Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Whooppppeeeee, only 2 to go!!!

98. Now I have a goat from Korea. Thank you, Lim. Here's what she says:-
"Hi, Jane. This is Lim Jihyun who live in Korea. I'm glad that I could finish TIAS at last. It took long time to complete TIAS 2012.
I was busy and couldn't take my TIAS in my hand. And now, I completed it.
My goat eye is too large. Next time, I should use black smaller one. Thank you for the TIAS."

Dear Val from Val's Simple Passions kindly sent in another goat in an effort to make the 100th. Sadly it's not the amount of goats I'm counting but how many people took part. I want to award a mark of 20 out of 10 to Val for trying and I'm posting her goat for you all to see. Thanks, Val.  Next time I'll make it clearer - sorrrrryyyyy.

99. Well here we are - nearly there at the amount of people taking part that I was hoping for. This offering is from Jenni who says:-
"Here's my finished goat. I don't have a tatting blog, though."



Gunhild said...

Wow Jane, 98 ! Unbeleavable , I can force my daughter to make one ;-))
Greetings from Guni

Maureen said...

I think the whole herd should be posted to you! - it would be really something, wouldn't it, to enclose them all in a nice frame?