Tuesday, 7 January 2014

More Day 1 now in!!!

First in this morning is from Helene who says:-
"Hi again Jane,
It is so much fun to come home from work to participate in your TIAS.  This is so much fun.
My guess: the start of a magic wand .... or could it be a flower ... or ... for now it could be just about anything, and I do like the alligator paws.
I am using no. 20 Coats Opera color no. 519
See you on day 2!
Hélène from Québec, Canada"

Next in this morning is from Denise who says:-
"First Day
Denise Royal

Now I have Amanda's day one and she says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is Day 1 from Washington State, USA.  I'm using a mystery (no label) thread, for a mystery pattern.  Could it be a fan?

Next in is from Kelli who is joining us this year.  She says:-
"Hello Ms. Eborall,
I've never done a mystery tat along and decided to join in this year.  I started with Lizbeth 20 in color 185.
Kelli in Oregon"

Back after breakfast, folks!!!

Right, body clothe, porridge eaten, shopping done so now I'm back with more day 1's.
Now this next lass is unbelievable.  Just look at her perfect tension and then read what she says:-
"Hi Jane, 
My name is Sarah. I started needle tatting a couple of months ago and shuttle tatting last week. I'm looking forward to this TIAS and learning some new skills.  Thank you for doing this!  I will have a better quality of pictures soon and am looking forward to some shuttles arriving in the mail, but since I couldn't wait to get started, I made some out of old plastic cards. They work pretty well. This is my day 1 a little yellow flower. My thread is inherited and mostly unlabelled.  I thought it was size 20, but once I got going it seemed smaller... Maybe 30."

Another newcomer to the TIAS and this is what she says:-
"First time participant, though I've watched along before. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Now a returning 'gamer'!!!!  This one is always fun to open as I never know what rhyme she's going to come up with - along with the tatting!!!!
Sarah says:-
"Hi Jane, Here is day one and the first rhyme.  I don't know if I can keep the rhyming going throughout but that is part of the fun... to see how long I can keep it up! 
Thanks for doing this it is always such fun.     Sarah from CT in USA

Another TIAS has begun
and I am joining in the fun.
I’ve chosen my thread 
I’m ready for the surprises ahead.

This next pretty picture and comment comes from Firanghish who says:-
"Hi! Jane
Here's my contribution. I think it is snowflake."

Next in my inbox is from Coretta who says:-
"Tatted on my flight from Utah to Florida going home from vacation. I live where other people vacation. :)"

This next one is a really cheerful and colourful picture from Nacole.  She says:-
"Hello it's Nacole from Texas and here is my first attempt. It's my second tatting project. I plan on doing two, a needle and a shuttle. I can only do one tonight, this is the needle. 
I still think it's a clown!  It's the flower for his hat! ;)
Or maybe it's an artistic impression of my eyes. :) yes that's it!"

Now I have umintsuru who says this:-
"Good morning Jane.
Happy New Year.
Is it a strawberry? 
I should have used pink.
Again another cheerful picture for a dull winter's day.

Next in is from Kristen who's sent in her photo along with this comment:-
"Hi Jane! Here is my TIAS day 1 photo! No guesses yet, but so far, so good, I think :).  I'm also putting the photos on my blog! :)
Have a good one!

Another new person now joins the TIAS.  Welcome, Szilvia.  Here's her comment and photo:-
"Hi Jane,
this is my first TIAS game. New game, new shuttle, new thread.
This is a Turkish thread, there are many beautiful colors.  I bought one to try. 
Budapest, Hungary"
Pretty, pretty shuttles.

Next in is a nervous sounding Diane who says:-
"Good morning, Jane!
Here's hoping I can keep up this year! Split rings, SCMRs... I'm sure you'll keep me on my toes and teach me some wonderful new skills! Thanks for the challenge!"

Next in is from Jenni who says:-
"Yay....got in from day one!!
Thanks for all the work you do for this Jane. You are wonderful..!!"

Now I think Nicole has got stars in her eyes!!!  What a pretty picture.  Here it is along with her comment:-
"Dear Jane,
So excited to tat along with you again. My second TIAS!
Kind regards,

Next to arrive in my inbox is day one from Susan who says:-
"Hi Jane,
I'm a day late, but here's my day 1 photo and I'm off to check out day 2. I'm needle tatting with Lizbeth size 40 in colour 122. This is my first TIAS, and I'm looking forward to lots of fun!
Hugs from Suz"

Now my next message is from Joanie - my dear friend who puts up with me when I'm in America.   She said this:-
"Is my picture ok or is it one that needs something done to it?
Looks like you are off to a good start! : )
It's fine, Joanie.  All I needed to do was just crop it.  That's easy to do.  It's when pictures come in as part of a Word document that it takes time to sort.  Keep it up and I'll be a happy bunny!!!

Now I have another picture AND a rhyme too.  This is from Tally Tatty who says:-
"Hi, Jane,
 This is Tally Tatty from Antwerp, Belgium.  I hope that this wee flower will turn into a sea creature.
As a was tatting, I also thought about a rhyme:
There was a dear lady called Jane
Who invented a difficult game
She called it no less
Which is why we’re all tatting the same!"
Great rhyme, Tally Tatty.  Thanks.

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