Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday's selection of day 1 and 2

Good morning world!!!  As usual I will start at the bottom of my inbox and work my way up!!  This may take a while as it appears my inbox is rather full!!  Please bear with me.

First in this morning is from Fran here in the UK.  Her comment and picture are below:-
"Dear Jane
Here is my Day 2 in Marilee Rockley's Sugar Maple hdt.I am having trouble with joining to the second half of a split ring but have printed off your instructions which are very clear. Hopefully we shall have plenty of practice!  
No ideas what it might be at this early stage. Thank you so much for running a TIAS again this year.Fran UK"
Here's the link if anybody else should want/need it. 

Next in is from Bernice who has this to say:-
"Day 1 Tat it and See
No  guess.  Bernice"
Thanks, Bernice.

Oooooh, great - another new arrival with her day 1.  This was sent in by Monica on behalf of Graciela in Argentina:-
"Hello Jane!
We have a new tatter in Argentina! Her name is Graciela, and she is following the TIAS with her handmade shuttles. She sent me the picture because I am teaching her, but she would love to have it on the page too. I am sending this mail to both of you so you hae each others mails.
I myself am a bit behind - but I will go ahead and start now!
Peace to you,
Thank you for taking all this trouble, Monica and I look forward to seeing yours when you have time.

Next in is Helene with her day 2.  Her comment follows along with her picture:-
"It's nice to come home from work to this guessing game.  Could it be a flower picket fence?
Have to wait and see.
See you later Jane.
Hélène, Québec"

Finally before I go and have breakfast - here's day 2 from Firanghish who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's my Day 2 assignment. Hope it is correct. Please let me know in case there is some mistake.
Best wishes and regards,
- Firanghish Gai"
Looks GREAT to me, Firanghish.

Back again between breakfast and going down the town!!!!
This time I have a message and picture from Sarah who says:-
"Hello Jane,
A new skill acquired today - Split ring! Yay! I decided to make 2 for extra practice.  It is pouring here which makes me think it is the inside workings of an umbrella.
Well done, Sarah - another technique mastered.

Now I have another Sarah - this time it's Sarah S who says (very rudely!!!!) the following:-
"It's a pleasure to sit by the fireside and work on a pattern with tatters world wide.
I am grateful to that charming "old git" in the UK who provides this game for us to play.
Thanks for the giggle and I'm SO glad you've got the title right 'old git'!!!!!

Now I have Jennie next who's sending in day 1 and 2 combined.  She says:-
"Sorry it's a bit late, but here's my days one and two.

Next in is from Tatterjil who seems to have bikes on the mind!!!!  She says:-
"Hi Jane, here is a photo of my TIAS days 1 and 2. I flipped it upside down to show how it must be a bicycle! So far there is one wheel and the bar along the top on which the seat goes. I'm looking forward to the handlebars!

Now I have a very pretty picture complete with a lovely edging in her own hand dyed threads and a gorgeous shuttle from Monica.  She says:-
"Good morning Jane,
Here is my day 2. I'm going to hold my guess for now. You are far too crafty for me to even venture where this is going. I know those little vsps on the last 3 rings are going to be used for something. Hum. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Oh, I forgot on day 1 to tell you that I'm using size 20 thread that I've hand dyed myself.
Monica Braxton"

Next to arrive is from Coretta who has this to tell us:-
"Tatted up today's piece while my husband played with his slot car track and we chatted about his work.
I forgot, maybe because it's just black to tell what thread I was using. Lizbeth size 20 Black. :)
My husband said it could be a goat with a bow. I told him we already did a goat. He then said it could be a Christmas Tree. I vote a robot. "

Connie has now sent in her days 1 and 2 with this comment:-
"Hi Jane!  First time for TIAS!! Love it and can't wait for day 3 - I don't know why was scared to try split rings.
Could it be a basket of flowers and we have done the first flower??
Thanks Jane for being creative and wanting others to have fun too!!!

Now you can't beat these two pictures.  I showed them to Nick and he asked 'is that what they call eye candy'?  You are just a hoot, Nicole.  Here's her comment too:-
"Dear Jane,
Something quite strange happened to me yesterday. I couldn't wait for Day 2 to arrive, so although I had to work, I downloaded the instructions to my phone. An hour or so later, I allowed myself a sneak peek and there it was... Day 3. Wait a minute, DAY 3? It's only Day 2! I tried to download the file again, and this time I did get Day 2. Very confused about that. Don't worry though, my lips are sealed:-)
To make matters worse, I'm not sure I made the join to the first ring correctly. I used to know how it can be done, but apparently I forgot. I studied your techniques page, but still... Well, I did make some kind of join in the end, so that'll have to do for now.
Best wishes,
Well the old git here had a bit of a brain problem (my computer was being a pain, actually) and I did paste the wrong link so it wasn't you that was the problem - it was meeeee!!!!

Just before I disappear to get lunch - here's Lesley's day two along with her comment:-
"Dear Jane
Here is my Day 2 picture. I managed to split and pull my thread when doing a join so had to start again. L At least we hadn’t got to day umpteen, and it will keep my BCs focused in future; since I’m more used to using thread sizes 80 to 100 I will have to remember how thick the thread is when pulling it through the picot. No guesses yet, apart from anticipating Day 3 to be a reversal of Day 2 and a join to R5 –  something floral comes to mind?

Emillia is next in with her days 1 & 2.  Here's her comment and her photo too:-
"Hi Jane,
Lovely to see that you started a new tias this year. I had a slow start this year but hereby is my contribution from day 1 and 2.
I am not so clever with guessing. But I love to participate.
With kind regards,
Emilia from the Netherlands"

Finally in this blogging session I have Michelle who says:-
"Hi jane! Had 2 start over because I had an unwanted intruder in my 7th ring. My string got a knot in it, and it wasn't a ds either!  So I started over and am now using a rainbow thread.  Can't wait for day 3!!!! Knottymichellestatting! !!!!"
Such a pretty thread, Michelle.

Next in now I'm back home again is from Heather who says:-
"Morning Jane, here is my day #2. Thanks Heather."

Now I have a picture and comment from Caroline to show you.  She says:-
"Here is day 2.  I thought of blocking the pieces to make them look right but decided against that as I know they will look right as we add more.  We are having warmer weather but no sun so still not a nice day.  Maybe our TIAS will bring better weather.
Caroline H"

Next in is from Szylvia who says:-
"Hi Jane,
I started again, it was not a good thread.
What a shame you had to start again but it's looking great now.

Cheryl is back after having had a problem with her thread.  That's a shame, Cheryl.  Here's the story of her mishap:-
"Well, this is my third restart. I had two bobbins filled with the same thread, so I knotted them together and set to tatting.
When I went to make the 6th split ring my knot came apart and all that was left was a tiny thread that I couldn’t retie. That’s why the colors have
changed on my flower. Oh well, not a problem. I eagerly await the next step.
I did mention to start CTM, Cheryl although I rarely take my own advice on that!!!  Glad you've got under way again, though.

Next in is from Sandra who has sent in her day 2.  Great to know that this is another tatter who has managed to do split rings for the first time too.  Here's her comment:-
"The split rings need some practise but these are the first split rings I've done. Second day and I've learned to do split rings. So excited to learn more."

Now I have Claire's picture and comment along with a link to her blog too:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is a picture of my TIAS day 2, and the link to the related blog post
Greetings from Canada.  

Next to pop in is Wendy from 'down the road' in the UK.  She says:-
"Thanks for organising this.  Looks like a bent lolly
Wendy x"

Last one today as I'm off to bed.  This is from Anne who sends in her picture.

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Coming in from London Ontario...hope it is something springy...we have had so much snow and cold lately...maybe by the end I will have figured out how to post the pic.