Saturday, 11 February 2017

Now at sixty seven

67. First in today is from Bernice who says:
Sadly, I couldn’t guess the TIAS again. Thank you so much for another great way to start the year of tatting. I tatted in size 20 Lizbeth 109 Wild Flower. 
Bernice from Calgary AB Canada"

68. Sharon is next with her final day and she says.
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my completed TIAS. I would have never guessed. She is a sweet little lady :) Thank you so much for doing the TIAS's. This is only the second one I have done, but I will definitely continue to do them. They are such fun. 
Sharon from Iowa"

69. Just back home again and this time I've found Kazia in my inbox. She says:
"Lady in my performance. 
It's hot, so I gave her the fan. 
Jane, thank you for design and fun. I will gladly participate in future your unexpected challenges. 
Kazia ( iza kama) 

70. Axa is next in my inbox and this is what she says:
"Dear Jane! 
Here is the picture about my TIAS. I am so happy, that I could help some other hungarian ladies to join the quest in this year. I have enjoyed creating the lady very much. I have created a little handfan for her, you can find the tutorial on my blog:
Thank you all of your work with this quest 
Happy tatting 
Axa - Andrea Lévai"
Thank you for encouraging the other Hungarian ladies, Axa.  It's been an honour to meet you all.

71. Next to arrive is Wendy who says:
"Here she is, my Crinoline Lady. The eye is actually shiny blue but came out black.
Well done Jane, another good one to tat and work out.
The thread is an old Coats 20 colour 891
Thanks for the fun. X

72. Oh dear, poor Cathlen has been sick. I hope you're better now, though, Cathlen.
"Hello Jane! 
I'm sorry I was sick. :-( 
Thank you ! 
Good game TIAS :-) Cathlen"

73. Eliz is next in my inbox with her finished lady. She says:
"Thank you so much for sharing this lovely lady with us. I've really enjoyed tatting her. Having the project broken into small parts was perfect for my needs the last several weeks. I've shared the image in my blog post today ( but I also attach it here for your convenience. " 

74. Fran is next to arrive with her TIAS. She says:
"Hi Jane 
Here is my completed lady tatted in Lizbeth Blue River Glades no.164 size 10. I have so enjoyed making her and look forward to next year. Thank you for all the time and effort that you have put in to this project. 
Kind regards 
Fran also sent in this picture and comment a short while later.
"She is floating on Martha Ess's Mirror Mirror bookmark tatted in the same colour and Lizbeth Wedgewood Blue. If any ladies want something to follow the TIAS this is something they could try. It involves split rings and also your Joining colours with no blips

75. Another of the Hungarian tatters - Szylvia - has sent in her finished lady. She has this to say:
"Thank you for the game! 
Thank you for joining us. It's been a pleasure to meet all the new Hungarian tatting friends.

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