Friday, 16 January 2015

Day 4 out now.

I will put Day 5 out on Sunday because day four is short.

Overnight I have a few more people who have dropped in!!! First is Claudia who says:-
"Hi again Jane.. here is my day 3.. Fortunately, temperature is good now, as we have some rain yesterday, so better day to tat!! 
Hugs from Argentina!!! 
claudia meza 
formosa, Argentina 

Another overnighter is Kristen who says:=-
"Hi Jane! 
Here is my day 3, just in time for you to post day 4! :)
Right now it looks a little like a snail, but I'm guessing it won't for long..."

First in this morning with her day 4 is Isa who was well prepared!!!
"Good Morning Jane: 
Here it's TIAS day 4, 2015. 
Today I have waiting for the day 4, with a cup of coffee in my hand 
Ready now, It's a worm? 

Isa was followed VERY shortly by Muskaan who says:-
Tat It And See 
commanded Jane, so 
Sat And I Tatted, 
Saw As I Tatted, 
it's a crocodile, no ?!! 
Good morning, Jane :-) 
Uploading Day 4. Still guessing it's a crocodile or alligator .... 

Oh, dear. I detect total disappointment in Maureen's comment. Look - a cat has joined the TIAS!!!!
"Oh well - since I am beginning to suspect that it may, possibly, NOT be a rabbit again this year, here is Grumpy Stone Cat instead. I did begin again, and I'm much happier with that first tiny ring this time - not perfect, but better. "

Next to arrive is Fiona who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
Here is day 4...maybe it is a wing? Hmm, perhaps day 5 will shed more light on it! 
Fiona T (one mad tatter)"

Isa's back with her other day 4:-
"Jane : 
Here it's me again with my other TIAS day 4. 
From a sunny winter day here in south of Sweden with 5 degrees, lovely day. 

Barbara has now joined us and sends in her days 1 to 3 with the following comment:-
"Hi Jane! 
Barbara from Northern California here. I'm so happy I didn't totally miss your TIAS. IT's so much fun tatting along with everyone else and seeing what others have chosen as their thread and button. 
I started yesterday. Most of my buttons are in storage so I ran around the house looking at shirts. I found a 3/8" spare on a shirt tail. It's a bit thick, which makes me believe it is harder to tat with. That's my story, in any case ;-). I'm using Lizbeth #132, Tropical Punch, in size 20.
It's a giant squid and the button is its eye!"

Next to arrive is Firanghish with this comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane, 
Thanks for a wonderful fun game. I am enjoying reading the ideas of other tatters over the world. I believe that my guess about it being a bird is wrong; now I think it could be a windmill. 
Here is the Day 4 picture. 
Love to you and and all fun loving tatters. 
- Firanghish"

I haven't been back to this blog for hours because I've had my nose stuck in the computer re-organising my pattern pages - again. Well, just the techniques section. It needs my total concentration so I didn't dare stop!!
So, first in this time is Diane who says:-
"Good morning, Jane! 
I thought that if I took a picture from a different angle, I might have a guess. So far, I see a hummingbird perched on a purple flower. 

Next in is Pigmini who says:-
"Morning Miss 
Here is my interpretation of the Day 4 destructions!! I still think it's going to be an Elephants Foot Umbrella Stand but my sons girlfriend thinks it's going to be a piece of tatted jewellery!! Maybe a flying owl?? 
Off to blog it now.... chat soon 

Poor Irene has started again and it looks great. Here's her comment and picture.
"Hi Jane, 
I start it again and now I am on the right way. 
This are days 3 and 4, I love to do it. 

Shelley is next and she's got the answer. Whether she's right or not I'm not saying!!!
"I know! It's a bird! 
Day 4 from Shelly "

Jan has returned with her days 3 and 4 combined. Love the colours, Jan:-
"Hi Jane, 
Here are both motifs, day 3 & 4 combined. I did them both at the same time so did not get a separate photo for day 3. 
I think I like the green one better so far - the button is better suited in size, I think. 
Still no idea what it might be?? 
Jan B. "

Poor Teresa had problems with her day 3 but has sorted it. Well done. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Good morning Jane and ladies. 
I love checking in to see how wonderful everyone's work is coming along. 
I almost quit in Day 3 because I made a mistake and wasn't able to rectify it easily. I have since corrected it so here is mine, now up to date."

Next in is Jane who simply says:-
"Hmmm, something sticky outy. xx"
Very clever, Jane!!!

Now I have just a one word comment from Shirley!!!
Maybe is my answer.  Then again - maybe not!!!!

Next in is Sarah with her rhyme! She says:-
"t's fun to do this mystery tat
Could what we are making be worn on a hat?
If we were tatting some thing to wear
I think you would have used bead to give it flair
So ...
A helicopter is today's guess
For this years TIAS.

Next in the inbox is Wanda who has this to say:-
"Good day to you, Jane, I hope you are having a wonderful day. I suppose it has been busy, trying to keep up with all these plants popping into your inbox :-) Today's addition does not yet exclude the idea of this being some kind of plant so I'm sticking with that guess. 
We are enjoying mild weather here today with sunshine and temps that are supposed to be in the upper 50s (F). A good day to be in Kansas. 
It's been mild here too, Wanda.  A plant?  I wonder if it's a Triffid?!?!?

Nikki has just arrived with her day 4 and the following comment:-
"Ok this is sooo cute so far... My friend believes it will be a butterfly or dragonfly.... I can't wait to see..."

Just arrived into my inbox is Tally Tatty who has the following comment and picture.
"Hi, Jane, 
Here are my official exhibits for day 4. The picture looks a little erotic, but that is probably due to my poor eyesight and vivid imagination. 
I wonder what you will show us on Sunday! 

Kelly has just arrived now with her day 4. This is her comment followed by her picture:-
"Here it is! Day 4 done. Hoping it looks right. I'm not sure what it is. Possibly a palm tree or an octopus? I can't wait to find out! 
Kelly Corder"

Fox has just arrived with her day 4 and comment plus two pictures. One of her guess and one of her tatting.
"How clever, Jane! It's a cicada!"

Next to arrive is Grace with her days 3 and 4 combined. This is what she says:-
"Hi Jane, this is Grace or G from my last contact. I forgot to take a picture of my day 3 but here is my day 4. This is looking more like a wing of something."

Finally in this batch is Margaret who has some good guesses!!!
"Still haven't got a clue as to what this is. Could be animal, vegetable or mineral! 

Frances is back again with her day 3 and her comment:-
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 3. I am using Coats Puppets Multicolour Eldorado shade Purple, #00046.
Shortly after Frances is back with her day 4 and her next comment and picture.
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 4. I have never used a button and it is a while since I made a lock chain. I am really enjoying the game. It does look like it could be some kind of insect.

Next in is Caroline who has this to say and has also sent in her picture. 
"Well, we are having real nice weather for it being winter. We know it will get cold again and there will be more snow. There is a saying that the day of the first snow that you can track a chicken is the number of snows we will get. We had our first snow on the 11th and have had 6 snows so have a few to go yet. I am trying to remember to keep track this year. 
I was not sure exactly how to do the lock stitch - make it the first ds on the chain or do the chain after the ds. I think I have it both ways. Will have to see how they work out. 

Next in with her little family of TIAS's is Katie with her comment and picture.
"Dear Jane, 
What once seemed a bumpy slide is perhaps a carousel. 
The shape also suggests a wing, as many have guessed—an eagle, maybe? 
Katie V in NC"

Carolyn has now arrived with her day 4.  She says:-
"Here is the the day 4 the LC is a bit loose huh?"

Sonja is next in my inbox with her day 4. Her comment follows with her picture:-
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 4. The leg of a flamingo?
I dont know. Stil fun.
Sonja from Holland"

Now you've got a treat. This is a great picture from Sara who has sent in her day 4. She says:-
Here is day 4, now it looks like the nose of an anteater! 
Looking forward to the next day!"

Jo has now arrived with her day 4.
"HI Jane
Here is my day 4. Don't know what it might be yet other than it is something "interesting"...
Jo in England"

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briddie said...

This year I'm keeping up (so far) and I'm guessing angel wings. Or maybe a bug.

I do have one suggestion/request for you, Jane. I don't remember from one day to the next whether I was supposed to RW at the end of the last day or not. Do they always end with reversing? Or could you put in a reminder that we reversed work the last time? I don't always have the previous file with me.