Friday, 8 February 2008

Completed hippos! Part 8

Saturday and two more have arrived making 91 in total.
Monday morning and 2 hippos arrived and they were followed by three more in the afternoon (96).
Tuesday and two more have arrived (98)!
Wednesday and number 99 has arrived.
Thursday and number 100 has wandered in.

The first is from Kate Huttar who said.
" Greetings from the Texan circus hippo. Finally got him finished today, though he could certainly use some :) I'll get another picture once he is more under control (and with a different background), but I was so excited about his appearance, I couldn't wait."

The next one is from Stephanie who must be having problems with hippos. I think hers are breeding as this is the ...... I'll leave it to her to explain!!!

"Rosie the Pink Potamus (Petunia's younger sister) *insisted* on playing outdoors today without sunscreen. She's already turning a bit pink in spots. This afternoon I caught her sitting at the computer - looking at all the hippos online. Suddenly she screeched, grabbed MY heart-shaped box of Valentine's Day candy, and ran out of the house. I suspect she's on her way to you at this very moment. You won't have to entice her to stay, I'm sure."

Next hippo to join the bloat is Carol Lawecki's. Here he is in his very pretty surroundings - it almost looks as if it's snowing!

My worst fears have happened. The hippos are breeding! We now have hippy flower power hippos!! Stephanie's third one has arrived this morning!! This is the next part of Stephanie's story!! "Since Petunia and Rosie left home, Hyacinth, their younger sister, has been feeling very blue and lonely. Hyacinth the Blue Potamus just LOVES parades, so to help cheer her up, I promised if she would get dressed up in her prettiest outfit, I would let her go be PART of a parade. Oh, she is so VERY excited, there's even a hint of a smile on her face now....Poor Hyacinth was quite upset when the scanner smooshed her flower, but she is SO proud of that red bow! "

Next one in came via Diane Saunders. Her tatting student, Ruth made this one. Thank you, Diane and Ruth.

Mr. and Mrs. Karlheinz and Hildegarde Hippo-Potamus are on their way to the opera. Karlheinz is wearing his white bow tie and his favorite hat. Hildegarde has donned her diamond necklace and earrings. He wanted her to wear her large diamond earrings, but she prefers wearing the small diamond studs he gave her many years ago on her first birthday as "Mrs. Hippo-Potamus." They decided to look in on the hippo parade, since it was on their way.

This is a hippo from Diane Cademartori. She says -
"I'm sending a picture of the hippo that our dear friend Laura tatted for me. I couldn't figure out any other way to send it... I hope this way works! Not only did Laura keep me interested in this project by sending photos each step of the way, she also used my favorite color, blue!"
Diane hasn't been able to tat for a while due to a broken arm. Hope you're better soon, Diane and thank you to Laura for sending her a hippo!!!

The next hippo is from Inge-Lise and she says

"Ich have made a hippo. I am 51 Years and have tatted since I was 12. Living in Denmark. Hope you like it."
It's a super hippo, Inge-Lise. Thank you for sending it such a long way.

This next hippo has come all the way from Egypt. Wally Sosa sent him on his way to me. This is what she had to say!
"Aw... I forgot to send you my lil' Egyptian hippo. Here he is. I will play more with the pattern a little later and will try to make it more Egyptian. Lol"
Thanks Wally.

This next arrival is from Gale Marshall in Canada. Sadly the first time her hippo set out for the UK he got lost. Fortunately this time he arrived safely. This is what Gale says. " He's been pushing pennies so that I could watch the dollars! LOL" Thanks, Gale.

Number 98 is from Brigitte Nettles who said -
"Thank you so much for the Tat it and See tatting mystery! I worked along at a steady pace and finished my little Hippo the day after you posted the last part. It’s tatted with a Size 30 Star “Gem” mercerized crochet thread. For a while there I thought it was going to be a Rhino. I finally remembered to bring it to work with me today to get it scanned. My colleagues said it looks cute."

Next is number 99 from Anna in Poland. She said the following -
"I've taken part in your 'tat it and see' and I would like to show you my hippo. I've changed a little his head but I've noticed today that other people did the same with his hippos, so I've decided to send you a photo of my hippo too. I guessed that it would be a hippo on 7th day of project. :-)"

Number 100 has just come in from Emily Garland. She said.
"I have finally taken a photo of my hippo, frozen solid blue as you can see! ;) He has not even been able to twist his tail properly in this cold, and is waiting for a nice t-shirt or card to sit upon while he thaws."

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Marie said...

I ave one to add but he is traveling with me in
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