Thursday, 25 February 2010

Late but hopefully NOT last!

I must say I'm extremely pleased to see Rosemary from AUSTRALIA's Norman. 

This guy almost didn't get finished as Rosemary managed to roll her car and completely destroy it.  Thankfully she survived but has taken time out to recover.  SO pleased to see you back to tatting, Rosemary.

This is her Norman and what she says:-
"Thank you for thinking up this wonderful TIAS idea.  I really did enjoy participating in it and I feel very confident in doing split rings as a result.  I would love to do another TIAS but next time without the interruption of a single vehicle rollover accident  :)"


Ridgewoman said...

What a nice Norman. Wonder if he'd like to go to the movies? Cute idea to draw the 'coop'. How many Normans have come in so far? X P

Jane Eborall said...

Roughly 90, Bev. There are a few on the laptop which I haven't moved upstairs yet!!!! Would love to make 100!!!