 5 and her comment with this is:-
"Sorry being late but finally here is day 5. I could say ok it's a cat with a square face or a new year dragon. Ok so I have no clue. Sue Anna"

Followed now by Sue Anna's day 6:-
"Really half way done !! Still clueless. I'll bet I will have an ah ha moment when it is done :) Sue Anna"

Now I have Stephanie's picture and comment. She seems to have a lot of theories on this TIAS!!!
" Well, the dog guess is 'out' unless, of course, it's a 2-tailed dog (as my husband said yesterday - a boxer, to account for the 'square' body). My trumpet player looking out the window is looking less and less likely, unless he's got the window OPEN and the curtains are hanging out and blowing in the breeze, Rapunzel is also 'out,' unless maybe she wore her hair in TWO braids when it was still too short to reach from the tower window to the ground. Are there some varieties of crab with sort of 'square' bodies? "
Some sort of weird bearded elf, perhaps? I still don't know, not the faintest clue!
Thanks for all the work you've put into this. What great fun it is!"

Next in is from Fox who doesn't give a comment but as the saying goes 'a picture is worth a thousand words'!!!!

I'm beginning to think that Caroline might be right - I'm losing the plot!!! Here's what she has to say:-
"Jane, I had full confidence that you know what you are doing but after this section I think you have lost it completely. I sure hope you can pull it together and make something of this. :-))))))) It sure keeps us guessing. I have no clue except a crab that others have said may be plausible. It would have to be a fantasy though.
Omaha NE USA"

Next in is from Sharon who seems determined to make me blush. Also Sharon is just joining us so welcome aboard!!
"Hi, Jane
Absolutely love your website and all the beautiful things you have made. I discovered TIAS a couple of days ago and here's what I've got so far. I know there are a couple of errors but I just didn't have the "oomph" to undo and correct this time around. I'm guessing a flower with petals?
Looking forward to Day#7
Sharon Cooke
Cary, NC

Now I have Sandy's comment and picture. She sounds a little disappointed!!!
"Dear Jane, This day nixed the turtle idea... so now I'm thinking it's a box, and these are the first 2 legs of a space alien that's crawling out! Eek!! Sandy S."

Next to drop in is Suzanne who has drawn her idea of what we're all making. Here's her suggestion:-
"Hi Jane,
These are the times when I wish I had taken the trouble to learn to use photoshop... Not exactly a fitting displacement activity for somebody who is supposed to be getting ready to leave on a long trek. Here, sans shopping, is my current guess. You'll just have to imagine the water, pyramids and palm trees...

Now another hand drawn suggestion but I'm worried about Sandra. Very worried to that I've upset her as all she ever says to me lately is the following:-
"Oink. Just Sayin'"

Next in is from Anita with another picture to show us!! Here's what she says:-
"What can I say, Jane????
"I thot I taw a puddy tat!!!
Apologize for the slight tweaking to get the ear shape And no, whatever it is, Jane, you could never disappoint me!! What fun!"

Now the last one this evening is from Nicole who says:-
"Ok my turtle turned frog is turning into a octopus/spider ... So confused but loving it!!!!"

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