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Day 2 now available

Yes, time for day 2 which you can find here.  

So pleased to see so many people taking part and I must point out that it's never too late to join in.  Just start with the introduction, then day 1 and you can work at your own pace.

First few in today are some more day 1's.  
The first is from IsDihara who says this:-
"My Day 1 snapshot was tough to photograph using Lizbeth 20 Charcoal #606.  All stitch definition is blurred by the sooty colour.
Crossing fingers for some dark, menacing (or mysterious) creature...maybe from murky waters like the Black Lagoon?
Or a coal bucket! Nobody would expect that, hee hee.
Thank you so much for taking on another TIAS! These tat-alongs are anticipated more than Santa at Christmas and really kick off the New Year on a high note."

Now I've got Heather M's day 1 to show you. This is what she says:-
"Hi Jane, here is my day one.... I have no guesses as to what it could be.... can't wait to see what it is :)
Thanks Heather"

Now I'm THRILLED to show you probably the first tatter I've met from South Korea. A big welcome to Lim who says this:-
"Hello, Jane. My name is Lim JiHyun from Seoul, South Korea. 
This is my first work of 2012 TIAS, and happy to join with you. 
I live in Korea, and tatting is not familiar here. But It is exciting to meet many tatters in other country via internet.  
So, I can join your new TIAS. Thank you."

We're OFF on Day 2 and first in in less than half an hour after posting it I've got Maureen's offering. Now, Maureen, you should be on the way towards bedtime down there in Australia, shouldn't you? Here's Maureen's picture and her comment:-
"Here is Day 2, Jane - and it is going to be a square, I think - and since we have beads, it probably means a big square cat, Clarissa, was big and square - or there is my grandson's favourite, SpongeBob Squarepants."

Sorry. update on Maureen's status - not bedtime she tells me but it's 'gin time'. Good for you, Maureen!

Second in with day 2 is Karen S who lives 'down the road' here in the UK and should really have been getting ready for work!!!! She says:-
"Here is Day 2 Jane you are going to get me into trouble as I had to do this before I set off to work. Forgot to say on Day 1 that I am using Lizbeth 20 colour is 154 Wildflower Garden. As for a guess is it a squareamajig?"

Now this is Geraldine's contribution and message this frosty morning:-
"Well what have we here, Jane are you sending us round the bend or should I say bend's. Never seen an animal with a square'ish bit to them so you have got me there. Bring on day three."

Next on my list is hoovering but that can wait until I've put Sonja's on the blog. This is what she says:-
"Here is day 2 of the TIAS. It looks great. No idea, what it will be. Looking for next day."

Now here is Ginny's day 2 and she says:-

"Here is day 2. And I was hoping it was a cat but I dont think so now but not sure yet what it is!"

Now this one is FUNNY. Marjan has decorated her day 2!! Here's her idea of what the TIAS is going to be:-
"Oh, yes it is Mitsuki!! Who else can it be? Just look at her…… she is so beautiful!
See you next time with much more of Mitsuki!"

Next in is from Jane Mc who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane, here’s day 2. I see I didn’t finish day 1 properly. Oops. Dock points for that! The thread is Cebelia which I have dyed. My favourite Aero shuttles. Happy tats, Jane"
I can't see what you've done 'wrong' on day 1, Jane. Looks fine to me.

Now the next day 2 is from Mariya who says this:-
"This is my day 2 result. It looks like we'll have square part of pattern and somehow it seems to me that our beads will be inside it (eye and nose, maybe...). Anyway, these asymmetric chains in corners look very intriguingly :)"

This next piece is from Angel San who has this to say:-
"here is my day 2 piece. Do you have a specific time when you post thepattern ? I was waiting impatiently at breakfast time, but then I went
to do other things and bam ! I missed the spot, and loads of people
seem to be finished already ! ;)
Anyway, my piece seems to look like the others, so I guess I'm on the
right track :)"
In answer to your question - yes I do have a specific time. It's 08.45 GMT. Hope that helps you to be first next time!!!

Now we have Corina's two pictures - firstly day 1 and secondly day 2. Welcome, Corina. Here is what she has to say:-
"Here is my picture of day 1 and 2. Thank you so much for this exciting project! I write about it on my blog.
Greetings from Holland"

Denise isn't brave enough to wake her husband up to take a guess!!! Here's her message and picture:-
"Here is my Tias Day 2. I'm not sure what to make about the square. My husband is still asleep, so I can't get a guess from him. I'll send in another guess on the next part."

Phewww, what a day!!! Just back from the sorting office of Royal Fail - more hassles!!! Now, what were we talking about - ah, TIAS 2012!!!
Now I have Valerie's piece along with her comment:-
"Here's my DAY 2. I like the squarish look of this part. No guess today. End of work week, brain's quite dead now. Looking forward to DAY 3.
Hope Fri 13th brings you pleasant surprises."

Next is Heather who has this to say:-
"Here is day 2 .... I still have no guess, but my daughter thinks it is a cat! Guess we will have to wait and see. thanks Heather"

Sarah is now back with her day two and another rhyme. Will you be able to keep up the rhyme's Sarah? So clever. Here it is, folks:-

"With day #2 

I am through.

Though what it will be

I still can't see!

So onto day three."

Next in is Barbara or tattabug who has snow in NY. Send a bit to me, please! This is what she has to say:-
We have snow today here in NY!!! Only a few inches expected but, it is still pretty! I have day 2 done and you have me totally befuddled. (of course that doesn't take much with me LOL) I really have no guess except that it looks as though it will be something with a square. I am still going to stick with a butterfly no matter what it turns out to be ;P"

Now back again is Maria (how DID she get the diagram onto that background and on it's own, I ask myself) who says this:-
"Well well well, it seems things are getting squared up, but where to go from here? Maybe it's a Jack-in-the-Box! At least that's my guess for now but I'm sure it will change many many times before it gets finished! :)"

Oh this next one is funny too!!! Well done, Sherry!!!! This is Sherry's latest guess, two pictures and comment!!:-
"Hi Jane, Attached is my contribution for day 2. Could it be an owl? I'm having fun with this one."

Now it's time to show Miranda's day 2. She has tis to say:-
"Here's Day 2 completed. I still haven't ruled out a locomotive. Or it could be an inside-out bookmark, like your inside-out bell."

Next person to send in their day 2 is Brenda who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 2. I have no idea what it is.  Brenda."

Now here is a picture of Wanda's knee (I'm guessing here) which came from her car!!!! This is her comment:-
"Here is my day 2, done in the car. I just love smart phones, you can take pictures and send email from just about anywhere! No guess yet.

Now here's Sandra again. She's certain it's a train - just look at this picture.  This is what she says:-
"Ok, maybe this is a train!"

Next to drop into my inbox is Bernice who says:-
"TIAS day 2 using Lizbeth thread # 112. Bernice"

Now we have Melanie who has this to say:-
"Good afternoon....almost....(blush)
I did look in this morning before taking off for an appointmnet, but didn't get the actual tatting done until I was sittin' in the waitin' room. I think there ought to be a country song about that don't you?
What is it?....something square......picture frame....awfully small for that.....hmmmmm
Can't wait to see the other guesses and to see where day 3 takes my thread."

Now we have Mary Jo's picture and her comments:-
"I'm having so much fun with this! No new guesses today."

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