Saturday, 6 March 2021

Another foxy bookmark!

103.    To get to this number of a hindered and three Elain has sent in her bookmark. This is what she says

“Here is my fox. He is a hot mess but as a beginner I am still proud of him. I really enjoyed this and even though it doesn't look like it I learned a lot. Before this I was intimidated by split ring now I enjoy then. 
I plan to try some of the past Tat and See and continue to improve. Thanks so much for doing these. Elaine”

Well Elaine I must say that as a beginner and not knowing what you were making I think you’ve done a remarkable job on your bookmark. It’s not easy when you know what you’re making and is almost impossible when you don’t!!! Congratulations.

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Another fox has arrived

102. Another day and another fox. This time it’s Gail’s fox which has just arrived. She says

“ Hello, Jane, 
Here is my foxy bookmark. It is tatted with size 20 Lizbeth threads, #641 (Lilac Dark) and #642 (Lilac Medium).
This was my first time joining your TIAS project, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you for taking the time to create the pattern and share it in such a fun way with all of us. I look forward to joining you again next year!
Illinois, USA”

Thanks for joining in, Gail.  I’m so glad you enjoyed the fun. 

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

I'm 100 today!!!

Well that's not my age but the number of people who have now made foxes and sent them in. I'm VERY happy about that. 

100. This is from Claire who sends in day 15 as well. She says

"Hello Jane, 
I just realized that I didn't send in my penultimate Day 15 and the final one. 
So here are the pictures of my Foxy bookmark. 
I used Lizbeth threads in size 20, in Seagreen Light (#686) and Dark (#688). They are not very 'foxy' colours, but I might do this pattern again later on in more 'appropriate' colours. 
Thank you for the fun guessing game. You really got us nearly to the very end this year. Hope to see another TIAS next year. 
Take care. 
Claire (BC, Canada)

101. Next to arrive in the same day is Terry’s with her comment.

“ Hi Jane,Better late than never but here he is...Mr. Fox is done!
Thank you for another great game.
Terry ”

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Saturday 27th February

 I’m just adding these lovely foxes from Faye who has already sent in her fox earlier.  I count the number of people taking part in a TIAS = not the number of foxes as I think that’s fair.  BUT I love seeing finished TIAS’s anyway.  Here’s what Faye says

 I previously sent my TIAS fox on the right to you. I shared it with my 7 year old grandson, who told me that he likes foxes. Could I make it in “fox colors”? So I did. I used Lizbeth size 10 thread. #694 for the rings & #610 for the chains. I used 3 size 6 black beads. I have blocked it & will send it on to him soon. 

Thanks again for sharing this with us. 

Faye Hutton
Indiana ”

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Thursday evening.

Well here we are with number ninety nine and this is from Kerstin who says

99. Here comes another Swedish Fox, but now we havet got spring, sun and flowers instead of Snow in our gardens. Thanks for this TIAS. Birgit 

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Wednesday 24th February

Just arrived and ‘hot off the shuttles’ are Shoshana’s 3 colourful foxes.  She says

98.    “ Hi, sorry I’m late, but I wanted to get all three of my foxes in at once! None of them are exactly as written because I only have one size 20 thread (middle fox, Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest). The other two are size 8 threads that I lost the labels for years ago. I may have cheated a bit on all the picots in the tail too.... I hope that’s alright! (And I’m counting correctly, my foxes will get you to 100! 💯)”

Don’t worry, Shoshana there’s no such thing as ‘late’!!!  I think the tails are fine too.  I hope you’re pleased with them all.

Monday, 22 February 2021

Monday 22nd February

Another fox has arrived this morning. This time it's from Catrin who says

97. "I've done it!! 
After taking behind I wanted to wait until I could try and finish on one fell swoop
letting that as soon as I logged in for the next day I risked 'seeing to much' .
Thank you Jane - I love him, and may make him a companion one day. I may also block him and hide the ends... one day 🤭
Sincere thanks for all your hard work. Look how many people have got involved !! "

Ah, the dreaded ends, Catrin!!!  We all suffer from the 'dreaded ends'!!!!  That's why I now only have one end to sew in and also do it straightaway!!!!