Saturday, 14 January 2012

Saturday - all day!!!

First in this frosty morning is from Sue who has sent in her practice piece and her day 1.  I'm delighted that people are still joining in - the 'staggered start' is no problem at all to me.  In fact it makes it even more interesting.  
Anyway here's what Sue has to say:-
"I did the practice piece (attached) and then the Day 1, (attached) but I have been remiss about sending them on to you! I hope this doesn't cause you any extra work.
I am from rainy and cold Pacific Northwest area of the US...Washington state, to be exact. The TIAS is very much appreciated as it brightens my day in the middle of all this cloudy weather!
Sue H"

Anita is next - watch this space for more guessing fun!!! I've split her remarks up between the pictures so here goes:-
"And the fun continues...I thought we had the start of a bird on day one ...remember my tatter's intuition? Well, with today's tatting, that idea flew out the least I haven't seen any square birds lately. So, I had to put my thinking cap on again, and came up with....
A Jack in the Box!!!

But then I got to thinking, there has to be a lot more to the pattern, cause we've got several days of pattern left, so....
Perhaps we'll have Jack and Jill?

Who knows, it could even lead to little Jackettes? After all our Rooster found a hen and chicks, huh?
Thanks for adding amusement to my day, Jane! Eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Next in is Fiona who also thinks it's an animal!!! Here's her comment and picture:-
"Have just done this while having breakfast. Not too sure what this will be just yet..could be the head of an animal??"

Welcome to another 'starter' today. Gina S has now caught up with us and has sent in her day 1 and day 2 combined. This is her comment too:-
"Here is my day one and two combined, since I didn't get myself together until today! I don't have a guess as to what it is yet..."

Now we have JB next who says:-
"Here is day 2.  I’ll try to be on my best behavior so hopefully I can stay out of spam. I love your new tree."
Thanks, J B.

Now I'm between a shower and breakfast and still more overnight participants to add. This time I have Frances who says:-
"here is my day 2 tat.  I live in sunny Queensland on the Darling Downs in Warwick, this time Last year we were in the middle of the floods, this year we have had 37degC all week and not a spot of rain so I after waiting all day for the next piece, I have no idea yet. Looking forward to the next one."

Now I present Rose Anne's days 1 and 2. I'll let her explain:-
"Now I just about totally forgot about this after the initial announcement - too much happening and my brain elsewhere!!!
So here’s my Day 1 attempt and I’ve used Lizbeth #688 in size 20 with the CTM method and 2 shuttles as I’m still too clumsy if I have to do anything with the ball besides letting it sit in the cup!!! This time around it looks like it's something "square" but it has two beads - one small and one larger - HMMMM totally no guess."

"And here is my Day 2 progress. Sorry Jane, I still have no clue what this will be when it grows up! I just LOVE these TIAS - not only are they a learning experience, they are just downrightFUN and it's awesome seeing everyones' pictures too on Jane's blog."
Note from me - here's a link to Rose Anne's blog too.

Next in is from Liz who has no idea yet - like most people!!! Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane, here is part two of the TIAS. I think this would make a lovely butterfly wing but am assuming it is way too early to have an accurate guess."

Next is from Lyn who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Thank-you for this TIAS, it is my first and have no idea what it could be!!
I did day 1 and then added day 2 in which I did a mistake, tried to cut it out mucked it up completely, so started again and used your directions for starting a ring and chain and hiding the ends so I have at least learnt something already!:) and your directions are written clear [even though i made a mistake!haha!]
Thanks again

I've just had this quick message from Marco who says:-

"Hello Jane,
Count me in!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe not every day, but i try to catch up with you all.
Greetings Marco

Next to arrive is from Andrea who says:-
"Here is my Day 2 attempt! I really enjoyed it, though am very intrigued as to what it might be. It's so lovely to see everyone's work on here - all the different colours are fantastic. Looking forward to the next episode.
Many thanks again.  Andrea"

On a sunny afternoon (although still cold) I have another day 2 from Argentina and Monica. She says:-
"Hello Jane!
Here is my day 2 - tatted again at the bank, LOL! I have to go back on Tuesday, I wonder if I'll have the next instalment by then!
So far, I can't see any figure developing. It is so symmetric, if I didn't know you I would guess it is the centre of a doily! Of course, there would be no use for the beads in that case - plus, it is not your style, but, you could be wanting to surprise us in a different way this time...
However, I showed it to my darling, and he had a guess I would put a bet on. Can it be a computer or TV, and we are looking at two corners of the screen? The beads could be the controls in that case...
It is super fun to see all the guesses. I will be looking forwards to the next part!
Have a nice weekend!"

Yes, Monica - day 3 will be on Monday!!!

Back from my afternoon walk and I find Adrian in my inbox. Here's what he has to say:-
"Here's my day two.
This is looking suspiciously like it's forming a square motif.
But that extra picot on the first corner is intriguing me!"

Early evening and a few more have come in. The first is from Claudia in Argentina who says:-
"GOOD MORNING JANE! here is my day 2! no idea what it could be.. but it is funny tatting it! hope the colours would help to the final result!! lol...
happy tatting!!"

Now back into my inbox is Sandy who has this to say:-
"Dear Jane, I'm guessing this is a future square, but am having trouble 'squaring' the square with a future critter. 

Did think of a Jack in the Box (loved the pictures sent in by a like minded tatter), and it could be a car, the square being the window (not sure how the beads would fit in...) - but, I admit I have no idea where this little guy is headed! May day 3 bring some light to our musings! Sandy S"
Now I'm welcoming Gunhild to the TIAS with both her day 1 and day 2 pictures. Here is what she says:-
"Hallo Jane, I am in too, and its my first TIAS to take part. Its sooo exciting and soo much fun. Can't wait next day. Thank you very much. And happy tatting to you all from Guni / germany"

Here's one of my good friends from South Carolina with both her day 1 and day 2 pictures. Sharren says:-
"Thanks for doing a TIAS for us – a new game for a new year! Here are my Day 1 and Day 2 – I wonder if I picked good colors for whatever-it-is??
I’m looking forward to Day 3!!"

Aha - another good friend popping in.  Hi, Katie.  Now what is it about the TIAS that brings out the Shakespeare in you guys?  Is it because I live in his town?  Anyway this is Katie (and her husband's) offering for today!!!
"Hi, Jane (and tatting friends), well, here they are--four near-squares in search of missing pieces.  DH thought our Day 2 looks like the open mouth of a shark, hmmm----
Squarish Tat went in search of a shape
Ahhh,” he thought with his mouth all agape,
If it’s shark that I be,
Then I’ll swim cross the sea
and ask Jane: make me into an ape!”

or, more to the point*:
Oh, this mystery test! What a mess!
What on earth can it be? I can't guess.
It's a bird. . . no, a plane . . .
That shape drives me insane!
Well, to find out, I'll TIAS.
Katie V in NC
*DH wrote the second limerick--took the words from my mouth, so to speak."

So a little later in the evening and after another conversation with Katie I received this message from her!!!!

"Our Jane has it down to an art
and faster than fast does her part.
While we think and we tat,
she knows just where it’s at.
Must be nice to be, oh, so darn smart!
You funny girl--or ol' git!"
Now I KNOW why I do these TIAS's - it's because I have all the FUN!!!

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