Friday, 31 January 2014


I will be out most of the morning in Warwick doing 'something' for the County Council.  Not sure what but it'll be interesting - I hope!!
So before I go I'll get as many of the overnight TIAS's done as I can.

First one in this morning is from Nikki who says this:-
"Here is my day 9! Its a ummmmm thingy! Yep thats my guess. Lol"

Next to arrive is Angela with her 'gang' of TIAS's!!!!  What stamina this lady's got!!!  She says:-
I finished and photographed these a while ago, but I almost forgot to send to you! OH NO! :) Anyway, here's a picture of my Day 9 progress.

I think Suzanne understands me rather too well!!!!  Here's her comment:-
"I've been quiet for the last two clues because I was truly stumped.  Fox's comment, and your response, gave me at least a glimmer of an idea: not religious.... but with a biblical connection....a ploughshare?!  (Isaiah 2:3-4)  (Not that I imagine you to be any more preoccupied with world peace than you are with religious matters - you are too much of a pragmatist for that)  Perhaps all will come clear in the next clue."
The only peace I'm interested in, Suzanne is in Tat Land!!!  I can do something about that but not in the rest of the world!!!!  

Now I have Claire's day 9 with her comment:-
"Hello Jane, and all TIAS participants, 
We are under the rain here in Victoria (Canada), and it seems that it will continue for the whole end of week. :(  But that will not stop me from going to a blues night on Friday (Blues On Pender): nothing better than live music to upbeat the mood. :)
Here is the picture of my day 9, and the related blog post. I still think it will be the second sail of a boat. 
Have a great weekend!

 Stephanie is next with her day 9.  She says:-
"Hi Jane!
With 2 sections, I must admit the TIAS is still a huge puzzle.  The pieces could fit together in so many ways....or not be connected at ALL.  
Still have no idea what this Whatzis is going to look like.
Have a lovely week.
Big hug!

Wonderful picture is next from TallyTatty who says in rhyme:-
"Dear Jane,
You kept us all in suspense
We were, therefore, very tense
But, when we use our common sense,
It’s just flowers on a fence!


I have Sarah's next along with her rhyming comment.  Thanks for the smile, too, Sarah.
"Hi Jane, It is 14 degrees F. here in Connecticut tonight but the sky is clear and star filled and lovely. The sunset tonight was glorious ..."red sky at night , sailor's delight"... temps are suppose to rise tomorrow. Hope all the tatters in the southern US are staying warm and safe during this cold snap, and all the tatters on the other side of the world who are dealing with the opposite extreme are baring up under the heat.
Sarah : )

On this cold winter night
It is a delight
To play with my shuttles and thread
The rings and the chains
As directed by Jane
Cause pictures to dance in my head."

Now I have Marla's day 9 to show you.  Good morning to you, too!!!  She says:-
"Good Morning Jane!
I get to mean it this time because by the time you get this it really will be a 'Good Morning' for you!  :))
Today the 'puzzlement' has grown just a small little bit and nothing clear has come to mind as to what it might be..... Marty has asked Sarah Sheep what she might think (sheep know all about threads and fibers and such you see)  Sarah doesn't have a clue what it could be, but she likes it an awful lot and thinks it should have much more PINK in it!
Marla "

The next in my inbox is from Bernice (B) who finds that work is conducive to tatting in some situations!!!  She says:-
"Fortunately Day 9 found me at the office so plenty of paperclips nearby to hold my SCMR and I tried the alternate closing, many twisted threads and then the right thread plucked and pulled and all closed up nicely.  Juggled a few shuttles and done.  I took the picture against the sunny sky that came out in the afternoon.  Just love the big blue sky here.
Best, Bernice"
We haven't seen blue sky like that for ages and ages, Bernice.

Firanghish hasn't tackled SCMR's for ages so a HUGE congratulations to you, Firanghish.  She says:-
"Hi! Jane,
This is the first time I did SCMR., for a long time wanted to try.
Here is Day 9 Assignment,
Thank you sooo..... much for giving us opportunity to practices different techniques.

Back home from Warwick and what I had been asked to do was very interesting.  First in this afternoon is from Grace who says:-
"Dear Jane,
Here’s my TIAS Day 9. I’m trying to guess what those vsp will join to, but nothing really comes to mind! Anyway, I will make a wild guess - a pair of boots!

Back again with her day 9 this time is Michelle who says:-
"Morning Jane. I have come to relise that I'm a bit out of practice with my tatting skills! This Tat it and see is bring me back up to speed though and I'm enjoying it fully! Well I have a busy day ahead of me and an even busier day Saturday. This is my husband's and mine birthday weekend as we are a year and a day apart in age. Happy tatting. :)

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