Friday, 5 February 2010

Another TGIF

Even though I don't work anymore and most days are the same (ish!) I still love Friday!!!  Good excuse for a glass of red wine in the evening!!! 

I digress.  This morning we have a rooster from Sandy in AMERICA.  She says:-
"The real reason I’ve been so industrious is because I broke my foot and the silver lining to that is lots of time to tat!!!  A friend recommended your TIAS so I am submitting my Pacific Northwest Norman and his friend Nils to the coup.  An order of thread is on the way so that I can tat the whole family in more “chickenish” colors."

SO sorry to hear about your foot, Sandy but thankful it wasn't a hand you broke or your TIAS may never have got finished!!!

May I present more fun from Katie V who sends in two pairs of chickens!!!  Just LOVE your colours, Katie.

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Ridgetatter said...

RidgeRooster is flapping his wings and crowing his approval of the roosters joining the coop.
He will soon be winging his way to Kristen who watched me fight day 8 for 24 hours (not in a row, of course). He is tucked in her Valentine, because I'm tardy with hearts.
YOUR card prob won't arrived until after Valentine's and it does not have a heart either; has something else. LOL Just what you needed, another Christmas motif ~ perhaps you can sew it on something. LOL