Monday, 27 January 2014

Day 8

Good morning world!!!  Monday morning and what better way to start the day than with day 8 of the Tat It And See.  Links are here and on the normal blog which I would ask you to visit today to see some news I've put on there.

First in overnight is from Graciela who says:-
"Dear Jane,
As you know, here in Argentina is summer. I'm with my two doughters in vacation in a place named Córdoba (la Falda - Valle de Punilla) and having a very good time . I travel with all my tating stuffs of course And keep tatting your very funny TÍAS. Hope you are all rigth and i made the second part again with another color. I forgot the turkoíse thread :(
Wish you a good sunday!
Grace (aka: Graciela)"

Next in is from Lisa who was soooooo tired that all she can say is:-
"so tired, unsure what day it is!!!!!"
It's day 7, Lisa and you're bang up to date!!!!

Just a quick note now from Misty who says:-
"Hi Jane
Sorry, no photo, but I've finished up through day 6 of TIAS and just copied down Day 7.  This is fun!

Jeff is next in my inbox with his day 7 and the following comment:-
"Hi Jane!
Here is my completed day 7 part of the TIAS 2014. Looks flowery right now, but I'm sure that will change. No guesses yet.

A new joiner today has just arrived.  Welcome, Rose Anne.  Here are her days 1 to 4.
"Thank you Jane for once again using your expertise and providing us curious adventurous tatters with another "Tat It And See" session.  This will be my fourth event I'll be participating in but I'm a little behind - like only completed Day 4 and you'er well into Day 7 already.  Guess it's catch up time for me.  So here are the pics of Days 1 through 4 grouped together.  Hopefully I'll get caught up soon and follow the pattern correctly in future! 
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA"

Last of the overnight TIAS's is from Lori who simply says:-
"Day 7 done!! "

Less than an hour after day 8 went out I have Fiona's completed part of the TIAS!!!
"Hi Jane
Here is day 8. Still no guesses....curiouser and curiouser!
Fiona T (one mad tatter)"

Next in with her days up to 7 and then day 8 is Val who says:-
"Dear Jane,
It's looking very interesting now. I still think it's an animal, and it's 'growing' pretty big! Yes, I restarted from Day 1 just because...

Next in is from Nicole with her days 6 and 7 and two lovely pictures.  Love the idea on the second one, Nicole!!!!  She says:-
"Dear Jane,
Just in time for Day 8. Getting a good practice on joining the second side of a split ring!
Best wishes,

Now I have my good friend Geraldine's day 8.  She's been very busy but has managed to fit in the TIAS.  She says:-
"Good morning Jane,
Sorry have not been posting my T.I.A.S days,  have been working a lot and have a project on the go with a dead line.
Well this one is keeping us guessing , brain cell three has been working over time. I think my boat has sunk with it's flatish bottom. So my guess is a watering can. But we don't need to water the plant's there getting enough from heaven above."

Next in is from Claudia.  She says she's late but I think she's early with her day 8!!!
"Good morning Jane
Today I am a little bit late... :-)), but monday morning, and the office is calling. But in the break I took the chance to tat day 8. Still no idea, but I like the guess from somebody else to tat a 3D motif, it might be a church.
Have a nice week and greetings from Switzerland

Now I have Jane with this message:-
"Hi Jane,  here's day 8. Thanks for pointing out the tricky bits! Happy
tats, Jane"

Isa from Sweden is the next into my inbox on this busy Monday morning.  She says:-
"Dear Jane here TIAS day 8, plenty of snow today in south of Sweden.
Have a nice day, big hug.

Finally before I wander off for lunch is this wonderful submission from KF with a great guess.
"Hi Jane:
I made it back from Thailand just in time for Day 8, so here are my photos for the past two days. Right now I'm seeing windmills...maybe we're making a lovely farm scene? :)
I wonder - it could be a windmill, I suppose!!!!

Next in and first this afternoon is from Sonja who says:-
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 8. Still no idea what it will be. You keep it long time secret, but that’s part of the fun.
Sonja from a cold, wet, and sunshine day in Holland with sometimes hail and storm (brrrr)"
Sounds like my part of England, Sonja!!!

Lesley has managed to get her day 8 done.  What I like is her attitude towards housework - a woman after my own heart!!!
"Dear Jane
Managed to fit in my Day 8 between my weekly bit of housework and lunch.
Still thinking along the lines of something mobile and driveable, but could be motoring up a cul-de-sac!
All the best

It's the duck mad Sue again with her comment and picture!!!
"Hi Jane
Here's my contribution to the 8th bit.... and it STILL looks like flowers in a pot for the duck house for McVroom!!! LOL
Will blog when I get back from school"

Next to arrive is Maria who has sent in this delightful picture with her day 8:-
"GoodDay Jane, hope your rain stops soon!
I jumped out of bed and being excited for day 8 I rushed to print the pattern out and grab my shuttles  :)  Everyone was excitedly gathered to see what new clues might be revealed so I jumped right in and quickly tatted it up..... but being a MONDAY morning... and beings as I hadn't bothered to get dressed or get breakfast.... and even though I wasn't fully awake but being so sure of myself.... I messed up the first join only to discover it after I had finished and realized something was amiss.... 
My first thought was to grab the scissors... but no, as punishment for my reckless haste, I decided to untat it to the beginning and start over.....Needless to say some pretty strong language flew with my frustration and as Geckos and Newts have pretty delecate ears they soon left me to carry on my own... all except Stevie Ott(er).  As everyone knows, Otters are very tenatious and he was quite helpful with his encouragement..... so, all is well once again and I have learned my lesson (I hope!) Until next time  :)"

Wanda has just sent in her day 8 with this comment too:-
"Hello, Jane. Oh, man, this still doesn't help to figure out what it is! A thingamabob? A whatsit? Maybe I'm just not turning them the right way?  Now I'll go read what others are thinking, maybe they have a clue.
Wanda in Kansas"

Now I have Muskaan's day 8 with her comment which follows:-
"Hello Jane :-)
Pic of  Day 8 assignment. Can't wager any guess, hence am going to be content with playing along & letting the enigma unravel itself ;-)
I forgot how to make the CWJ - hahaha ! Had to look it up again, but did the Lj instead.
Hope you have a bright rain-free day soon too :-)

Oh dear, Shakespeare's bones are quaking in his tomb now he's heard this rhyme - he knows he's got competition as a poet.  Well, they would if he could hear!!!  Seriously I truly admire anybody who can make up rhymes but to do it in a 'foreign language' which English is to Chantal is truly clever which is what I've said to her before this one arrived too.  Here's her rhyme and superb picture:-
"Hello, Jane,

A triangle with one daisy,
Looks quite crazy!
Two daisies in a square,
Raise my hair.
What will be next?
I am totally perplexed!!!!!!!!!"

Next to arrive is Miranda's day 8 and the following comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's day 8, and it seems that we are now working on a square or rectangle to go with our triangle. But what does it all mean???

Now my next visitor is Melanie who has also sent in her day 8.  She says:-
"Good morning-
I've started my week out with a smile. Tatting Day 8 of the TIAS 2014. Life is good!
I have no guess, but when I looked at the scanner's first pass, I decided it reminded me of a diamond shaped something.
Thank you for the smile!

Next to arrive is Wendy who thinks she knows what it is!!!
"They look like two little people dancing lol
Wendy x"

Now I have Roelien's day 8 with her comment too:-
"Hello Jane,
This time I am quickly. I had very much cross-stitch to du , but that's ready now .
I still have no idea what it is going to be. Could it be springflowers??
Many greetings,

Next to arrive is Caroline who says:-
"Well, I am hibernating again.  The temps are below 0 but the sun is shinning and that is great.  Wednesday is to be a little warmer.  Thankfully that is my shopping day.
Caroline H"

Nikki is next into my inbox - she says:-
"Here are my days 7 and 8 still no guesses yet :-)"

Jo has just arrived with her day 8 and this comment:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 8.  Still no guess as to what it is.  Had trouble with the tension on the first sides of my split rings today, but that's only 2 split rings out of lots so that's not too bad ;).
Jo from the UK"

I now have a picture from Anne which is here.

Finally today I have Kelli's day 8 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 8. I think its time to update the blog with my TIAS 5-8.
Kelli in Oregon"

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