Friday, 24 January 2014

Day 7

Ready and waiting and RIGHT HERE is DAY 7!

First in my inbox after a good night's sleep is Coretta who sends the following message:-
"Oh it's un-characteristically cold and "dry" in Florida right now. My hands are very unhappy with such dry skin. I'm up late with the two year old who took a nap today and now will not go to sleep. Almost late enough to see you post day seven, but hopefully I will get some sleep tonight. :) I'm looking forward to tatting up day seven while icing my shoulder in physical therapy tomorrow morning. :)
-Coretta "

Next in is Monica with her day 2 and the following comment:-
"Hi Jane!
I am late, but I am playing!
I am being very disciplined and not looking ahead, I promise! So I am going to guess as I go.  My current idea is that it will be an elephant - the flower from day 1 is a decoration on its forhead. See, my imagination woke up!
Peace to you,

Next to arrive with both days 5 and 6 is Sheila who says:-
"Hello! Well, I missed a picot on Day 5, but didn't discover it until Day 6. :( It should be correct now; I asked my Dad if he had any guesses - he says it might be a butterfly...or not. I'm thinking dragon or dragonfly.

Well I haven't even got dressed yet or had breakfast but Claudia has kept me busy with her day 7.  That was FAST, Claudia.
"Good morning Jane
Here winter is back, when I got up, nothing, one hour later everything is covered with snow.
So here comes my Day 7, still no idea what it could be. It looks a little  bit confusing, that we didn't attach it yet to the first part, makes it more difficult to guess.
Have a nice day, and I am looking forward for Day 8, hopefully over the weeked?
Greetings from Switzerland
After this I'm going to start my day properly by getting dressed and having breakfast.  This next day 7 is from Fiona T who says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 7. No guesses...more confused really!
Also excited as my pop a bobbin arrived today. It couldn't wait to be opened and wound to start tatting. I was going to wait until my birthday in May to open it lol...
See you on day 8
Fiona T ("

Between hoovering and ironing I'm back to upload a few more starting with Nicole's day 5.  She says:-
"Dear Jane,
I got slightly behind, busy working and knitting. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up over the weekend!
Best wishes,
Wanda is next with her day 7.  She says:-
"Good morning Jane  Almost halfway there?  I still don't have any idea!  You keep putting picots on the outside which means somehow we'll be going around these or joining to something, but I can't see what. I'll check back after I get up and see if anyone else has figured this one out yet.
Tired but still having fun in Kansas,

Next to pop in is Sonja.  She's realised that I can be a bit devious with the TIAS's!!!
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 7. Looks like a garden, but I remember the hippo. So I don't know
Sonja from a nice weather Holland"

Jane has now sent in her day 7 too with the following comment:-
"Hi Jane, here's day 7, looking flowery, though that could be misleading!
Happy tats, Jane"

Well it looks like a lovely day in the south of Sweden but looks can be deceptive from what Isa and her family say:-
"Hi Jane send you TIAS day 7. From a very cold day here with minus 5 in this morning.
Isa in the south of Sweden.
Have a wonderful day :)"

Finally and before I go off to do the wretched ironing here is Angela's day 7.  This is what she has to say:-
 Just finished with my 5 Day 7s! Have a great day (and everyone else, too)!! :)

Next in is from Sue - the lady who insists we're tatting a plant pot for a duck house!!!  Here's her comment:-
"Out to confuse you today Jane... sending the photo from my phone! Still feeling wabbit with this cold and I've slept the most of the last 2 days! Here's my day 7 and I still say its a plant pot for the duck house!! Lol. So I hope you don't catch the lurgy from over the phone.

Arriving next is Claire who has this to say:-
"Good morning Jane,
Insomnia enables me to do the TIAS day 7 right away, but I will be going back to bed after posting this, with the hope of getting a few more hours of sleep before starting the day.
Now, this part makes it definitively different than the first one. It lets me wonder about what it could be. Thanks Jane for keeping us on our toes.
Have a great day everyone.
Claire (from Canada)"
Hope you sleep now, Claire.

My next arrival is Firanghish who seems a bit puzzled about what the TIAS will be!
"Hi!  Jane,
Here's  my day 7 assignment. I think will not be able to guess.
Have an enjoyable weekend.

Home again after a cup of tea (and sorting out a laptop!) with a dear neighbour and I find my inbox happily full again!!!  First in is from Muskaan who says:-
"Hello Jane
The "homework" steps are small & short but the wait for ensuing step is loo...oong;-)
But now the countdown has begun !
No guesses 'coz you did say that you've changed the TIAS to a bracelet pattern....
teehee ;-D

Now I have Sarah's day 7 along with her comment which is:-
"I think it may be an ice cream cone now.  Though why I am thinking about ice cream when it is 12 below outside is beyond me!
Sarah (xaviae on intatters)"
Now that's a great guess, Sarah.  I wonder!!!!

Next in is Marla who's gecko has now been joined by a newt!!!!  She has this to say:-
"Morning Jane, at least for me it is still morning, 8:40 to be exact! .... I can never get these time zone changes figured out!  
Well... after today's additions things are becoming more muddled rather than clearer!  Simon and Marty are very confused and don't know what to think so they have asked for the help of Mr. Newt (Newts are suppose to be very clear on EVERYTHING!   Mr Newt says that one thing is very clear for sure....... It is DEFINITELY a "Puzzlement"! 
Have a great 'Rest-of-the-day' however much more there is of it.... Looking forward to day 8!  :)
PS:  I remembered to add the attachment!  :)
Thanks for the attachment, Marla.  I won't tell you how often I forget to do them when writing to people!!!

Now I have Lesley with her day 7 and she says:-
"Dear Jane
Curiouser and curiouser, it’s getting curiouser and curiouser; but I’m sure it will be something tatful from Wonderland or should I say wonderful from Tatland?
With apologies to Lewis Carroll.
I'm sure Lewis Carroll would be flattered, actually, Lesley.

Next in is Grace.  She's a late starter who has very quickly caught up!!  She says:-
"Dear Jane,
I got a late start because I was away from home and I didn’t have access to the thread I wanted to use - Lizbeth Jelly Bean Size 20. Anyway, I have just caught up. Here’s my Day 7, and here’s a wild guess for you  - the Sydney Opera House! :-)

Anne is next to arrive in my inbox.  Thanks, Anne.  Here's her message and photo.
"I look forward to the new clues. This is such fun :)"

Now I have Miranda next and she certainly sounds confused!!!
"Well, Jane, this is a good one. Usually I can make some kind of guess, even if it's a completely silly one that I know can't possibly be right. But you have me truly stumped this time.

Next is Suz who has sent her comment in again in rhyme.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Hope the sun is shining today and all the rain has gone. 
The vortex is swirling, 
though it's not quite as cold.
So I'm inside tatting
With colours rather bold.
With needle and split rings
This surprise takes shape.
And now I am thinking
There's the legs of an ape!
Happy weekend, Jane!
Hugs from Suz"

Next into my inbox is Coretta and her son!!!  Coretta says:-
"Still cool and dry but warm enough to take the kids to the park. Here's day seven and my youngest enjoying the swings.


Melanie is next with her day 7 and a link to her blog too.
"Good morning-
I have no new guess. Maybe a canoe. No, that wouldn't work. Sigh! I can't wait for Day 8!!

Here is Fran's day 7 along with her comment:-
"Dear Jane
Here is my day 7. I think it is going to be a boot worn by the Ugly Sisters!
Fran UK"
Love the boot, Fran!!!

Now it's Michel's turn to join the blog post today.  She says:-
"Hi there
Well the wind has blown away my idea that this TIAS was a windmill!
I am back to day one.  I have no clue.  But then, that's the whole point of this game.
Humm, day 8 may help my brain start thinking another way.
See you later Jane."

Another very pretty picture and this one from Anne-Marie who says:-
"Hello Jane,
As it seems the snow is getting to our region, my version of whatzit to-day is this one,so to speak, nothing exact !
Wait and wait and wait and see, such must be our slogan.... 
Greetings .

Next in is from Caroline who has this to say:-
"Here is my day 7.  Was in the teens this morning but to be 45 by 4:00 pm today.  The weather sure cannot make up it's mind.  Then to be real cold again Monday.  If we laid the pieces the right way maybe we could figure out what you are trying to do.  Almost looks like a nativity scene.  Caroline H, Omaha, NE USA"
Yes it does look like a nativity scene - how interesting.

Patricia has just sent in her day 7 too.  She says:-
"I think it is beginning to look a little like a cart! This is fun!
Lizbeth thread, size 20, color # 111, cotton candy.
Patricia Lyn Cobb

Next in is from Kelli.  She says this:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my Day 7. I must admit to being truly stumped. 

The next message into my inbox is from Wendy.  Her comment is short and sweet!
"It is pretty but what is it??
Wendy x"
But, Wendy, do you really want the answer?  

Bay has dropped in next and has caught up with those who have done day 7 too.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
I fell a little behind but am all caught up now. The only guess I have is a rocket, with the little flowers at the bottom being flames. Now we just need to fill in the middle :)

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