Tuesday, 17 February 2015

17th February

We're nearly there. Nearly at the magic 100! Now, of course, I'm wondering if we're going to beat the number we reached a few years ago but naturally I can't remember what it was!! No matter - life's good when it's filled with scissors or, as my first person today calls them - tin snips!!! I don't know the name of this person but I love his/her wit!

94. "While you were helping us make scissors, I found out I could make tin snips, oh my! "

Next to arrive is Martha with her scissors. She says:-
95. "Here is my overdue pair of scissors. "

Catherine has now arrived with her scissors and the following comment:-
96. "hello Jane
Here's my final step of your TIAS 2015 I have finished this week end.
I'm very happy to do it instead of all mistakes I made ! but I'm happy because it's the way to progress.
Thank you very much for all the time you give to us !
Best regards

Next to arrive is Julie who says:-
97. "Hello!
Attached is my completed scissors. This is my first year - it was fun!
Le Claire, Iowa"

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