Sunday, 27 January 2008

Completed hippos! Part 3

Hmmmm, this is becoming a bloat of hippos. Yup, bloat is the collective noun for a heck of a lot of the darn critters!!!

Kate Sharp wrote about the things she achieved. I've put those on my other blog here. Her comments are mainly directed to this TIAS but might also be useful to other designers too.

Half past twelve now and Aileen's Violet has just wandered into the in box!!!

Next in is Jennifer Williams who started all this with her request for her
son, Richard.

Here's one from Pamela Myers - more about hers on her
blog here.

This is number 33 which is from June Parrett. Thanks, June.

Next in is Bob's hippo. Hasn't this one got the cutest tail?

This is Doreen's hippo - love that colour, Doreen.

Next is Linda Barnes's hippo - first time he arrived he was invisible. I thought Linda was teasing me by telling me he was albino but she'd forgotten to attach the picture - that SO reminds me of myself!!!

Martha Bouwmeester sent in a series of pictures showing her progress. There are too many to put on the blog but thanks, Martha.

Heh, heh, heh, next comes
Susan Laithwaite's hippo along with her message -
"My hippo is a Devon Variegated Blue, named Rolf of course, but no sooner had I cut him free from his shuttles than he ran off into the garden. Fortunately, I just managed to take a couple of photos of him before he lumbered into our pond. I can hear his voice gurgling about glorious mud even as I type this. I think I'll have to tat a little Rolfina to keep him company. That'll scare the frogs!"

Next to arrive was Margaret Brown's - she said

"I had a bit of trouble with the bead for her eye as I have never done that before. I will need to practice that part again."
I must add, Margaret, You were not on your own with that.

Trundling in now is Jeff Hamilton's hippo. Here is what he had to say in his PS!!
"PS: I noticed once the pattern was complete, and many other pictures of completed hippos were posted, that it could be turned into a rhino fairly easily. Not that there is anything wrong with you hippo!"


Jeff Hamilton said...

I see I made a spelling error in my PS. It should have been your hippo, not you hippo! Thanks again Jane.

welshhippo said...

This is a great set of hippos. I am the hippomaniac son of Jennifer Williams

Jane Eborall said...

Hey, so you're to 'blame' for this bloat!!! Thanks.