Thursday, 9 January 2014

Day 2 has arrived.

It's NEVER too late to join in so if you haven't started yet - please think about it!!!

First in this morning with another day 1 is from an anonymous sender!!!  Thanks anyway whoever you are!!!  This is the comment that came with it:-
"so far so good."
Later today and I now have a name for anonymous - it's Gillian.  Thanks again, Gillian.

Next in with her day 1 is Denise B who says:-
"Hi Jane, well it's a little late but I got it finished, it is my first tatting of something besides for practice, I'm feeling more relaxed now with my shuttles.  I am so happy I bought these shuttles to learn with. 
Denise Brant, Tonawanda,NY"

Now I have Jenn's day 1 along with her comment:-
"I am so excited to join in my first TIAS and have no idea what it will be yet .  I'm using Lizbeth Magenta Dk.  Thanks Jane.  Looking forward to Day 2.
Jenn from Brisbane"

So, first in with her day 2 is Joanie who says:-
"Here is Day 2! BUT it didn't turn like your diagram does!!! What did I do wrong??? SR8 looks like the problem. Will it be OK?"
Good question, Joanie.  The answer is 'yes it will be'.  For anybody else concerned the whole piece will become the shape shown later on.  I'm not telling you anymore than that!!!!  Here's Joanie's picture.

Just back from an enormous grocery shop so here are the next day two's that have come in.  Day 1 finishers are also welcome at any time!!!
Frances is back this time with day 2:-
"Good morning Jane here is my day 2.
no guesses yet looking forward to day 3
Frances S
I always smile when I see she lives in or near Warwick as our county town is called Warwick too and is about eight miles from me.

Next in is my rabbiting friend, Maureen with both days 1 and 2 and who has this to say:-
"Every year I start the TIAS and Just know that it's going to be a rabbit - and it never is! So this time I thought I would get the rabbitting out of the way at once - here is Day one and Day Two. Still no printer, and I won't be able to work at night with the light shining on the computer screen as it was - bad for my head. Next week, the printer will be repaired! I'm using Anchor Mercer which is really my very favourite thread of all."

Now I have Kristen's day 2 and she says:-
"Hi Jane:
Well, you can see that my Day 2 isn't turning quite like the diagram you so helpfully included, so I hope that doesn't come back to haunt me later. :) 
Also I'm very proud that I managed to complete ring 6 successfully on the first try! :)
My guess is...the propeller on the tail f a helicopter. Why not? :-D
Kristen in Vladivostok"
I must add here that I do enjoy reading all Kristen's travel adventures as she moves around.  Worth reading her blog.

Next to pop in is Fiona with her day 2 and her comment as follows:-
"Here is my day 2 attached! No guesses could be a waving hand?
Fiona T- one mad tatter blog."

Now I've got Isa's day 2 to show you.  I'm not sure which of the pictures Isa wanted me to show but I think it's worth showing you all of them.  I had to smile when I saw the picture of the box wrapped like a present.  Isa always makes me smile with her pictures.  Here is her comment:-
"Hi Jane here me Isabel with TIAS day 2
I send you my work :)   Raining day today here in south of Sweden. 
Have a wonderful day !"

Last one in at the moment is from Sue who I'm sincerely worried about.  Just cause her surname has 'duck' in it I think she's been taken over by ducks!!!  Well, least her brain!!!  This is her comment followed by her picture:-
"Hi Jane
Here's my day 2 and I am now sure it's a ducks foot!! LOL"

I shouldn't have said that was the last for now as just as I'd finished Sue's then Jane's came into my inbox!!!  She says:-
"Hi Jane, here's day 2. Clever how those split rings turn corners!"

Now it's Sonja's turn to arrive in the inbox with her day 2.  She says:-
"Hello Jane
 Here is my day 2 from a cold and very windy holland. No day to go out for fun, so many time to tat."

Just back from a windy but pleasant walk and a bit of a paddle through the parts of the paths that were still under water.  The river is falling fast, though.  
So, next two pictures are from Lisa who says:-
"here is my submission.  My browser is goofy and will not allow me to directly work with whatever email is in the directions (this may be it, I'm not sure).  But I found this in your google profile, so I hope it works.  If there is another email that I should use, please reply from that to @gmail,com and I will save it for future use.  I'm excited as this is my first TIAS.  I work 12 hour shifts at night as a nurse, so I may lose a few days here and there, but hopefully catch back up when I have days off!  See my attached submission...
I will work on Day 2 here in a bit and submit as soon as it is done
Lisa Hartmann
North Vernon, Indiana"

Next person in with day 2 is Sunset who says:-
"Sunset here from valley center, kansas, usa. Had to get day 2 done first thing this morning. Have a great day!"

Now my next visitor is Suz who says:-
"Hi Jane. Here's my day 2. Please excuse the extra end....I had a dreaded knot in my thread (argh) that I couldn't tonk, so I had to cut and add more........I hate when that happens!
My guess is a circus clown holding a helium!
This is fun. Thank you!
 Hugs from Suz"

Next in is Lisa who tells me she's got the opposite weather to ours!!!  She says:-
"It is a toasty 14 degrees F (not sure what that is celcius)  but it sure beats the -20 from the other day!  Here is day 2, see attached.  I had to restart the whole thing....I made an error, tried to correct, and the thread broke.  Trying to read a pattern after working is not the best idea, but so far, I think it looks pretty okay for me being so new.  Take care,

Now I have Tally Tatty's day 2 and she says:-
"Dear Jane,
This morning while lying in bed,
Misgivings came into my head.
I thought with some stress
About TIAS,…
But now,… my face brightly shines: bling, bling,
I climbed out of a daisy with a neat split ring!!

Next to drop in is Miranda who says:-
"Hi Jane,
 Here's day 2. I don't have any real ideas yet, but I do like the suggestion somebody had that it could be the foot, and now leg, of some sort of reptile or amphibian.

Now if you go up to almost the top of this post (it's the picture with a red and green shuttle) you'll see a picture and comment from Sue DUCKLES about ducks.  Well here's a follow up comment from her after I told her she was mad!!!
"Well you see miss it's like this.... your town nearly flooded, our village nearly flooded,... there's been a lot of rain....I'm a little less than a duck.... now that's 3 'water related' things!! Why shouldn't I think of fluffy ducks...?  Anyway, I had another look this morning after I'd written and I've decided it's a ducks bill chewing a daisy!  Or it could be an eider.... down.... So there!!!  (Sticks tongue out and runs away giggling madly....)
Does anybody have a telephone number for the men in white coats?

Just look who's popped in now - Wanda.  Hi, Wanda.  Do check her blog too - there's always something interesting going on there.  Here's her comment and her picture:-
"Good day, Jane
Day 2 complete!  Now it looks like a pinwheel whirligig! 
Now off to read everyone else's guesses :-)
Wanda in Kansas

Now I have Maria who has sent in her day 2.  I'm a bit worried about Maria, though.  She appears to have a gecko fixation - must be following my regular blog, poor soul.  Here's what she says:-
"Here is day 2 and what it looks like is a  fine little flower in a box!  It will make a wonderful little gift for Mr. Gecko!  :)

Now I have a junkie of the very, very nicest kind.  Here's Suzanne's comment and picture:-
"Dear Jane,
I suspect that the level of acute pleasure that I derive from forming the second side of a split ring is not normal: a butterfly flutter in the solar plexus while making the unflipped stitches; followed by a big grin, as I pull the core thread to close the ring.  Even after several years of tatting, the pleasure never diminishes.  Indeed, the split ring has to be my favorite element in tatting.  Your patterns usually contain quite a few of them, so I am endlessly entertained.  Doesn't take much, does it?  :-D  It appears that we are starting work on a comet, or perhaps a galaxy...."A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."
Looking forward to the next instalment....and MORE split rings.
The split ring junkie: Suzanne"

Now Nicola B has dropped in with her comment and picture.  Here's what she says:-
"Dear Jane,
Well here's my contribution so far on day 2!  I was busy with tatting before Christmas with ornaments and such for gifts and was unsure what to start this new year.  Along came the TIAS, and I thought why not.  I've always seen and admired others' works previously when participating, but hadn't been brave enough to take part myself.  I'm tatting this in Lizbeth 20, shade: Mountain Breeze - I really hope I can see it through until the end.
Best Regards,
Nicola Bowersox"
I hope you can make it to the end too, Nicola.

Next in my inbox is Bernice who says:-
"Morning Jane,
Cool here, just above freezing and I jumped out of bed to get Day 2 done before I get dressed and the days chores start to call me.  I go back to the office next week. I am using Lizbeth color 136 size 40.  Whew, I’ve only done about 10 split rings and five of them are here. Looks like the arm or foot of something.
Well, Bernice, you'll soon be joining Suzanne as a split ring junkie!!!

I'm always so impressed when people send in their work using English as their second language.  I used to speak French when I was younger but BC3 has long given up on it.  Anne-Marie from France speaks such good English that it makes me ashamed.  Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hello Jane, It's incredible!  Immediately after waking up, i Turn on computer to see last news of Tias!!!!!
Still no idea  for this guess.You keep very well  secret.....I wish you a good day
Anne-Marie. Torcy- FRANCE"

Now I have Bettina's days 1 and 2 together.  Here's her comment too:-
"Hello Jane
Day 1 and 2 at the same time, had to go hunting for my camera that I hadn´t unpacked from the move (november).
Regarding the drawing for day 2, I think that you´ve missed a picot on ring 8.
Regards from the south of Sweden
Bettina Karlsson"
Yes, Bettina, you are right about the missing picot - both Riet and I missed it!!!  I changed the picture earlier when somebody else pointed it out!!!

Now it's time for Kelli's comment and picture.  The weather in America has been so bad so we hear, that I'm surprised anybody has taken part in the TIAS from over the pond.
"Hello Jane,
My day 2 clue is finished. It has been awhile since I tackled split rings, but it all came back. I am guessing a gecko today. Seems like a cute foot and leg right now.

Now here's a pretty picture from Jo.  She seems to be thinking of Spring with all the butterflies.  
"Hi Jane
I forgot to take a picture of day 1 so here is my day 2 together with a load of butterflies and other bits.  Most of the pink bits will be sent to a friend who has just had a baby girl.
Jo in the UK"

Now we have a real artist with a great imagination!!!  Andrea sent in her comment and picture - here they are:-
"Hi Jane,
it seemed like an age waiting for day 2, but I don't know how you find the time to do any of this anyhow!  Well, here is my attempt ... I think there are pretty poor gaps in between my rings, but will keep going and do it again later!  I enjoy split rings now that I have got used to them.  I think it's obvious what my first guess is ... and if I'm right then the colour is perfect ...such fun! 
Thanks again
Andrea x"

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