Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dani's Easter TIAS - day 1

hi all!

i've come up with something slightly different for this tat-it-and-see... multiple choices! the first few days will be all alike, then i'll present options A, B, and C for the last few days.

i envision this done in a different pastel color for rings and chains, and a different pair of colors for every round, but i did mine in the variegated i happened to have on my shuttle. it would look good in anything, really!

a couple more bits of bookkeeping, i'll present split ring/chain options in {pink curly braces} and normal tatting in [green square brackets], and i'll show the number of new rings at the end in (parentheses).

on to day one!

R: 3-3-3-3
*Ch: 3-3
R: 3+3-3-3*
repeat 4 more times

Ch: 4+ to side p, 4 + to top p
Ch: *3-3 + to next top p * to end

Ch: 4+ to side p, 4 + to beginning

[cut and tie]

(6 rings total)

enough to start? excelsior!

dani, the geek 8-)


Tatskool said...

Cool Dani, off we go.

Suzanne said...

This sounds great fun! I love the multiple option idea. It makes it a try mystery tat. Off to find thread and wind shuttles. Or did I just fall for an April fool?....

JB said...

Thanks Dani for doing a TIAS. I love to watch the mystery enfold.

Tattycat said...

Thanks Dani. This sounds like lots of fun.