Friday, 19 September 2008

Day 5

Hello Sherry,
I decided that I didn't like the yellow color showing up in the pink chains when they were joined to the vsp picots so I used the Catherine Wheel join. ~LadyTats

I did not have time to do the TIAS last week and finally caught up over the weekend. I have not done block tatting before but with instructions from Jane and Sherry, it was not too difficult. I had a fun time choosing thread colours for this. I was thinking of 3 contrasting colours. Hmmm what is it going to be? ~Wendy

Here's my Day 3 to 5 of TIAS 4, tatted with 3 co-ordinated purples of Flora 20 threads. Look like candles to me, but I doubt I would have guess it. Just wonder how Jane could figure them out already!

What is it?! I see some of us think it may be a candle. of Sherry's hints was 'illuminate', but after seeing Day 5 completed I've been pondering it. Maybe this is a 3-D TIAS. Could it be a church or chapel of some sort? They are illuminated either by electric light or candles. Hmmmm.... I wonder.


Here is my effort at the TIAS. I am not to sure about my color choices but we will see.
Mobile, Al.

Hi Sherry. This is fun.
Hampshire UK


I'm really enjoying playing with my lego. So many years since I was in the classroom with the tinies but I do get to play with small grandsons from time to time nowadays. Never been allowed to play with TATTED lego before!!! Jane

Day 5 for me still no idea what it will be. this piece reminds me of a dog house with the red part being the door LOL.

Sherry, Here is day 5 with no idea of what we're making. Karen in OR

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