Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The magic number!!!

Well yesterday's regular blog post seems to have 'done the trick' and has woken Carol up to send in her sailing boat!!! Here's her comment.

100.  "Hi Jane, 
Seeing the sailboats this morning reminded me that I never sent you a picture of my sailboat. So here it is. 
I don’t get much time to tat anymore. A little here and there. Still busy working 2 jobs, so I’m tired by the time I get home. 
I always look forward to you TIAS though. Thank you, they are always fun to do. 
Hope you are well. 
Carol Lawecki"

1 comment:

muskaan said...

Congratulations, Jane, on reaching the magic number ! I'm sure some more will come sailing along :-)

Looking forward to the next TIAS ....