Sunday, 27 January 2008

Completed hippos! Part 1

As there are so many hippos hitting my inbox I'm posting these now and the next 'batch' later!!!! They really are fantastic and each seems to have a character of it's own. Thanks SO much.

First to come stumbling and bumbling past the finishing post was this orange one from Linda Davies. Ain't he grand?

Second in was all the way from Australia and Omar Bentley - Omar's called her Rosey for obvious reasons!! Time for bed now, Omar?

Sylvia from Wales was third in with Harriet but I think hers has an identity crisis as she's now calling it Henry!

Yenilaitus came in next with her green hippo.

Half past five on Saturday afternoon and Nel Westerlaken sent her hippo in. Nel is from The Netherlands.

JB (Locke) sent her hippo at around six ish on Saturday. (I was eating so can't be toooo accurate!). This is her donation.

Sherry Pence (Lady Shuttlemaker) sent hers in around the same time!! Love those colours - I bet it's her own hand dyed thread.

Seven o'clock and Elizabeth from Mobile sent in her hippo. I'm flagging now - the red wine's kicking in and I'm getting way too 'relaxed'!!!!

Next one in is at just gone 8 o'clock. This one's from Katie Verna. LOVE the beads in the centre, Katie.

Pam in Hampshire followed in shortly after Katie with her hippo.

JeanneZ caught me just before I turned off my laptop for the night. Here's her hippo below.

Nita also caught me a minute later with her hippo!!! Dare I go to bed tonight?!?

Tine sent in her hippo just as I was going to turn off the laptop - again. I'm eally not sure if I ought to go to bed tonight!!!

Marco sent her hippo in too. Really MUST go to bed soon!!!

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Anonymous said...

WOW, they all look great. Can't wait to see page 2.
Glad you had so many join in, and hope they all had as much fun as I did, especially trying to figure out what we were making.

Thanks Jane, take care and be well,