Sunday, 27 January 2008

Completed hippos! Part 2

Sunday morning - after shower and before breakfast!!! More hippos have bumbled in overnight!!

First in this morning (I'm starting from the bottom of my inbox which is the order they will have arrived while I was sleeping!) is from Sherry the Celtic Dreamweaver. She's called Floral the Happy Hippo.

Next in is from EttaJ and it's a beautiful shade of pink!

Jaqui Southworth from the UK has done the TIAS whilst on holiday in Florida!! Above and beyond the call of duty, I think!

Next in was from Unarae
in AK.

After breakfast and a walk into town to get the Sunday papers for 'him what must be obeyed'!!!

Lorena Finnerty sent in the next one with this comment from an expert - herself!
"See, I know my "butts"!!! hehe. Here is my green hippo, guess his water at the zoo needs to be cleaned better. I tell you, these guys are really messy at a zoo. When they poop, they twirl their tail around and it goes all over. Well at least the ones at the zoo I worked at. I did not work with hippos but did all the big and small cats."

Next in are this pair from Marty. Do hope they're not going to start a fight! Here is what Marty had to say too.

"I'm going to start now so all my Christmas cards next year can give people exactly what they want:

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas,
Only a hippopotamus will do
No crocodiles or rhinocerouses!
I only like hippopotamuses
And hippopotamuses like me tooooooo." Thanks, Marty.

Now we have Martha Ess's hippo. How Martha finds time I don't know. She's in the process of doing at least one more book for us all and yet she still found time to do this. Remarkable lady.

Next is Riet's hippo and this is what she said!!

"Here is my Hippo, he/she needs a bath, had to retrotat several times. It was great fun and I am already missing the translation work."
The reference to the translation work is because Riet not only helped me with several typos (as did others!) during the TIAS but she also translated it into Dutch for her guild members. A GREAT BIG thank you to Riet. Here's the link to her Dutch blog with the translated version.

Another of the ladies from Riet's guild has just sent her hippo. This is from Gerda van Ramshorst. Thanks, Gerda (and Riet for passing it on).

Now you're NOT going to believe the next one!! I wondered why Laura was so quiet - now I know!!! Here's her
blog addy too for more giggles!! Please do go and see the full story of Dame Margo!!

Julie Patterson sent her hippo in too. It's SO flattering when another designer takes time to spend time doing something like this - thanks, Jules.

Next I'm 'stealing' a picture off Gina's blog. This is what she said after struggling with the eye ring. "I know this will shock some, but I'm not going to fix it and finish. LOL!" Personally I don't blame her!!! Poor, sad, headless hippo. I still think Gina was hoping the design was her very rude suggestion earlier in the TIAS!!!!

Next is Marian's. I think she's another of Riet's guild members. Thank you, Marian.

Next in is Roger's hippo.
Good job, Roger.

Next to waddle in is Tami Drader's hippo. Here's her
blog addy for you to see too.

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