Monday, 6 January 2014

Today's the day and the first few in.

Today's the day!!!  The start of the Tat It And See 2014. 

For those who missed the introduction - there's a link above this post.  That's where I'll be putting all further links as well as announcing them on this blog and my other blog which is here.

If you would kindly send pictures as jpg, gif or png format that will save me having to 'sort out' word docs and pdf's which I can't upload.  Thanks.

First in this morning is from Fiona in Australia who says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is day 1 from Melbourne Australia. 
Not sure yet what it could be...
Fiona (one mad tatter)"

Second in is from Jane.  Look at her shuttles.  LOVE the one with your name on, Jane.  Here's what she says:-
"Hi Jane, well, I've begun. Here's my day 1.(That rhymes, goodness).The thread is size 20 Coats."

Next in is Sue who lives here in the UK.  She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here's my contribution to day 1...
Rainbow Taffy on shuttles from something else, so I'm using them up!!  Enough thread to do them... Cant wait for Day 2!!  Now to blog about it!
I think it's a flower!!!  If it isn't it sure looks like one at the moment!!

The next day one is from Sunset who says:-
"Hi I'm Sunset from Valley Center, Kansas, USA. So excited about participating in this fun tatting game. Im using size 20 lizbeth thread in sea scape."

Next in is from Sonja who has taken part in the TIAS many times.  Here's what she has to day:-
"Hello Jane
Here I am again for the TIAS. I love it so much.
Here is my day 01.
Sonja from The Netherlands"

Heather has now popped in with her day 1.  This is her comment:-
"Good Morning Jane,
 Bad news toady... we are having an icy mess this morning :(  but the good news is I got to stay home and got day 1 completed! I am making a guess already, I think it may be someones foot... an alligator or frog ;) Hope you have a great day, Thanks for doing another TIAS. Heather."

I'm delighted to see Isabel back in my inbox this year.  Here is her day 1:-
"Hi Jane, here is my TIAS day 1.
Have a wonderful afternoon.
A big hug from me Isabel in south of Sweden!"

Now I have another friend in next.  It's Wanda who says:-
"Hi, Jane,
Here's my day 1 from cold and windy Kansas, USA.  Hmm, it's round....the tummy of a cute critter!  
Looking forward to all the guesses and comments that come with the TIAS.  Thanks so much for doing this again!

Next in is from Mary Beth  who says:-
"Here is my day one from Mary Beth in Fort Worth TX.  Follow my progress on my blog:"

Now I have Marie's day 1 and she says:-
"Thanks, Jane!!  I've been so excited about your TIAS, here is my blog link.
I tatted it in size 20, verrigated yellow crochet thread.
Thanks, Marie"

Next in is Miranda's work and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's my day 1, and a very lovely little violet it is, too.

Maria has sent in her day 1 and I think she must have been reading my regular blog posts as she says:-
"Well... this is a funny start to a Gecko!.... He must be smelling flowers. :)

WOW, another newbie taking part in this year's TIAS.  Hello, Claire and welcome aboard.  Here's what Claire has to say:-
"Hello Jane,
My name is Claire. I started tatting just a few months ago, and this is the first TIAS that I am participating to. Thanks for sharing one of your pattern and for all the hard work that goes into organizing such an event. 
Here is my TIAS day 1. I used some Lizbeth 'Sea green dark' in size 20. 
My guess? A lady riding a horse sidesaddle. ;)"
Claire's blog is here.

Next offering into my inbox is from Cheryl who says:-
"This is my second try. I misunderstood on the 2nd, 3rd, etc rings. I thought I was supposed to make another vsp. But I was supposed to attach it.
I’m happy I can tat again, as I have an infected finger and couldn’t even touch it for a few days. There’s a picture on my blog of my awful finger.
Decided I wouldn’t gross out your TIAS page.
I'm sorry to hear about the finger, Cheryl but relieved I can't see it on the TIAS blog.  BUT I'll be over to your blog to have a peak and offer my 'finger condolences'.

Again another welcome to a dear friend from over the pond.  Suzanne is back too and here's what she has to say:-
"Dear Jane,
Happy New Year!  It appears that an eleven month hiatus from tatting is not a valid excuse for failing to show up for the TIAS (wouldn't miss it for the world!).  Not only did I have the exact amount of thread required on the first shuttle that came to hand, but I actually remembered how to tat.  (Granted, there were a few tiny moments of head scratching as to the most recent ring closing method I had been using before I stopped tatting: a second half stitch after the final ds, to prevent it from rolling.  It remains to be seen if joining the second half of a split ring resurfaces as easily....:-D)

Whooopppeeee - another new TIAS participant.  Welcome to Sandi in Canada.  Here's what she has to say:-
"Sandi, from New Brunswick Canada
This is my first time doing something like this, I'm looking forward to learning something.
Thanks for doing this."

Next in is Andrea's day 1 and she says this:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my first day ... very dainty!  No guesses yet, but I am loving this Lizbeth 20s coral green!  It doesn't show up very well on this background ... but will take a little more time with my next photo.  Thanks for the fun! :)
Best wishes

Probably the last this evening - nearly my bedtime and this is from Monica.  She says:-
"Hi Jane.
Greetings from Columbia MD, USA. Here is my day 1 of the TIAS. I am excited to get to join in again this year. 
I am sending from my phone so please let me know if you have problems opening the photo.
Monica Braxton"

So it wasn't the last of the evening.  This is the last and it's from Marieke in The Netherlands.  She says:-
"Hello Jane,
 I also send this email to Riet (see below).
Just this evening i saw an email from Riet that the TIAS 2014 started.
I was tatting on the 6th pram (TIAS from 2013) and i have almost finished it. I picked up the shuttles and within seconds J the firt part was ready.
No clue to what this will become but I am looking forward tot he next part.
 Kind regards,


West Pine Creations said...

Finished day one. Unable to open your email link. Tatted it in size 20, variegated yellow crochet thread. Posted it on my blog. Thanks for all of the fun, Jane.

Jane Eborall said...

Can you send me the link to your blog, please West Pine Creations? My email address (in case you want it!) is love to Take out the spaces!!!

Jane Eborall said...

Can you send me the link to your blog, please West Pine Creations? My email address (in case you want it!) is love to Take out the spaces!!!