Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Welcome to Tat it and See

On this blog the first 'Tat it and See' will begin on January 8th 2008.
This is where I'm going to release a pattern in 'bits'.
The worker will not be told what the finished piece will be although they may well be able to start guessing after a week or so!!!

Hopefully feedback will be useful to both myself and to the worker and from this I hope to develop my pattern writing style.

One of the new things I will be 'testing' for the worker is front side/back side tatting 'made easy'. By using italics whenever the tatter needs to start with a second half of the ds in an element of the pattern I'm hoping it will be easier for those (like me) who are 'new to' this modern method of working. The second part of an SR will NOT be in italics as that is the normal way of making it.
For example, a ring (on the right side) will be in normal type but if it is then followed by a chain after reversing the work then the ds on that chain will be shown in italics.
I did think about using coloured typeface but then some people might prefer to print patterns in black and white. We'll see - hopefully feedback will show what is easier for the tatter.


Gina said...

Let the games begin! LOL!
:-) Gina

Sharon said...

OK, you've twisted my arm, I'm in. Sounds like the knitted "mystery stole" done by the knitting community last year. I'm glad you're doing it because I wanted it happening but I'm stretched too thin already to start it myself and it sounds like a lot of fun. Way to go Jane!

Eva S said...

Looking forward to Tuesday!
Eva in the very south of Sweden

Marie Smith said...

Cannot wait! Always love a mystery!

Tattycat said...

I'm ready when you are! Most of us need something to brighten up these cold days of winter. We are having our coldest weather in four years. It did not get above freezing yesterday and it was 13 this morning. I know that is nothing for lots of people, but unusual for Alabama!

erin said...

Yoooohoooo! Jane! Count me in!

I'm hopeless at tatting with sides. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, since this is a learning curve; I shall give it a go as a beginner. I don't front-side back side tat either; so will be a new thing to try. You know me, I'll try almost anything at least once
bj in NM

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Thats a great idea with using italics when working with the front side/back side tatting. I have not tried this yet, but look forward to it and looking forward to your Tat it and See. It will kinda be like working a puzzle with no picture! Leave it to you to come up with something so fun!!! Hugs, Carol Lawecki

Anonymous said...

Cool Jane - just the thing to give me a break from the new restaurant...well, mentally at least! The tatting can go in my pocket at work along with the docket books!

Ridgewoman said...

"The game is on. . "
re printing in color. On most printers one has a choice (on screen) so it would not really matter. I vote for the use of color; as it is a printing option for those who have printers. It would be best to keep it to a minimum of three colors as the gestalt of sight gets confused the more colors that have to be processed.
But I love the color idea as in Peel's books.
I'm still trying to figure out front side/back side tatting. LOL

LYTbits BJ

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for the comment on the use of colour as opposed to italics. I have taken note of this and hope more people will give their views! Way to go, BJ!!!

LibraryLady said...

Here we go! This oughta be fun, Jane! I like either visual cue of italics or color -- I suspect either would remind me to reverse order of stitches.

Heidi, in almost balmy MN

erin said...

Hey, Jane.

You could use both italics and color for those of us who are extra dense.

Erin in Tenn.

Unknown said...

I would really like to join the fun, but I don't know how to do a split ring. Where would I find the best instructions for that? I'm a visual/hands on learner. Strictly printed material, with no pictures, can be a challenge for me. I like Erin's idea of color and italics.
Brenda in

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Brenda
You could google it or try my instructions which are here If you get stuck my email addy is on that page so you can get in touch that way!!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Oh how fun! Jane will you consider adding this blog to the "Tatted Ring of Bloggers"?

gwen said...

I am self taught and was fine till
the split ring, can anyone help
from 6/2 please.

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Gwen - can you email me on lovetotat @ and I'll see if I can help you.

Anonymous said...


This was such a great idea!! Waiting for the next section. Are you posting it every week???

Thanks - Sunela

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Sunela. The next part will be tomorrow (Friday) with perhaps another on Sunday. I'm pacing it so that people working or strugging can keep up.

Anonymous said...

Have managed the first two parts and was amazed I even coped with the split rings. Looking forward to part three.
Joy Woodville New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Backside tatting in italics... Scathingly brilliant. And it looks like a cute pattern too. Only day 3, so I can catch up!


Anonymous said...

Totally new to tatting! and was looking for a project and ran across your blog ... so here I go! I'm a bit behind and really really new to tatting, hopefully I won't have too many questions along the way :)

Anonymous said...

Jane, I just found out about all the fun creating a hippo from Ring of Tatters. It would be nice if you could include the people in the USA. You would have had "many" more hippos to post. I have printed your instructions so am going to follow along as if I was responding to your daily submissions. Maybe it could be sent to the person designated to receive our club subscription and that person could pass it on to the rest of the club members.

Jane Eborall said...

Hi anonymous!! Thanks for your comment. The TIAS was open worldwide and people took part from as far away as Australia!!! I even had Riet translating it into Dutch. WHAT a shame you missed it. If you could write to me I'll give you the start date and details of the next one due to start next week!!! My email addy is

Sharon D. said...

I am ready. They are a lot of fun.