Monday 7 February 2011

Day 10 and the plane arrives on schedule!!!

Here is the link for day 10.  Please, pretty please remember to mention your name and where you live when sending the final part in.

Yes it's an aeroplane or airplane!!!  This is my own version tatted a few months ago.

This is the way it should look as it's designed to 'fly' like this.  Why an aeroplane?  Well because I think I'm being labeled as the 'critter lady'!!!  Also there are so few patterns available for little boys that I thought it was about time I did something about it!!

Now for your versions.

Today I have first of all Rose Anne's day 9.  She says:-
"Yeppers definitely an airplane!!!  Well I'm just back from my 3-day quilting retreat and yes the desk clerk was just awesome and printed off the Day 9 instructions so I could do it right away!  Yeah well dummy here counted 7 beads so that's all she put into her baggie at the start - NOT the package as usual - SO you guessed it I could NOT complete all the steps while away.  So I got back home today mid-afternoon and promptly sought out my beads and finished off my steps!!!  Here's my pic!"

Now I have Margaretha's day 9 and she says:-
"Hi Jane! Here is the next installment of the TIAS still think it could be a gator or croc, but then what do I know. "

Next in is from Sarah with her day 9.  She says:-
"Hi Jane... "I'm leaving on a jet plane..." yup it is definitely a jet plane!  Hummm unless of course, you dear Jane, have one last surprise to throw us and change our prospective completely!  :-) Well, can't wait to see. I'll check back with you in the morning. This is exciting."

Final day 9 this morning is from Patsy who says:-
"Here is my day 9. My airplane now has a nose & cockpit.  Anxiously waiting the wing to complete it.  But knowing Jane and her Brain Cell 3, she just might pull a doozie out of the air and really fool us.  But I'm still sticking with my airplane."

I'm pleased to show you the first finished plane in today.  Well the first one finished!!!  It's from ISA who is in the south of Scandinavia in SWEDEN.
Thank you, Isa for keeping me on my toes throughout!!!
"Good Morning Jane with all my sorrow in my heart (TIAS last day :(, send you my last day of TIAS but with the big joy of to have participated in your wonderful project of TIAS. Thank you for all the fun and I'm waiting for the next TIAS :)  A big hug to you and all the other people around the world.
Isa in the south of Scandinavia, Sweden.  My crocodile has convert in an airplane :)"

2.  Next in and to my surprise it isn't Omar or Maureen but comes from here in the UK.  Well done, Mary.  She says:-
"Heres my little plane winging its way from Aylesbury.  It reminded me of the Jimbo Jet set stories, of  Jimbo and Gloria.  It will be interesting to see where all the planes are coming from. Thank you for doing this TIAS its so good watching other peoples tatting grow.  I see many people use the clover shuttles, as a challange I tatted the TIAS using clovers and I managed it without reverting back to Areos or chucking it across the room.   Any tips on using these  shuttles,  mine seem to unwind easily or I get the pointed bits caught round the threads.    I'm also doing  your hanky edging at the moment so thanks for that."

Just back after a very, very blowy walk to see a friend about a mile away so am now catching up again!!!

3.  First in this batch is from Anke in GERMANY who says:-

"Well, here it comes... the ultimate tatted airplane!!!  My very first TIAS has now ended and I'm very sad about that. It has been fun and surprise - a little bit like "Kinder Surprise" because the chocolate has been on the table either    :-)   Very good job, Jane. You are definitely NOT only Critter Jane..."

4.  Next in is from Nima in OMAN who has sent me this link and this message:-
"It was absolutely fun to keep on guessing...I enjoyed the transformation of the pattern from caterpillar to airplane. I have blogged about the tatting journey here. Please feel free to take the image of the finished airplane to post it in your blog.  Thank you so much for organising TIAS..."

5.  Now in is Omar's picture and message from AUSTRALIA.  She says:-
"I loved what you said about “little boys.” So being a fairly new Grandmother to a little boy I’ve decided to call mine after him. So here is ‘Alexander Aeroplane’ asking for landing instructions and hoping to find a cosy hanger in which to park.....Make sure the heater is on, he doesn’t like the cold!!  Thanks Jane.  Once again it’s been a great pleasure to participate and I look forward to the next one. Knowing you, I’m sure the next Tias is brewing somewhere in brain cell number 3."

6.  Next in at number six is Josie from here in the UK.  She says:-
"Dear Jane, thank you so much for the TIAS.  I am very pleased with Hamish, he flies beautifully.  Happy Tatting."

7.  Now here is Maureen in AUSTRALIA who is a little later than usual due to 'two year old' problems!!!  I'm sure she's enjoying looking after her twins really!!!!  I love her conviction throughout that it was a rabbit and even now she's got a rabbit involved!!!  She says:-
"Here is Rabbit Air getting ready for take-off; it's had a lot further to fly than Isa's plane! And it had to make a stopover enroute, to pick up a passenger.
Actually I have been looking after my twin grandchildren tonight, and last time I took my eyes off them for a second, one helped himself to frozen bread and his sister ladelled on the butter with her hand - their mother was NOT amused. They are 2.  So my plane has had to wait for it's final wing!  Many thanks for this TIAS - I will miss it, as will everyone else, I'm sure."
8.  Now the next plane in is from Jane in SOUTH AFRICA and she says:-
"Right, we're ready for take off! Thanks very much Jane! Happy tats, Jane"

9.  Now from here in the UK is Geraldine who's pilot has been struggling!!  I'll let her tell you all about it:-
"Congratulations on a great TIAS. My plane has been blown off course by the high winds here. The pilot was meant to be landing at East Midlands and has now landed at Heathrow."
I must explain that the picture is of the London skyline which is roughly 120 miles from where Geraldine lives!!!  Yes, it is very windy here today!!

10.  Now flying in on another gust of wind is Heather from the USA (ME).  She says:-
"here is my plane, it has flown in from ME, USA.... Thank you it has been a lot of fun for the " whole family"!!!"

11.  Next in is from Terry in the USA who says:-
"Here are my airplanes. I think I've done better tatting, but I can't remember any tatting being this much fun. Thanks so much for all your work to make this possible."

12.  Now in is Sonja from HOLLAND with her talking plane!!!  She says:-
"Thank you Jane and Riet. I was very nice to do."
13.  Next in is Wanda from U.S.A. and she says:-
"Hi, Jane! You did a good job of keeping me doubting what it was even when I thought I knew.  This has been fun - and I even finished it!  As I goofed on the first wing I thought I'd make the other one match.  It's the airline's color scheme, yeah, that's it. I hope you had a great visit with your sister this weekend. Thanks for the great time."

14.  Now into the inbox comes Katie V from the U.S.A. and she says:-
"Four more airplanes ready to join the new TIAS Airlines.
My three grandsons will love these!  Thank you for a delightful game.  You're the best!  tatty hugs."

15.   Now the next plane to arrive is from the UK and it's from Margaret who says:-
"So, I was right on day 5 when my first email went astray, never mind !  Hope this one get there first time.  Here is my fleet flying in to land.  Wish they were a magic carpet to fly me away somewhere nice and sunny.  Thank you for a great Tias, you have excelled your self this time."

16.  Now into my airspace flies Jaqui's finished plane.  I'm not sure where to put Jaqui as she is normally in the UK but spends a lot of time in the USA!!!!  I'm confused!!!  Anyway, here is what she says:-
"Hi Jane - here is my aeroplane winging it's way from sunny Florida. The colours are a bit Christmassy because that's the only thread I brought with me of the correct thickness.  Thanks for your efforts - it has been a lot of fun, as always."

17.  Now in is Sandy S's comment and hilarious picture.  She's in the USA and this is what she says:-
"Dear Jane, Here's my happy plane soaring to your inbox. He's requested a companion, so I'm off to choose colors!  And... am glad you are tackling the dearth of little boy patterns - this one is a delightful beginning!  Thank you!!!!!!"
18.  Now into the inbox is Lauren in the USA (WA).  She says:-
"Thanks so much for the airplane. The WW1 flying ace and his Sopwith Camel are pleased to be sharing the skies with your latest creation!"

19.  Now just taxiing to the terminal is Caroline from the USA.  She says:-
"Will look forward to next year!!!!!!!!!"

20.  Now popping in is Sherry from the USA.  She says:-
"Here is a picture of my Jumbo Jet that will take me back to the UK and Ireland someday...I am so hoping I can cross the big pond again someday.   Wind To Thy Wings."
21.   Now landing in my inbox (or is it still en route?) is Kay Lynn's plane which has come all the way from the USA (Alaska).  She's even decided on a home for hers already.  Here's her comment and picture:-
"This is Kay Lynn in Tok, Alaska where temperatures were a bit chilly for take-off this a.m.  Had to de-ice prior to departure, but now this tatted airplane is happily flying over Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge (where I work as an Interpretive Park Ranger).  Our bush pilot at the Refuge will really appreciate receiving this plane.  I think I'll stiffen it, and he'll be able to hang it in his office.  :-)  So this airplane isn't just for "little"  boys; I can think of several "big" boys in our area who'd love such a plane.  Thanks so much for this wonderful TIAS and the great group who submitted their comments from all over the world.  Tok tatter, Kay Lynn"

22.  Finally on my way to bed I've found another plane has landed.  This is from Kerstin in SWEDEN who says:-
"Hallo Jane, Thanks for the Tias 2011, wich has given me great pleasure, so here comes my " Yellow Bird ", and there will be more of them as I've tatting friends, who need a little translation help.Tonight we are expecting this years first real storm here in the south of Sweden.
Thanks again from Kerstin Karlsson"


Anonymous said...

I think of these planes and it always brings me to mind the brave pilots and the others who were strong to land the plane in the Hudson River, New York. God was with every one of them that day.

shannon_in_love said...

Thank you so much Jane! this was a blast, and i can't actually recall a tatted airplane, thank you for sharing this!

Zach said...

This was SO much fun! I really thought it was going to turn out to be some kind of Geko!!! Will there be another one of these soon, or is it a once a year thing?! :)

tatting-marie said...

Jane, this came at just the right time. I needed this design for a birthday card for my husband. He makes and flies model airplanes and his birthday is Feb. 12th. Thanks so much - you have just designed my new birthday card for him.