Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wednesday once more!!!

Today I start with a day 9 from Rayanna who says this:-
"Hi Jane:
"I know Phoenix has risen is not so original but that is what I was thinking for this blog post.  I am on day 9 on Jane's TIAS and wanted to post a pic of it before time gets completely away from me. "

78.  Number 78 is going to be a VERY special post.  I think I'm going to leave it to Coretta to tell you all about it in her own words.
"Coretta, here from Utah, USA.
Attached are days 7-9 which were tatted up Friday Morning. Later that night I decided to have a baby... and was nursing said baby in my hospital room at about 2 am here when I saw the tenth day of the pattern post. I couldn't download it due to the hospital's restrictive internet policy, even if I had been awake enough to tat it... I know because I did try. :)  Also attached is my son's birth announcement. And Day 10. :) "
Here is a link to Coretta's blog post.  I've asked her for permission to link but couldn't wait to share.  I figured that as her photographs are on a public blog it would be fine.  


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