Thursday, 9 February 2012

Last day - so sad

Yes today will be a sad day as it's the last of my TIAS 2012.  Please, pretty please with sugar on the top will you send in your country and any blog urls with the final day 12?  I'll 'harvest' the blog addresses and then eventually add them to my own main blog and to my web site links too.  I'm intrigued (as so many of you are) to see where everybody lives too.  I'll number each entry so we can easily keep count as well!!

Ah, before I say anymore - do please check out yesterday's blog.  I messed up on Sarah's poem at the start.  I left out the last two or three paragraphs.  I do apologise to everybody and particularly to Sarah.

Now I'm sure that the TIAS will keep me busy collecting goats (does that make me a goatherd?) over the next few days but after that there'll be a big gap in my life.  What will I do with it?  
First of all I must add the goat pattern to my web pages - in fact, I'll do it now.  Do you like his name?  I wonder who it's named after?  Any guesses?

Many thanks must go to my very kind testers on this year's TIAS.  They were Gina (tatting goddess) and Riet.  Their blogs are here and here.

So, first in today with her day 11 is Sue Anna who says:-
"So you notice the upturned front leg. Well... I used the wrong shuttles to do the sr so when I got to the end the thread was facing wrong way to do the chains. So realizing sending my work to you to pick out my rings would mean using the mail ( not a very good history there) and would take too long. lol. So I picked out the last ring and opened the next and reversed the ring and then switched the shuttles. The result is a goat playing football! Next billy will be better! Sue Anna"

Next in with her day 11 is Andrea who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here he is, still a little legless (I promise he wasn't on the Baileys with me last night), but not for long! Looking forward to the final 'leg'!!
Best wishes

1. Here we are - the first of the lasts. Meredith who says this:
"Hello Jane
I have just given birth to Mr Wobbly Goat and I'm also sad that this journey has almost come to an end. Still have the shuttle version to complete.
I don't know how to work out my blog page very well if that is what you mean by sending you our "url". But I will try and send it to you later.
So very many thanks for all your efforts to make this TIAS so much fun giving me the opportunity to learn new skills which is always very rewarding.
Best wishes to you
Meredith - AUSTRALIA

2. Next is from Andrea who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Country: UK BLOG URL:
It's so sad to think this is the last day, but here is my goat in all it's splendour, no longer legless!
I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and learned some new techniques along the way.
Thank you so much for all your hard work and wonderful support.
Here's to next year!
best wishes

3. Now I have Catrin's goat and she says:-
"Done ! Great feeling of satisfaction, THANK YOU ! I may take him out to play in the snow later...
Here's Billy in the snow :-)
No blog. A Brit based in Paris (France).
Thanks again and enjoy a well deserved rest.
Warm regards,

4. Next in is from Brenda here in the UK. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
I was going to unpick because I thought it didn't look right. I decided to cut off. It's quicker.
What an idiot!! It turned out the same the second time so I just made work for myself.
I had cut off before I got your email because I thought I had found where I went wrong.
It is one of my problems, I doubt myself too much.
Any way here he is my finished goat.
Thank you so much Jane for doing this. Will look forward to the next one (If there is going to be a next one.)

5. Now in is Maureen from Australia's Billy Goat Gruff. I recognise that picture, Maureen - isn't it from the Ladybird book? This is what she says:-
"Came home from picking up a granddaughter from Ballet to find Goat hopping aroundon his three legs, waiting for the fourth one! And he was so insistent thatI sat down to attend to the ommission before the customary evening Spot. Which was a big mistake, because he seems to have two of leg number three...and is therefore destined to hobble around in a slightly leaning- over manner.Nevertheless, as soon as he could he leapt into his favourite book and announced that of COURSE he was there to make up numbers as the Fourth Billy Goat Gruff.
This has been great fun, as it always is - in company with everyone else, I add my thanks for all the effort you make to amuse us all in the New Year."

6. Next in is from Sonja who says:-
"Hello Jane.
I got a letter from mr. Goat. He is very jalous about all those nice colours we made the goats. He want that too. All those grey and brown is boring in the goat-world.
Thank you very much for the joy you gave us and the work you did.
Waiting for the next TIAS
Tatting greetings from a cold and snowy Holland (The Netherlands)

7. Now the next person in is Fiona who says:-
"HI Jane,
yes, a little sad, but excited to have been involved in my first TIAS. My little goat is now eager to tatt!
Thanks for this opportunity to be part of such a unique and international 'event'.
My blog is at:
I am in Melbourne, Australia.
I will continue to follow your blog and be inspired by 'brain cell number 3'!
All the very best Jane,
Fiona T"

8. Next in is from Jane who says:-
"This goat comes from Jane in South Africa, of I think he’s splendid. Thanks very much Jane for all your hard work! It’s been fun, and we’ll all miss the TIAS til next year. I know yours is called Mark, but this one is called Bok – that’s Afrikaans for goat."

9. Now I have Karen's next. She's here in the UK as she says:-
"Country - UK - Sorry no blog spot as yet
Monty here,

Day 12 and here I am done
The TIAS has been so much fun

Up to Day Eleven
We were all in tatting heaven

But today is a super sad day
As my tatty maker will no longer be able to play

So from Morgan and Me
To Aunty Jane a big Plea

Please please please do another next year
As this game has brought us together from far and near
A huge thank you for the TIAS it has been a real hoot I have love every minute of it, seeing everyone's goats emerge and the fun posts to go with them, the anticipation of what was coming next especially in the early days and also the new techniques and tricks we have learnt along the way. Here's looking forward to next years."

10.   Next in is from Angel San who says:-
"Country : France
Blog :
The TIAS was fun, and it made me make a goat, something I would have
never made if I had to choose a pattern, but it's so cute I'm very
happy it's done !!!"

Next in is from Anita with two pictures of her goat on day 11. Poor thing, walking with a crutch!!  She says this:-
"Good Morning, Jane!
It's a beautiful day at the Grand Canyon where Tatters finds himself today. He's gained a leg, and with a little help from a crutch is maneuvering on his own through the beautiful park. He's trying to see as much as he can, because he fears he may be close to the "last leg" of his journey!"

11. Now this is a clever picture, thanks, Claudia. Here's what she says too:-
"Hi Jane!!! at last my goat is finished!! although I have save all your previous TIAS, this is the first one I could finished in time and Im very happy!! it was a funny and interesting game! and also it was funny to read all the comments from other persons, in so differerent countries!..Thanks for another TAT IT AND SEE! or as it could be said in spanish TEJER Y VER !
i will expect for the next!!
Here is my url whereI will post my tias and other tatting stuff
and also i attach the photo of my goat here , with my actual location, Formosa, a province at the Northwest of Argentina.
happy tatting, felices encases!!"

12. Next in is from Axa with her days 11 and 12.  She lives in Hungary. She says:-
"Hello Jane,
I'm ready with my goat, and sending you the pics.
I would like to play TIAS more than once a year :)
Thank you for all your work with TIAS 2012!
happy tatting.

My blog is with the news of TIAS 2012 :)

13. Now I have Valerie's goat!!! She says:-
"Hi Jane! My goat is born! A red monster indeed, as I'd predicted from the start, with sucha BIG eye! I had a fun time tatting this and anticipating the final product!
Singapore Thanks loads,

14. Another goat from Singapore!!! This time from Grace who says:-
"Dear Jane,
Well, here is my final Day for our TIAS. :( I've put Mr. Goat on a flowery meadow this time — Nancy Tracy's Violet Bookmark). Thanks so much again, for all the fun and all the learning. I actually learned some new skills again today: I re-opened a lock join for the first time, and I hid my ends using a size 14 crochet hook (to loosen a couple of stitches) and a needle threader (to pull the thread through). I'm located in Singapore, but that may change in the future. I don't have a blog, but I do have an account on InTatters (I'm gtan), and a modest album of my first pieces is there ( Mr. Goat will certainly be added to that!"

15. Next in is from Lyn who says this:-
"Hi Jane,
10-30pm and it's finished!! Glad I participated,
We are hitting the road again in late March so if you do another TIAS and I don't join it is because our internet will be hit and miss in the outback.
Thanks again
Lyn C
Busselton Western Australia"

16. Now not many of you know that Riet my dear friend in The Netherlands has been very busy translating (and checking) the goat pattern into Dutch for her guild. This next goat is from her friend Gerda and Riet has sent it on to me. She says:-
"Hi Jane,Here is a picture from a purple goat I think you can do that because we have here an advertising with a purple cow, so why not a goat.
The goat is tatted by Gerda Ramshorst She lives in Hoogeveen, a place in the north of the country. A nice lady who does a lot of things.
I hope to get more pictures from the other tatters. 30 members let me know that they will take part. In March we have a meeting I hope to take pictures from more goats.
I am busy by tatting a little goat when it is ready it will come to you."

17. Next in is from Fox who says it all in her picture.  She's from Canada and her blog is here 
tat-ology @

18. Now I have Cynthia's goat - I think she's in America and she says:-
"Hi Jane here is my TIAS--this time close to when you expected it...LOL I left the "stringy threads" to use to sew it onto a shirt--they wont show when I get it sewn on. I'll be doing the second one momentarily so I can have one on each sleeve. Thank you for the wonderful fun! is my blog for tatting"

19. Next in is from Miranda who has sent in her completed goat too. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's the finished goat. Thank you so much for creating the TIAS! It was great fun, and I know you put a lot of work into it.  I live in the southwestern part of the USA. My blog is

20.   Now I have found Sherry's blog post which is here and I've 'stolen' her picture to add and will also tell you that she lives in America. I'm really quite a good detective sometimes!!!

21. Next in is from Tracy in America who says:-
"Hi Jane,
This was my first TIAS and it was wonderful! Thank you so much for the fun ride to making this cute little goat. When I get home from work I will sew in the ends."

22.   Next to pop into my inbox is from Sonja in Switzerland who has a blog here and who says:-

"Hi Jane,
the goat is finished! The TIAS has made a lot of fun. Thank you for share the complete pattern in your webside!
I hope, I read you another time!
Thank for all
Your Sonja = Papagena"

23. Now I have Ginny's from America and she says:-
"Here is my Billy goat!!! It must be very cold out he is a little blue!

24. Next is Elfriede who says:-
"Hello Jane.
The zoo has an animal - extended - a goat. Thank you so much that you have again put so much time and effort in the TIAS. The work guide was a help when reworking.
Participate in the resolution of the TIAS was again very exciting and has lots of joy ready.
Greetings from Esslingen in Germany
Elfriede Gröger"

25. Now I have Corina's goat and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Thank you so much for sharing this fun project. I love that it turned out to be a goat. Here's my picture, and my blog:
Greetings from Holland,

26. Now a conundrum!!! I have Jacqui's goat here. I'm not quite sure what country to put down for her!!! She's a bit of a nomad!!! Here's the explanation:-
"Hi Jane - here's my little goat - as usual I am on my winter break ( from freezing Lancashire ) in sunny warm Florida, with plenty of spare time to follow the TIAS. Thanks for all your hard work - it's been a lot of fun and new things to learn. I shall save my goat to decorate a birthday card for my big sis who is a Capricorn - she will love him.ttfn Jacqui"

27. Now I have Melanie's goat and she says:-
"Good morning-
Wow! It's 11:30 and I'm just getting to this. Well, ya gotta undershtand......
The household woke up before dawn this morning. I curse that the West Coast is 3 hours time difference than East Coast. To make a 10 AM New York meeting, one has to be at your desk by 6:30 AM. At least it cuts down on time spent in airports.
Knowing that I had "extra" time, I read the newspaper, took a leisurely time getting into my day's routine, and scanned what I had finished tatting yesterday while I tatted today's final installment. (See attached)
Then, I remembered that you wished to have our blog address, so I took the time to update that:
and the you wished to know where in the world we are: California, USA
I think that does it for today, but I would like to say:
Thank you for giving us all an enjoyable start to our New Year! May there be many, many more TIAS is the future!

28. Next in is from Caroline in America - she says:-
"I don't know about anyone else but mine looks rather determined to not go any where he does not want to go. This has been so much fun. Looking forward to next year.
Caroline Hill
Omaha Nebraska USA"

29. Now I have Geraldine from 'just up the road' here in the UK. She says:-
"Dear Jane
OH Jane what are we going to do,
with no T.I.A.S to do.
I know finish of all those U.F.O's,
and show off our new skills.
Just a few miles from me to you, i wonder how long it would take for my Goat to walk to you ???? does not look far on the map, a couple of hours by car. I must say a BIG BIG thank you for all your hard work and the fun and laughter this T.I.A.S has been for me.
Happy tatting

30.   Now I have Suzanne from America who says:-
"Dear Jane,
I am so sad that the TIAS is over!  Many thanks again for all the work and humour you inject into this diversion.  In addition to being good fun, it is an excellent benchmark as to one's progress as a tatter from year to year.  I remember how anxious I was about my first TIAS: how I read and reread the instructions, and tatted and retatted to make it perfect.  Now, with the confidence that comes only with time and experience, it is just a fun romp, and a great opportunity to connect with other tatters around the world.
Attached, I present 'Billy Jack', who is, in fact, a Jack Russell terrorist in disguise.  To say more would blow his cover."

31. Next in is from Manie who lives in The Netherlands. Here is her picture which Riet kindly forwarded to me.

32. Now I have a new joiner (well, sort of!!!). Melissa has been working away at her goat and this is what she has to say:-
"Hi Jane,This TIAS tatter has been AWOL this year. I had a couple of very large projects I had to finish- a knitted Blessing(Christening) Dress for my newest grand-daughter and a cross stitch picture for my oldest grand-daughter who just turned 8 and will be baptized shortly. I have been doing the TIAS but haven't had time to take pictures of each of the steps. So here he is- an Old Goat for the Old Git. I don;t blog but I'm from West Valley City (just west of Salt Lake City and the 2nd largest city in Utah) in the Western United States. My 3 year old grand-daughter has laid claim on this version of Mark the Goat so he will be going to live at her house.
Thanks for the effort you go to for these TIASs- they are a hoot!!!
(I sign "Beelizabeth" on line)"

33. Next in is from Stephanie and she says:-
"Hi Jane!
What great fun this cute little guy has been to make. He is SO awesome!
Thanks ever so much for all the time and effort you've put into the TIAS. Gomer the Goat and I appreciate it.
North Carolina, USA
No blog or URL"

34. Now I have Sandy's goat and this is what she has to say:-
"Dear Jane - May I present Gerald, the turquoise goat! He burst from the shuttles, ran over to the laptop and perused through the photos of his fellow litter mates. Isn't it amazing that this litter is so varied, so beautiful, and came to life in so many places throughout the world! Then, like so many 'only children', Gerald pronounced "I want a sibling!" So, I am off to tat him a sibling (or two!). Thank you for designing and organizing and running the TIAS. You have made many tatters very happy!! Your hard work is appreciated. THANK YOU!!!!
Sandy S from Southern California, USA"

35. Next in is a party animal with balloons and his canine friend!!!! This is from Elizabeth who says:-
"This was fun. Another Party Animal.....
Mobile, Al. USA"

36. Now I have rhyming Sarah with (sadly) her last little rhyme. She's from America and says:-

It is time
For one last rhyme:

I have had so much fun
I am sad this game is done 

Jane, you darling “old git”
You have given us tatters a wonderful gift.

Over these past several weeks
We have practiced skills and learned new techniques

Seeing and reading what others have done
Has truely enriched everyone.

We’ve tatted your pattern the whole world round.
Friendship and laughter and smiles abound.

And what has been learned from this simple game?
Though each one is different ... the pattern’s the same.

                THANK YOU JANE"

37. Last in today is from Wanda who says this:-
"Hi, Jane! One of the Billy Goats Gruff is here, I'm just not sure which one. He looks very ready to go meet the troll, so it must be the biggest one :-)
Thanks for a wonderful pattern that I'm sure I'll be using. The TIAS has been fun. Looking forward to it next year!
Snip, snap, snout, This tale's told out."

1 comment:

Rose Anne B said...

OMGG some of you gals are just a HOOT in your creativity!!! As for Jane, the only thing I notice different from most to your's is the "gruff" part needs longer picots so they can be snipped for the proper look.

AND I too did not use the right shuttles at the beginning of the front leg (not sure if I read wrong of if a SS is missing)but I just twisted the leg and VOILA it worked. Now onto the "last leg".

I too will miss this challenging activity and so look forward to the next whenever it will be. Thank you Jane.