Sunday, 15 January 2012


First of all the good news is that Day 3 will be out tomorrow at 08:45 GMT.  

Now I'd seriously like to ask here who is having the most fun?  Is it you or is it me?  Personally I think it's me!!!

First in this morning is from Jeanne L.  Actually it must have come in just after I went to bed looking at the time.  This is what Jeanne has to say:-
"I am spending friday, saturday and sunday babysitting 3 of our grandkids, so didn't get day 2 done until this afternoon."

Now I present Lynne H's picture and comment. She says:-
"Jumping in on day 2, great fun to see some of the very creative minds atwork here. What fun!
Lynne in snowy Western Washington, USA"

Welcome to the TIAS Lynne.

Next in is Caroline who's been having computer problems. This is her comment:-
"Could be a kitty but his ears would not be uniform. HA!"

Now I present Sue Anna's day 2 with her comment:-
"I like Sherry Pence's guess and yes you are a "wise old owl". lol. Sue Anna"

Finally this morning (before shower and breakfast!) I present anther newcomer - L C who says this along with day 1 and day 2:-
"Last year I followed along by simply observing. I was way to intimidated to try. This year, I decided to attempt the TIAS. I was actually intimidated of adding the beads to the second shuttle, but am glad i plunged ahead, instead of giving up. I wasn't too happy with my first attempt of day one, so I cut it off and tried again. I'm way to over critical of my work and I keep wanting to criticize my work. The second attempt of day one was better, and I'm actually excited that I'm keeping up! Yay for me!
I'm going to guess that we are going to make a crocodile and we are currently working on the mouth! Lol!
My piece looks more like a triangle, than a square. Any suggestions?"

Next into my inbox is from IsDihara who has this to say:-
"After completing the solid color sample, I imagined it being one end of a vintage key.  Then tatted a second sample for extra fun!"

Hoooraaayyyy, another new person joining and welcome to Axa. This is what she says:-
"Here are the photos of my TIAS 2012. day 1 & 2. I enjoy the challange, and waiting for the next day
thank you
Axa from Hungary"

Nearly lunchtime and next in is Margaret with days 1 and 2 and who says:-
"I have attached the first two days of the tias, I am looking forward to seeing what it is."

Next with day 2 is Nima who says:-
"This is my day 2...i'm really enjoying this mystery...

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