Wednesday, 8 April 2009

dani's CYOP TIAS - day 6

hi all!

sorry for the lack of a day 6 yesterday, but i was home sick... sigh... nothing big, just... sick.

we've had some confusion when i made a mistake (of which another was found, this time in day 3) or when i varied from the previously established pattern. so i'm noting where it might look wrong, but isn't, i swear!

today's options are A&C vs B

@(B) if you wish to follow option B, include the orange portions surrounded by @ signs. @

%(A&C) if you wish to follow options A or C, include the blue portions surrounded by % signs. %

a reminder: {split ring/chain} and [normal tatting]

Round 4:

{SR: 2-2/2-2} or [R: 2-2+ last picot of prev round, 2-2]
* Ch: 6
R: 3+3-3 (yes, these rings don't join to the prev round!}
Ch: 6
R: 2+2+ to prev round, 2-2 *
repeat once more

* Ch: 6
R: 3+3+3-3 *
repeat two more times

Ch: 6
R: 2+2+2-2
* Ch: 6
R: 3+3+ to next chain, 3 (yes, no picot)
Ch: 6
R: 3+ to same p as prev ring, 3-3 *
%(A&C) repeat 3 more times %

@(B) do not repeat grouping (one pair total)
Ch: 6
R: 3+3+3
R: 3-3-3-3
CH: 4+ to last p, 6
R: 3+ to top p of prev ring, 3-3-3
Ch: 6
R: 3+3-3-3
R: 3+3-3-3
Ch: 6

R: 3+3-3-3, do not reverse after close, switch shuttles
Ch: 6
R: 2-2, do not reverse after close, switch shuttles
Ch: 12+ to last p on last ring, 4+ to next p, 4+ to next ring, 8+6+3-3+2+ to next open p on prev round, 3+ to picot earlier on this chain, 3

R: 3+ to same p on prev round, 3-3
Ch: 6
R: 3+3+ to next chain, 3
Ch: 6
R: 3+3-3

in all three cases, you should be just past the center line at the tip of the rev round
(options A&C, 17 new rings, option B, 21 new rings)

hooray! one more day to go! and all options!!! (gulp!)


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