Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thursday and lots more!!!

Good morning Tat Land.  I've got quite a few more in my inbox this morning so you'll have to bear with me while I update this blog.  I will have to have breaks to get dressed, eat breakfast and go grocery shopping but I'll get them all on there during the morning!!!!

First in this morning is from Wendy who lives 'down south' here in the U.K.  She says:-
"Could be a section of a skirt 
Wendy x"

Next to arrive is from Bernice who sends in days 3 and 4.  Here's her comment:-
"Tat it And See  day 3 & 4  an angel?  Bernice Odom"

Now I have a very in depth guess (probably the right one too) from Suzanne who has worked it all out.  She says:-
"Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogroves,
And the mome raths outgrabe."
Without a doubt, we are working on a slithy tove!  Don't you just love the notion of a critter that is "something like badgers - they're something like lizards - and they're something like corkscrews."... "also they make their nests under sun-dials - also they live on cheese."  At least that is Humpty Dumpty's take on it.  When in need of answers to life's really important questions, I know I can rely on Lewis Carroll.  John Tenniel's delicious engravings are the icing on the cake!"

Another good guess is in now.  However do you people think them up?  When I did Sherry's TIAS in September I hadn't a clue!!!  Anyway here's Helene's answer to the puzzle:-
"Hi Jane,
I finally know what we are tatting .... It will be a windmill !  This is just one of the blades and I'm sure you are concerned about the necessity of having green energy. 
So this is my guess, that is until day 5, when the wind will just blow the thread another way, and then I won't know what it is.
Thanks Jane for keeping us on the game.

Finally before breakfast I have Sarah's little rhyme and picture:-
"Please let it be
A ship to sail across the sea.

Perhaps it's the pennant atop the mast
Which lets us know whose yacht has passed.

Sarah : )"

Breakfast and shopping done and I'm back in the 'driving seat' again!!!

This time it's the turn of Anne who sent in this picture.

Now Lyn from Australia is next to pop in.  Hope you're not too hot down there, Lyn.  She sends in days 3 and 4 with the following comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Here are my days 1, 2, 3 & 4 photos. I'm not very happy as the tip on one of my shuttles broke off ! It was passed on to me by an elderly lady and had done a lot of work never mind, at least the shuttle shill works.
Thanks Lyn from west aust."

Now I LOVE this little drawing - so cute.  It's from Cheryl who says:-
"Day 4. Well...maybe a birdie wing.  Confused smile. Cheryl"

Quite the opposite sort of guess now from Lori!!!!  She says:-
"Woo hoo !! I have been able to keep up! Yeah!
Maybe it will be a rat? Hehe what we just finished could be his noise? Hahaha
I am kidding, I still have no clue!
Lori  ;~)"

Now I have Claire's day four with what appears to be a shark attack happening.  Oh, no, sorry - they're clippers!!!  Here's her comment:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 4 and the link to the related post on my blog.
I agree with others who said it will be a sail boat. Too bad that it's not related to horses. ;)
Have a great day.

Next in is from Bernice B who says:-
"Too tired to deal with the ends. It appears to be a nice elf cap and was lonely being set aside so I have let it sit with some other WIPs until needed.
Bernice B"

From the hottest place on the earth at the moment comes Fiona's day 4.  She says:-
"Hi Jane
As another 40 degree C day ends in Melbourne, the thunder and rain is setting in- still very hot and will be humid tomorrow and 44 again! Ick. Here is my day 4 work... I think I should have used red and white thread as it reminds me of a santa hat. Not thinking this is an elephant any more, unless he's wearing a jaunty hat. Lol.
Fiona (one mad tatter)"

Another very amusing picture and comment comes in now from Nicole!!!
"Dear Jane,
You have given me a hard time with Day 4. Or better put it this way: I've given myself a hard time! I accidentally joined ring 15 to ring 2 instead of ring 3. Of course I only found out much later, after struggling again with the CWJ. And then there was a cut and tie! I'll do almost anything to avoid them, as they never turn out the way I want them to. Always afraid they might come loose as well.
However, I am glad to know we're working on a gnome! :-)
And I really enjoy the poems, the rabbit picture, the Swedish gathering of all the dolls etc. Keep up the good work!

The pictures this morning are amazing and the next one has just made us both smile.  It's from Chantal who says:-
"A gecko with ambition, in  a vision once I saw.
It was an Abyssinian  lizard
And all it wished for, was a wizard.
What can I do
for you?
the  doctor asked the little lass
‘All I want’, replied the critter, is to swim in cool Loch Ness!

TallyTatty (free after Coleridge)"
What an imagination!!!!  I'm sure this is EXACTLY what the Loch Ness monster looks like!!!!

Finally before lunch I have Lesley's day 4 along with her lovely new shuttles - which I recognise!!!  I've seen those somewhere before, Lesley!!!!!
"Hello Jane
Here is my Day 4 with my two brand-new shuttles ready for their maiden voyage into Day 5. Talking of voyages, could we now have the sail of a yacht? We might have to consult Ben Ainsley on that! ;)Regards

Back after my daily walk and I've found Helen's day 4 in my inbox!!  She says:-
"Hello Jane,
here is Day 4. Could it be the long skirt of a lady seen en profile?
Is it by the way good to have another colour for the next part?
Thanks for the fun.
Bye Helen"
No, Helen, stay with the same colour for the next part and then change to something else for the final part.  Well, that's what I think.  A skirt of many colours!!!!

Next to pop in is Anne-Marie who says:-
"Hello Jane,
This "Day 4" was a little more difficult than previous for me. After lock join with R1, why does my chain not become round? It stands upright,as a "I" ! I had to do again! For guess, i am more and more ignorant, my first days' idea  of dancer's evening-dress doesn't seem present to-day.
Afternoon already  being advanced, and weather so dull, I wish you a good evening.
Anne-Marie, France"
You will have to wait and see Anne-Marie - the chains are that way because ........!

Denise is back again with her day 4 and she's not got a lot to say, really!!
"Here ya go.
Denise Royal
Ravelry ID - wickedcrochetlady"

Marty's back now having done hers all over again!!!  She says:-
"Ta-Da!  I've redone mine.  I started using plain pink, but it looked decidedly grubby after I had to retro-tat one of the center rings, then I got the thread in a tangle last night and gave up on the miserable bit of thread.  This one is RainbowSplash -- just what I need to make a thingywhatsit.  I'm certain that's what color thingywhatsits are.
NATA #832"
That's an excellent guess, Marty - a thingywhatsit.  I'll go with that!!!

Just popped in is Caroline who says:-
"Well, I did not put my garbage out today as with winds 60 + miles an hour I figured it would get to you before they picked it up.  Will  hope next week the weather is better and not a lot of wind.  With the temperature of 28 the wind chill will be awful.  Feel sorry for the kids walking to and from school.  As I have worked with the pattern I have seen a nice pair of earrings in Day 2 and Day 4.  Maybe that is what we are making.  A pair of earrings.  My picture isn't quite as nice this time.  Sorry!     Caroline  Omaha Nebraska USA"
I do hope it starts to get less windy for you - brrrrrrrrrr.

Next to arrive is Sandra's day 4 along with her comment:-
"Day 4 done I'm not totally pleased with my tatting but this is a learning experience."
It looks as if it's going to be fine, Sandra.  I can't see how you can expect a perfect piece when you don't even know what you're making.  One of the next parts of this !$@D£^ will pull it all into shape.

Szilvia is the next in my inbox with her day 4.  Sorry, Szilvia I missed out the T & C on the instructions.  The CTM is mentioned on day 1 and the introduction but I didn't remember to put it on day 4.  Naughty Jane!!!!
"Hi Jane,
done the 4 day as well. To do this, it was limited my English. T & C and CTM
(continuous thread method) did not understand. Sue helped, he explained.
Budapest, Hungary"

I don't have a name for the next great drawing which is a shame.  Still, no matter as I have a comment with it too:-
"Here is my day 4.  I think perhaps a lovely swan is in order?
I drew this painting with Paint Joy on my Android phone:)"

Next in is Sarah who's sent in her days 3 and 4 with the following comment:-
"I have day 3 and 4, I got behind a little but all caught up today. I liked everybody's guesses very creative pictures too. I have no guess of my own its very exciting getting to tat it up. Happy tatting!"

Final offering in today as I'm off to bed in a minute.  This is from Stephanie who has a brilliant idea on how 'not to lose' this part of the TIAS!!!  Here's her advice:-
"HI Jane!
I'm sending my Day 4 tatted Whatzit.  It occurred to me that it COULD be a person or a critter if it's a back view (no beads, therefore no eyeballs, right?). 
Could be a lady in a big poofy skirt....and we're just seeing one part of the skirt so far.....  Could be part of a whale's tail and most of the other part of the whale is underwater....  However I'll stick with my tatted Whatzit for now. 
The paper clip needs a bit of explanation:  I was afraid I'd put it in a 'good, safe place' where I'd 'know where to find it when I need it again' and never see the thing again.  So I did something brilliant - I slipped a paper clip onto one of the picots and the tatted bit of 'Whatzit' will hang from a magnetic 'needle keeper' I keep stuck to the metal cabinet in tatting corner - right next to my favorite tatting chair.  (Someone please remind me where my Whatzit triangle is when I need it....even in plain sight, I will not be able to remember where I put it when the time comes to use it.  Sometimes the best 'hiding places' are in plain sight, it seems.)
Was so eager for Day 4 that I nearly printed out the Dutch directions to see if I could figure it out.  Figured there would have to be some sort of online translator that gave me at least a HINT of what it was saying....  ;-)
Have a terrific week!
Big hug!

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