Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Another day - another link

That's right - another day and another link. 

First in this morning is from Catrin who arrived overnight with her day 2.
"Hello Jane, Happy New Year ! 
Here is my hungry caterpillar. Yes, yes, not so easy to see the actual tatting but I'm enjoying showing off the copper (coloured) shuttle the husband found at Cologne Christmas Market ! 
Looking forward to the rest of this. 

Next in the inbox is from Leslie who says.
"Greetings from Connecticut USA, 
I'm pleased to have happened on this TIAS right at the beginning. 
So far, I have no clue as to what we're making, but mine looks like others', so I'm encouraged! 
Thank you for this cheerful winter pastime! 
Looking forward to the next steps, 

Another friend with weird tastes in critters!!! This is from Arlene who says.
"I actually did this on Saturday but was not able to email it to you. So here it is, just a little later than I'd planned. Do you like my shuttle? 
I think it's a raccoon. Cause beads would be eyes & nose and I love raccoons."
LOVE the Pop A Bobbin Shuttle!!!! I do see a lot of those in my house from time to time but they don't stay long!!!!

Finally in this batch of overnight emails is Lelia who says.
"Dear Jane: 
So far, looks like a caterpillar! 
blogging at Stitches of Life II 

Jaycee is first in with her day 3 and she's now more puzzled than before!!!
"Dear Jane, 
It's beginning to look like a stand of some sorts~ no clue just yet! : 

Next in with day 3 is Anita. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
After day 3 I am no closer to guessing what this will become. 
My husband says it's a horse, but what he sees I can’t guess either :-) 
Very curious to see the next part! 
Kind regards, 

Poor Nick had to come running when he heard me chortling over Patricia's picture. What a HOOT. Thanks for the best giggle of the day - so far!!!
"Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Next in is a novel idea from Firanghish who says.
"Good afternoon, 
Sending my day 3 puzzle pice. I think we are tatting a tree. 
Thank you for the wonderful game. 
Happy tatting puzzle game everyone. 

Just back from a morning out and Jane is the next in my inbox. She says.
"A Chinese Dragon? Probably not."

Adrian has come up with a great idea. Wonder if he's right?
"Hi Jane 
Here's my Day Three. 
It's still looking like a bookworm bookmark to me. Which probably means that these are actually the handlebars of a motorbike. :)"

Shelly is now the next to arrive with her day 3. She says.
"Checking in with day 3 
I have absolutely no guesses yet but it sure is fun and I look forward to checking each day for the next step 

Jane (another Jane I've had the pleasure of meeting 'in the flesh') is next into my inbox. She says.
"Good Morning Jane 
This coming to you from snowy Ontario Canada. 
Jane K. 😀"
Snow is very pretty, Jane but please keep it over your neck of the woods!!!

Just a few seconds ago Melanie popped into my inbox with her day 3.
"Here's my Day 3 photo. I had been hoping against hope for a wonderful kitty pattern, but I'm pretty well convinced that I didn't get one. Oh, well; kitties shouldn't be green anyway." 

Another newcomer to this year's TIAS is Sylvie who has sent in one picture (you can read why) to cover the first three days. Welcome, Sylvie.
"Hi Jane! 
This is my first TIAS and I'm really excited about it! I didn't miss the first two days but my camera wouldn't produce a decent picture. I hope this one's OK (new camera. I'm far from mastering it already!). Thank you so much for giving us so much fun... and the opportunity to rack our brains! I honestly don't know what it will be in the end. Thanks as well to Patricia, your picture made me laugh too! 
Happy tatting everyone ^_^ 

Nancy is next with her day 3. She says.
"No idea what it will be, but with the beads one would assume an animal...well my creature will be yellow!"

Next in is Denise who has just arrived with her day 2. Sorry, Denise, I didn't get it the first time but I have now!!!
"I'm not sure if you received the email I sent so I'm sending again. Thank you for another TIAS. 
Denise Brant 
Thank you for trying again - would hate to lose you.

Back with her day 3 now is Alva Alicia who has this to say.
"Good morning Jane. This is my day 3 
Does anybody have any idea what this will be? 
Have a wonderful day 
Alva Alicia Burrola 
Tijuana Baja California México"
The answer is - yes, I know what it is but I'm not telling!!!

Micheline is now back too with her day 3 and the following comment.
voici mon challenge jour 3 
Bonne journée"

here is my challenge day 3
Good day

Next is from Arlene!!! She's got a new idea!!!
"Still from NC,
Now I think it's a woman in a hoop skirt, see her arm? (yeah, my sketch isn't very good)
Oh, I'm using Lizbeth in color Ocean Teal, Dk."

Next to pop up in my inbox is Virginie who says.
"Bonjour Jane, 
Voici ma 3 ère partie 

Catrin has now arrived with her day 3 - her picture and comment are here.
"Well I won't have pride of place at the top of the blog again but here is my Day 3. Could this be post of a candle ? But then what could the beads be ? Only one way to find out.... just keep tatting ! 
Till soon, 
That's right - just keep tatting.

Denise is now back with her day 3 and the following comment.
"I'm keeping up this time . Lol
Denise Brant"
Well done, lass!!!

Now I have Irene's day 3 to show you.
"Hi Jane, 
Sorry, still no idea :( 
I'm impatient to know, the days seem long to wait. 
Sincerely yours 

Sounds like Keli is having some of 'our' weather. She says.
"Here is my day 3 from rainy Oregon. 

Nobody is to mention split rings near Judy!!! I won't if you won't. 
We won't discuss #9 ring. I think it was when I was wondering if split rings would ever end, sigh. It kind of reminds me of Santa's sleigh or an elephant. 

I must apologise to Orane. BIG sorry, Orane!!!
"bonsoir Jane. 
Voici mon 3ème jour. Ton jeu est une lente torture je suis perdu mais que frivolons-nous ? Hihi bonne soirée "

Jane goodnight.
This is my 3rd day. Your game is a slow torture I am lost but frivolons we? Hihi good evening

Sue is back and I've spoilt her day - I think. 
"Ok Miss. Hectic day here and you've spoiled my EFUS!! So... It's the undercarriage of a bubble car!! 
Now, that's a good guess, Sue. Sure it's not the undercarriage of a pig mini?

Finally in this batch is Rose Anne who says.
"Here is my Day 3 of the 2016 TIAS, using Lizabeth colour 168 in size 20, this is a very slight variegated thread. So far all's good! I still am not sure what this will grow up to be. 
Rose Anne"

Back again (I wasn't gone long!) with Melanie's day 3. She says.
"Good morning to you! 
Well, morning here. It's a rare bright sunshiny day and a walk to the beach is in order. After I share with you a picture of my angel. Sorry it's not very clear. Trying to fix broken software I use with my scanner. I can't remember what settings I used! 
Melanie (picotsnkeys"

Next in is the other Denise who has sent in her day 3. I'm going to have to call you DeniseR and DeniseB to keep my poor old brain from getting too frazzled!!!

Barbara has now sent in her day 3 with the following comment and picture.
"Hi Jane 
Day 3 and all's well!! 
I'm joining the caterpillar club for now! 
Thx again - Barbara"
A caterpillar club?  What a good idea.

Next in is Cheryl who has had a weird dream. Love your cat idea, Cheryl.
"It’s a kitty cat’s head. 
We are having some lovely warm days and loving it. Toronto is under dumps of snow. 
We bought a new SUV recently. Last night I dreamed that I lost it in a big unfamiliar city. 
And I was angry at my husband because (in the dream) I had his set of keys and the button that makes the horn sound didn’t work. So I couldn’t even use that to find it. Sheesh, dreams are 

Elisabetta is next in my inbox with her comment and picture. She says.
"Buonasera Jane, 
Il mio terzo giorno di TIAS. Sarà qualcosa di strisciante? 
Sto provando anche con del filo poliestere che le mostrerò più avanti. 
La salutò caramente 

Good evening Jane,
My third day of TIAS. It will be something creepy?
I'm trying with the polyester yarn that show later.
He greeted her dearly

Wanda has now arrived with her day 3 and possibly two newcomers to this year's TIAS. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed!!!
"Hello, Jane 
Sending in my day 3. I shared the TIAS with 2 ladies today that aren't quite up to split rings yet but they were very interested. I might get one of them interested in learning S/R the next time we get together. None of us had any ideas on what this is yet. 
Wanda in Kansas, USA "

Not sure how Coretta managed to get her day 3 done during a difficult time. Here's what she says.
Today the insurance man popped in right as my son got home from school and let the dog out wrapping the man up in the leash. My husband's expects we'll pay $ for that. :( 
Other than that it's a good day, lemons to juice, grapefruit to eat, tatting to do/ done. Got some cleaning out of the way early. 
Here's my day three. "

Ankie has just arrived and her comment and picture follow. So pleased you're enjoying the TIAS.
"Wat is dit leuk om te doen!! Dank je wel.
Wordt het misschien een haasje??"

What is this fun to do !! Thank you.
Is it maybe a bunny ??

SueH has now popped into my inbox. I think her husband, Bo, is giving her a hand here!!! Well, with the guessing!!
"Here yer go... No Hagar as Bo said but... ... ... 
Santa's sleigh??? OK out of season, it am been & gone (bless)"

Shirley has just arrived with her day 3 and she says.
Just what is needed: A tatted doodle for Google. 
I could make my fortune with copyrighting it if that's the case, Shirley!!!!!

Next in the inbox is Blanche who has a VERY good imagination - OR is she right?  "Hey Jane ! 
Thank you for that brilliant experience ! 
I'm having so much fun with your Tias. 
But I'm sure I have guessed it : it's a plate, and I think it's the spaghettis plate of Lady and the Tramp ;-) 
Thanks again from France ^^ 

Wendy is back now with her day 3 and she still thinks she's got the answer!!!!
"Hello Jane, 
Still with you. Still could be a dog. From his ear along his back. Mine is a bit curlier that your sketch. 
Wendy x"

Bernice is back again now with her day 3.
"Huh I shouldn't be surprised, just more split rings. I think you do this to confuse us. Just kidding. No guesses today. 
Bernice B 
Alberta Canada"
Don't worry, Bernice - you'll be finished with split rings soon - but just for a while!!!!

A welcome now to a newcomer to this year's TIAS. Hello, Ararella/Cathy and I hope you enjoy your visit. She has sent in her three days.
"Hello Jane 
I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and to thank you again for this wonderful mystery adventure you offer to all of us on FB and your blog, with this new TIAS. 
Here's my 3 steps. I think it's allright ! 
best regards 

Julie (my lovely French translator) is next in with her day 3. Poor lass has been busy and hasn't had time to do it until now.
"Now I send you my day 3. 
Very impressed by the lovely pictures everyone is sharing on the TIAS blog!"

Next in my inbox is M@dinin who has sent in her day 3. She says.
"Hi Jane, this my Day 3..."

To rock or not to rock is what Mary is asking - I think!!!
What fun to see everyone guesses! MAybe it's a rocking chair, but probably not!"

Finally in this batch I have Claire who says.
"Hello Jane, 
Here is my day 3 (see my updated blog page). Could it be a bear? 
You certainly know how to keep us guessing. 
Claire (BC, Canada)"

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Lelia said...

... and the mystery continues! I'm enjoying the game this year. Will get D3 done in between the laundry loads.