Thursday, 19 January 2017

Day 4 of the TIAS

First in this morning with day 3 is Denise who is convinced (nearly) that we're making a Nessie!!!!
"This kind of looks like Nessie the Loch Ness Monster. But I have a feeling we are going to travel back up to those small picots and connect there, so likely not Nessie. But I can call my tatting Nessie until then. So here is Nessie."

Next in is Christine with ALL her days so far!!! She says:
"Hi Jane 
I am late starting the TIAS this year, so I am sending pictures for Days 1 to 3 together. 
On Day 1, it honestly could have been anything! 
On Day 2, I thought perhaps it was the beginning of a snowflake. The paper cutouts are kirigami -- another fun craft. :) 
On Day 3, I am thinking that it is the start of a very fine vase. But my husband says it is the Taj Mahal! 
(The painting is Flowers in a Vase by Odilon Redon.) 
Thanks for another fun project! It is nice to have a TIAS to look forward to each January. 
-Christine in Alabama"

First in with day 4 is Fiona. Here's her comment and picture:
"Dear Jane 4. I hope I have made my zig zag chain long enough. No guesses ...see you on day 5. 
Fiona T "

Next is Maureen who says"
|Camera issues today - it didn't want to work! Here is Day 4 and I now see that the string of split rings is not, after all, someone's long neck, unless it belongs to a contortionist!
But I do have a question - haven't we just tatted LOCK chains? - what is the difference between a lock chain and a zig-zag chain? Maybe I made a mistake.
The colour is growing on me, but I hope we won't be using it for too much longer, because shuttle 1 seems a bit low."
No, a lock chain is just the first half flipped and the second half unflipped. The zig zag is a WHOLE double worked in the usual way (flipped) followed by another whole double which is unflipped.

I've been out all morning and now have a full inbox. Please bear with me while I try to catch up!!!
Next in is from Elrosa who says:
"Buongiorno Jane, 
le invio il lavoro del 4 giorno sperando vada bene. Potrebbe essere un insetto? 😀😀😀😀 
Buona giornata, a presto 

Hello Jane, 
I send you the work of four days hoping goes well. It could be a bug? 😀😀😀😀 
Have a good day. See you soon"

Muskaan is next in my overfull inbox with her day 4 which is looking good.
"Good morning, Jane :-) 
With Djokovic's huge upset in the 2nd round of the Australian Open, his wife won't be needing this gown to any ball soon. But the Women's Champion would certainly appreciate the gown you are designing. 
It is going to look pretty with these Z Chains ! And we are having a ball, thanks to you 
muskaan :-) 

Tim has sent in his day 4 and he's spotted my wickedness on the url's I've made up!!!
"I love those little names on the days. 
I did assume that the second half of the ls is RODS."
The first ds of the zig zag is a normal ds.  The second ds of the zig zag (probably should be called the zag) is wrapped or RODS as some people call it!!!

Hmmmm, I wonder if Jane is right?
"Hi Jane,
Day 4. Ah yes, I have remembered to attach it. A jellyfish?"

Jacee has come up with her first guess. She says:
"Hi Jane, 
Making my first wild guess - a crinoline lady, maybe? 
I wonder if you're right or not? 

Now I have another good guess from Carollyn who says:
"maybe the beginning of a hot air balloon's basket?"
You're all getting too clever at this guessing game!!!

Wow - the guesses are coming in thick and fast today. Sonja has even sent a picture of her guess too.
"Hello Jane
A very lady (I draw it primitive) ??????????????
Suggestion from a sunny but cold Holland"

I like this suggetion from Carole too!!!
"Now it’s starting to look like a cobra that has been “snake charmed”….. Carole -Burlington, On., Canada"

Blanche is the next person to arrive and she says:
"hey Jane :D 
I've guessed. The Tias is a wedding dress. Maybe the future husband IS George Clooney ^^ 
Am I right ? 
Looking forward to day 5. 
I wish you happiness and patience to deal with your inbox and blog !"
I think you'd better ask George Clooney, Blanche!!!!  I'm sure I don't know the answer!!!

Oh dear. It looks as if Wendy has changed her mind!!! 
"Praps it's not St Paul's ☹️ 
Wendy "

Elisabetta has returned with her day 4 and her picture.  Perfect, Elisabetta.

Celine is the next arrival in my inbox and she says:
"Hello Jane,
Day 3 and day 4 as one
Maybe il is a tea pot??
Nice evening

Fran is next in with her day 4 and she says:
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 4. I think I lost count with the zigzag chain. 
Its so lovely at this miserable time of the year to have a little magic drip feeding into one's life. 
Many thanks 
It looks fine to me, Fran so don't worry about it.  Just noticed that it looks like Celine and Fran have used the same colour thread.  That's a coincidence!!!

Elizabeth is next to arrive with a lovely picture too. She says:
Definitely not a mask but maybe a longer costume. 
Semmes, Al"

P Melanie is in next and she says:
"That zig zag chain was a new one on me. I decided that you wanted us to do over before under as I'm the second portion of a split ring; I hope that's correct. Of course I also refrained from flipping, as instructed." 
Looks good to me.  We all have problems 'training the brain' not to flip!!!!

Sue has now arrived with her day 4. She's STILL talking about it being an elephant's foot umbrella stand.
"It's definitely a down side up EFUS!! Vbg"

Caroline has sent in her day 4 and she's just learned how to do the zig zag chain.
Thanks to you for this day 4, I learnt a new point ;) the zig zag chain ^^ 
May it’s a Turkish cushion to protect the teapot ?"
Well that's a good idea, Caroline.  All teapots need a Turkish cushion, I'm sure!!!

Now this next guess isn't really a guess but more thoughts on other people's ideas. Claudia is not going to commit to either at the moment!!
"Good evening Jane 
Here comes my day 4, and no clue what it could be. But there are some interesting guesses already in, the lady, hot air ballon, I like both. 
Have a nice evening and greetings from Switzerland 

Caroline is almost the last person in my inbox today. She says:
"It is cloudy today but did sure enjoy the sunshine yesterday. Appointment went well this morning. No radiation - just need to take a pill every day. It is sure a relief. This is not a very good picture. I need to find a different place to take my pictures. 
Caroline H"
Sorry to hear about your troubles but LOVE your TIAS.

Last one today - I'm off to bed after this. Cindy is the last person in with a new idea.
"I am starting to think it looks like a bulb or onion… :D 
Cindy from Dallas 

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