Saturday, 11 January 2014

Two announcements and more days coming in

Two things to tell/remind you of today.
First is that Day 3 will be out tomorrow morning.  Thank you to those who have kept quiet about my 'bad day' on Thursday when my main computer was having a meltdown!!!  Neither Nick or I could understand what was causing it and it took him most of the day to sort it out, bless his cotton socks.  During that time I accidentally copied day 3 link into my announcement post!!!  I was told by a tatter about it so quickly fired up the laptop and sorted it.  Things can only get better, can't they?

Also today I need to remind you that there are a few shuttles (see this post) that will be going into the Etsy shop later today.  The link to the shop is here.

I think Sunday is going to be a very busy day with blogging day 3's and any others that come in and sorting and packing shuttles too!!!  No mischief for me tomorrow!!!

First in today is from Bernice who simply says:-
"Day 2 of Tat It and See.....Bernice"

Now I have Denise's picture and comment - she says:-
"Here is my day two. The only thing I see besides a flower is perhaps a tail with a fuzzy tuft on the end. Maybe something out of a Dr. Seuss book.
Have a good weekend!"

Next I'm delighted to welcome Hsing Chian from Taiwan who says:-
"Hi Jane,
This is Hsing Chian from Taiwan! I am joining TIAS 2014!
I think your TIAS idea is fantastic, especially for those in countries with limited resources. Hopefully I can learn to tat better by following this group.
Here is a picture of my Day 1 and 2, no idea what it would become! Please do let me know details and things that I can improve.
Thanks again.
Hsing Chian"

Another lovely surprise has just popped in with a new joiner - Angela.  She's sent in her days 1 and 2.  I was so pleased to see one of the Pop A Bobbin Shuttles on this picture too.  More to come later, Angela!!!!
Sorry I'm a bit behind. This is my first TIAS and I'm so excited!! I don't have any guesses yet as to what we're making, though. Anyway, here are my Day 1 and Day 2 pics. Can't wait for Day 3! Thanks so much for hosting this!

Just back from a long walk on a lovely sunny day for once!!!  First in on this session is from Monica who says:-
"Hey, I'm in too! a bit late, but will catch up eventually - or just have fun being behind.
For day 1 my guess is - this looks like a flower! :-P My imagination is soooooooo active this morning!!!
Thanks again for this game, Jane."
What beautiful shuttles you've got there, Monica.  WOW.

Next in is from Helen who has sent in a link to her blog too.  That's where I'll be visiting next - the blogs I follow!!!!  She says:-
"Glad that the portions of tatting are not too big. This way I can keep up. I really don't know what it is. Perhaps a spinning wheel?
Looking forward to the next bit.
Greetings Helen
The link to my blog is here.

Now I have a message and three photos from Angela who says:-
"Thank you!
This is all so much fun, I just had to start another one! Here are the Day 1 and Day 2 pics of the new one as well as a picture of the two together. I'm using 2 different sizes of thread, so it's kind of neat to see the difference between them.
Yes, Angela, that's going to be very interesting to see the difference between each of the - oooooops, nearly said what it's going to be then!!!!

My next email for the TIAS is from Mary Beth who says:-
"I guess I'd better get day two in to you before day three comes out.  I don't want to fall behind.  So far, it's a beautiful "wach-a-ma-call-it."  Can't wait for day three.
Mary Beth from Fort Worth TX."

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