Wednesday, 8 January 2014


First of all I will be putting day 2 up tomorrow morning.  Please bear with me today as I will be out for the morning but will get as many overnight day 1's up here as I can before I go.  Hmmm, that may not be many but the rest WILL be done this afternoon.

So, first in today is from Esta who says:-
"Hello Jane,

This is my first TIAS and I'm excited to participate. Thank you for doing this!
This is my Day 1 in Size 20 Lizbeth, colour Tropical Punch. 
I have no idea what it might be, but I believe guessing is half the fun. I'm going to guess a pig, only because I think a pig would be cute in Tropical Punch.
Esta - Toronto, Canada"

I always work from the bottom of my inbox to keep things fair and so the second in this morning is from Anne-Marie who says:-
"Hello Jane,
This time, I begin TIAS at first day. the thread is "Altin Basak 50"  (but Turkish thread haven't same number that Lizbeth or DMC) slightly finer than UK 20 Color 3001
I eagerly wait for Day 2. I still hav'nt an idea what is it?
Read you soon...Anne-Marie"

Back later!!!!
Body clothed and fed so I'm back for a few minutes to show you Caroline's day 1.  This is her comment:-
"Hi Jane,
I am getting a slow start this year.  I had a hard time deciding on colors as I don't have a lot of solid colors.  Decided to make two after I decided on colors.  Monday schools were closed here because of the cold (4) and with the wind chill it was wayyyyyy below 0.  It got up to a balmy 20 today and we are to have snow flurries tonight and to be colder tomorrow.  Then it is to warm up and be in the high 20s by the weekend.  It will sure be nice.  
Omaha, Nebraska USA"
Just LOOK at those pretty shuttles.

Now I have Denise J's day 1 along with her comment too.  Here's what she says:-
"Here is my entry for the New Year's tatted adventure. I'm looking forward to the guessing. So far all I've got is a pretty flower. 

Now I have Lori's day one to add to the post.  She says:-
"Hi janee
Well I decided to take your challenge ! Here's a picture of mine
Lori Jones"

I have two more in my inbox but I have to go out now.  I will add them as soon as I can.  Maybe around my lunchtime.  Time to go and play with other oldies like me in the library.  Silver Surfers - yipppeeeee.

Good afternoon - I'm back!!!
Now the first one this time is from Bernice who says:-
"My first TIAS, we have been travelling but I was able to complete day 1 while hubby drove (not my best tatting).  Home now so I was able to upload the attached."

Next and all the way from Australia is Frances who says:-
"Good Morning Jane,
here is my day 1 for this year.
I am using a vintage Coats variegated blue which looks a lot like the one Janemac is using.  I am also using my silver shuttle which I got for our 25th anniversary this year and my new pear shuttle.

Even though I tatted it on Monday, my camera decided to hide after the Christmas clean up.  I hope that  the weather is being kind to you, as we are sweltering away in 40 deg C heat,  although it is cooler today at 30 deg.
Looking forward to day 2
Frances S

The next picture in is also from Frances but she sent it in for Allison!!!!  Here's the comment that came with it and also a message from me too!
"Hi Jane
I am sending you a copy of Allison’s day 1 which we completed at todays session.  Next time when we are at Allison’s house will show her where to send it.
Frances S  for Allison H
Welcome aboard, Allison.  Good to see you here.

Next in is from Martha Ess who says:-
"Here is my humble beginning.It's always fascinating to see what will grow out of the first tiny bit."

Now I have Michelle in my inbox next.  She has this to say:-
"Dear Jane,
     Hello from Wyoming USA!!  Here is my step 1.  This sounds like a fun game.  I made mine out of Lizbeth Black size 20.  I have no guesses as to what it might be yet!!!!  Happy tatting from knottymichelle"

Next to arrive is from Helen who has this to say:-
"Dear Jane,
Love to participate again in the TIAS. So first day done. Will it be a fan? Haven't got a clue of course.
Greetings Helen"

Now it's Lesley's turn to join in the fun!!!  Here's her comment - followed by her picture too:-
"Dear Jane
 How did I ever survive all those years without the fun of the tatting community on the internet?!!
Here is my first post for my first TIAS. I’m using a variegated Coats Chain Mercer crochet cotton, size 40; I don’t know what the colour is since it’s from a job lot of threads I bought on eBay.
Looking forward to Day 2.

Next to drop in is Sheila who has sent in her picture and comment.  Here's what she says:-
"This is my 1st day TIAS motive. I used no 10 cotton thread, planning to change the colour in further rounds. Thank you for sharing your patterns with all tatters."


Kay said...

I am new. How do I find instructions for this tias?

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Kay. If you look at the top of this blog you will see three links. Introduction, Day 1 and Day 2. First go to the introduction and that should give you all the information you need. You can start this game at any time - all I ask is that you enjoy it.