Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tuesday's TIAS offerings!

First in this morning has come from India and a new lady called Muskaan.  She says:-
"Hello Jane :-)
I'm Muskaan, from Delhi, India. This is my very first attempt at TIAS & I'm already enjoying it - I like how one is tatting along with others from all over the world !
I only came to know of this year's TIAS on Day 3 of the pattern. And when I saw what techniques will be employed, I Immediately decided to join in. I've never done SRs, SCMRs, Catherine Wheel Joins, etc. & this seemed to be the perfect foil to get out of my comfort zone, especially with you to kindly guide us if necessary :-)"
PS : At present, I think it is the profile of a shark & we've just completed the upper jaw & eye ; but I'm sure there will be many corrections under way ...
Well, Muskaan, you've certainly got the hang of the SR's already!

Next to arrive is Martha's along with her comments too:-
"Dear Jane,
Here is my day 2 & 3 together.  I did 2 on Saturday night, but had one of those addicted to Netflix nights so I never got around to turning on the scanner.  At least it wasn't a total loss since I was sewing motifs on quilt squares while I watched.  Still not done, the sewing is taking longer than the tatting I think."
The quilt squares, by the way, are to help fund raise for scholarships for Palmetto Tat Days.  Please contact me if you want further information and can offer help on this.
Next in is Kristen's day 3 and she has this to say:-
"Hi Jane:
Here is my Day 3 offering...I think it is safe to say that the helicopter idea out, so I'm stumped again! This is a good exercise in imagination! :)
Looking forward to Day 4...

Now I have Fiona's contribution to day 3's folder on my system!!!
"Hi Jane
Here is day 3, I am thinking it could be the leg of a critter-perhaps even an elephant.
Thanks Fiona T - one mad tatter"

Next in is from umintsuru who says:-
"Dear Jane,
Now looking at everyone's photos of the TIAS, I wished I had used a variegated thread. It looks much more interesting. I am guessing it is part of a princess skirt. See how its evolving It will be something else after Day 4. In Singapore we are preparing for the lunar new year, hence the background being a store catalogue.
Have a great day, Jane.

Now I have Bay's day 3 with this comment:-
"Hi Jane
Here is day three,
You've got me stumped now,
Not sure what this could be....

Next to pop in is Michelle with her day 3 and she says:-
"Is it a giant ski slope!!!!   I have snow on the brain because my husband is out snow plowing.  Last night the weather was calling for a half inch.  I woke up at 3am to let the dog outside and there was 3 - 4 inches!!!!   So, I had to go wake my husband up & at that time, he was already behind!!  Anyways,  after taking him to work,  I sat down to tat day 3 & here's my olympic ski slope!! Hehehe!!!"

Now I have another Michelle which only confuses an OG!!!  Here are Michelle's days 1 and 2 along with her comment:-
"Hi Jane . Hope all is well there today.
i scanned these into my main computer as the pictures i took on the tablet were lost so i don't have a day 1 .  I am using Altan Baskin thread (hope my spelling is correct) it say 50 on it but it's the same as size 20. Varigated blue, green and white. i also started a second one in egyptian cotton yellow size 20 and will scan it as i go.
Michele Waite"

Judy has sent in a comment but hasn't managed to get her - well, I'll let her tell you:-
"I tatted it but didn't have my scanner hooked up yet so couldn't send it.   I will try to catch up with you.   So far I see a flower   :-)
No problem, Judy.  We can wait.

Another new joiner here and it's Fox who has now joined in the fun and frustration!!!  HEre's her comment:-
"Okay, okay, so I do NOT like to miss out on the fun. Here I am, all caught up with King Kong's headband...

Next in is from Judy who has just sent in her day 1.  Welcome, Judy, good to meet you.  Here's her comment:-
"I tatted it but didn't have my scanner hooked up yet so couldn't send it.   I will try to catch up with you.   So far I see a flower   :-)

Now I can show you Denise's days 2 and 3 as she has just sent them in.  Here they are:-
"No idea yet.
Denise Royal
Ravelry ID - wickedcrochetlady"

This may well be the last one before bedtime and it comes from Elizabeth who has just joined us.  Here is what she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Just to let you know I was participating.  Would not even attempt to guess what this will be.
Mobile, Al."
What a pretty picture, Elizabeth.

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