Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday's Normans!

The first rooster I have in today is from Hann in HOLLAND or THE NETHERLANDS.  
Riet forwarded this onto me with a very interesting piece which I'm sure she won't mind me sharing.  I've always wondered why sometimes people said Holland and sometimes said The Netherlands.  This has caused me to look up this link too.  Thank you Haan and thank you, Riet.
"I found this morning the roosters of Coby in mine e-mail box. She tatted 3 roosters.
Coby lives in Uitgeest and she can say I live in Holland. Uitgeest  is a place in the Province Noord-Holland.  Lots of Dutch people say I live in Holland but that is not the name for the country The name for the country is Netherlands. Just to let you know, there is more than Holland in the Netherlands."

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Gina said...

Boy, the Normans just keep stormin' in! Love seeing all the colors.