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Day 4 - TODAY

Here is the link for Day 4.

As usual I will put the link above this post too - just to make it easier to find if anybody new stumbles across this blog.

Good morning and welcome back!!!! It's only eight fifteen here so I've got time to add a few overnighters before day 4 goes live!!!!

Now the first day 4 in is from Austria and actually arrived yesterday evening.  I think the Dutch group got their day 4 early but that's not a problem.  Marieke says:-
"Hello jane,
This time day 4 coming from Austria. Also in my holiday i brought my tatting with me.
My husband said are you making a sailboat? It looks like a sail to me.
Well perhaps you are right i told him i do not know it yet. So waiting fot day 5,
With kind regards, Marieke from the Netherlands."

Next at the bottom of my inbox is from Connie who says:-
"Hi Jane, 
I am loving split rings!!!
Not sure what this could be - a archway to a beautiful garden - maybe...."

Star seems to think we're tatting - oh, I'll let her tell you!!!
"Curious as what creature you are having us make this year!"

Next in is from Denise who sends this comment along with her picture:-
"Hello Jane, 
I have no guesses today. Here is my day 3. I'm looking forward to the next section. 
Sent by my parrot."

Final one before I wander off for breakfast is from Lori who says:-
"Hi Jane
I have to say I have no clue as to what it is going to end up being.!  But I am haveing a blast doing it! Thanks!
Lori  ;~)"

Back from the library and the weekly 'Silver Surfers' session and I have a lovely full inbox.  First to arrive is Val who says:-
"I love the progress. It looks like the back of a King Penguin! ;-) Hugs."

Next in is from Geraldine who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Well still think a boat ,this is the sail. I'm ready four day five.
love Geraldine."

Now I have Frances's days 3 and 4 along with the following comment:-
"Good Morning Jane
I hope this day finds you well.
With a lot to do over the last couple of days I have forgotten to post day 3.  So here is day 3 and day 4.
Now as to a guess it may be a sail boat but it is unusual for you to give it away so soon.  Either way I hope it is a sail boat.
ps I live in Warwick which is a small country town of 12 000 to 15000
people, 180 km south west of Brisbane.
Frances S
Warwick, Australia"

Next into my in box is Isa and her little family who seem to get larger each day!!!  She says:-
"Jane here is my TIAS day 4.
I'm so excited and want to know the finally result of TIAS!
 I can not even guess, but it's very interesting that we on TIAS looking forward until the end ! :)
Have a nice TIAS's day!
Here with a cold day with -3 in this morning!"
They look cold, Isa!!!!

Now I have an absent minded tatter from here in the U.K.!!!  Oh, Sue, I know the feeling of 'where did I put that'!!!!  Here's what Sue has to say:-
"Hi Jane
Here's my day 4, shuttles are still attached at the moment because I've put my scissors somewhere and I can't remember where just at the moment!!
Now I know you don't agree with me but.... it's definitely half the roof of a Duck House!!! LOL
Off to find the scissors to ready myself for day 5!! and put this on my blog!!

Next in is Roelien with her day 3.  She says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my third day. I still have not any idea what it's going to be.
I hope tomorrow day four will come, because We are going to our youngest daughter for two days.
Many greetings
from the Netherlands"

Kristen seems to be still thinking of last month and Christmas!!!  Here's what she says:-
"Hello again, Jane!
Here is my Day 4--it's starting to take shape!
I think I still have Christmas on the brain (having celebrated it twice this year!), but today's progress reminds me of Mary kneeling in the nativity...somehow I doubt that's where you're going with this TIAS! :-D
Now where should I put this to make sure it doesn't get lost... :)

Now I have Sonja's day 4 along with her guess.  She says:-
"Hello Jane
Here my suggestion for the TIAS. I think it will be a sailing ship.
Sonja from a rainy Holland."

I think Ann-Sofie has just joined us so I'll say a big hello to her.  She says this:-
"Hi Jane!
Thank you so much for this new TIAS. It´s such great fun.  Could it be a church doorway or perhaps a church tower. I guess not. I am looking forward to day 5.
Kind regards
Ann-Sofie Sweden"

Next and back is Denise who says:-
"This was somewhat difficult but I finally got it and now I can do chains with rings :). I'm a little late with it because I'm finally posting on my blog and working on a rocking horse for my grandson to replace one I made with a dull blue thread, I started needle tatting it months ago and I actually had to think when I picked it up and started it, because I've been concentrating on the shuttle, BUT, what fun this really is, I am hooked, line and shuttle to shuttle tatting.:) lol
Denise Brant
Oh and my blog is ---- -----  I will be posting my progress with this TIAS on it today."

Now I have Emilia with both days 3 and 4.  She says:-
"Hello Jane,
I  have another two days completed and send them hereby. I had some difficulties with day 4. because I wasn’t paying attention I made a wrong connection. And I had to cut and start all over again. I hope it doesn’t show to much. I still have no clue but this part looks like a bonnet of someone. And I think that you are cheating what guessing concerns.
I still am enjoying this and am looking forward to day 5.
Till the next entry.
Emilia Netherlands"

Next in is from Firanghish.  What I find very interesting is the number of husbands/partners who get involved with the guessing!!!  Firanghish's husband is one of those very noble men who get involved too.
"Hi! Jane
Here's my Day 4 assignment. My husband think it can be a bird.
Waiting for day 5.

The next day 4 in is from Jenni 'down under' who had a mild panic but needn't have!!!  Here's her picture and comment:-
"Here it is.....hope it is right!

Now I've got Angela's day 4 to show you all.  She says:-
Here is a picture of my completed Day 4 projects. I guess I had messed up something royally in Day 3, because they just didn't look right, so I had to start them both all over again! Oh well, I'll just count it as tatting practice! :) Can't wait for Day 5!!

Next in is Wanda who (like we all do!) forgot to add her picture last time!!!  Bless your cotton socks, Wanda.  This is what she says:-
"Here's Day 4.  It doesn't look much like a paddlewheel now.  But I think it must be a whatsit instead of a critter or person, you have no beads for eyes! But it could be you are just being sneaky to throw us off (very possible!).
Still having fun with the TIAS in Kansas
ps - I added the attachment 1st this time!!"

Back again today is Roelien who's had a busy day playing catch up!!!  Here's her comment and picture of day 4.
"Hello Jane,
Here is my fourth day.I am very curious what is't going to be.
Now I have no idea at all.
Greetings Roelien"

Now back in is Susan with another little rhyme.  How do our poets do it?
"Hi Jane,
Day 4 is now all done,
and I'm having lots of fun!
Don't know what this tat might be
I'm just tatting happily! 
Hugs from Suz"

Next to arrive is Denise who popped in earlier with her first few days.  Now she's done day 4.  Her comment is as follows:-
"Hi Jane,
I can't believe I finished it.  I had to take it out several times (chains) but all in all I think I did pretty good .  Can't wait until Day 5 ! :)"

Last of this batch of emails is from Kelli who says:-
"Hello Jane,
My day 4 is attached. It looks rather like a skirt now. I'm putting together a blog post with each days photo. Too too entertaining.
My blog is here."
Off to read your blog post after I've added your picture, Kelli.

Next to pop in is Miranda with this comment and her photo too:-
"Hi Jane,
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that what we have here is a triangle. What that triangle is a part of all depends on how you rotate it. It could be an ice cream cone, a dunce cap, or a ski jump. But the final shape will no doubt be completely un-triangular, and I await the next instalment with bated breath.

Short and to the point is the next comment from Fox!!!!  Love it, Fox!!!!!

The very best thing about running the TIAS is the hilarious guesses that come in and Maria's is no exception!!!  Here it is along with her two pictures!!
"Howdy Jane :)
Hope your day went swimmingly well!  
Here is my day 4..... and what would you guess....?  Mr Gecko's hat has turned into a lovely Panama with flower hat band... to a dunce cap!!  Oh my!   He is a bit concerned that he has gotten in trouble for something or other.... but then, isn't that what geckos do?
He has a new friend, a baby Taffy Dragon (a bookmark too, of course)
Maybe that is where the trouble started..... you know how dragons can be... especially baby ones!
Marla "

Next to arrive is Claudia's day 4 which also includes days 1, 2 and 3.  I'll let her tell you all about it!!
Here is my TIAS 2014. I was so busy until now that I made Day 1 - 4 in one attempt to catch up with everybody. I took the first thread available, and started the rings, when I thought, wow, these rings are really small.... then I found out it was size 40. Never mind, finished with this, and now a second one with size 20. Both are Lizbeth, the small one number 100, the bigger one number 163.
No guess at the moment, but I have fun reading the others guesses..... 
Thank you for running another TIAS and I am looking forward for day 5
Claudia, Switzerland"

Now Frances has popped in with her day 4.  She seems a bit concerned but I can promise you, Frances - this looks perfect to me.
"Dear Jane
Here is my Day 4. I am not sure it looks quite right but I am feeling so tired today.
Frances UK"

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