Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Another rabbit - or two!

Good morning, world!!!!

Joanie has sent in her rabbit with this comment.
57. "Jane, 
Here is my bunny! I used Lizbeth #20 in 661, Country Turquoise Medium for the bunny, Lizbeth #20 in 695, Bright Orange for the carrot and Opera #20 in 584, Forest Green for the carrot top. I live in Sebring, FL, USA. 

Thank you so much for entertaining us/keeping all of us occupied and hopefully out of trouble after the holidays! We appreciate all of the work you do to put the TIAS on for us!!! Next year will be the big 1-0! What WILL you have for us then?!?! : )"

Next in is Martha who, if you remember, was following an Alice in Wonderland theme throughout the game. She says.
58. "So here's my White (er, green) Rabbit having a bit of a sit down to rest. I've done something wonky with the join at the nose bead, so I had to improvise the teeth a bit."
He looks great to me!

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