Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday's pictures and comments

Unbelievable - no rain yet so far today!!!

First in this morning is from Connie who has sent her pictures of days 4 and 5 together.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Finished day 4 & 5 today -- could it be like others have guessed - a sailboat?  Could it be a skier, day 4 finished his hat?
Hope you are staying dry on your walks!
Thanks the challenge!

Now I have Bernice's day 5 with her comment and I apologise for all the SR's, Bernice but it does give you a good practice doing them!!!!
Rethinking my choice of thread size and all these SR.  I really should have known as I've completed a Jane Eborall pattern before. Anyway, here is Day 5. No guesses today.

Next is from Miranda with her day 5.  Her comment is:-
"Hi Jane,
I had a bit of a busy day today and didn't get to the TIAS till evening, which means you're already in bed. Anyway, here's day 5, and I have no idea what it might be. This segment seems to have some similar shapes to the previous one, but coming at it from a different direction. But since I don't know what the first segment is either, I really can't make any guesses about these shapes.

Now I have Sarah with yet another rhyme.  My brain doesn't work like hers so I really admire all you poets out there.
"Hi Jane, Humm could this be the beginning of the mainsail for the yacht the R.M.S. Eborall?  Has a nice ring to it don't you think? : )  Have a lovely day.

I’m not sure yet
But I”m placing my bet
That this tatting trip
Will turn into a sailing ship"

Next in is from Michele who has got her daughter involved too.  Well done.
"Hi Jane. here are my day 5 tias. wanted to let you know that my daughter is tatting your lesson 4 the 4 ring butterfly :) it nice to see her tatting and when she gets suck and can't figure why the ring won't close she comes to me last after exhausting out troubleshooting
it herself.

Now I have Coretta's day 5 with the following comment:-
"This time I used Lizbeth burgundy thread size 20 and the wood shuttle my husband picked up for me and my handmade ceramic shuttle it makes an adorable sound. :)
-Coretta "
What a pretty ceramic shuttle, Coretta.  The wooden one is classy too.

Back after breakfast!!!!

Back for the next few in from overnight and first thing this morning.  First of all I have Claire's and her comment with a link to her blog too:-
"Hello Jane,
Attached is the picture of my day 5 and the related post on my blog. Will it be a sail boat, an orca, or something else? I guess we will discover that in the near future. ;)
Have a great Sunday.

Next in are two pictures from Jane McLellan who has sent in her days four and five.  She says about day 4:-
" Hi Jane, day 4 done a bit tardily. A pixie hat? Probably not. Happy tats,
and then says about day 5"-
"Hi Jane, here's day 5, rather close up! Happy tats, Jane"

Next to pop in is Sue D who says:-
"Hi Jane
Finally!!!! Got a pic of what I made yesterday after lunch in the pub!!  Phones going flat are NOT allowed when tatting!!!  My day 5 is attached along with a mat from one of those little books I bought the other day.  I've been tatting that in between the 'duck house roof'!!! LOL
They're also off on me blog shortly!"

Whooopeeee and a BIG welcome to Barbara who has just joined us all.  Here are her first three days (2 and 3 combined) along with her comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Thank you again for hosting your mystery tat.  This is my first time joining in and getting a late start, to boot.  Though some of the techniques will be new for me, this will be a lot of fun.  I'm going to guess that it's a constellation in the winter sky.
I'm using Lizbeth's Tropical Punch in Size 20."

Now I have a message and picture from Patricia along with her day 4.  She says:-
"This is Lizbeth, size 20, color 111, Cotton Candy.  From Oklahoma, USA
Patricia Lyn Cobb
My blog is here."
Just arrived is day 5 from Lesley along with her comment which follows:-
"Dear Jane
Day 5 now completed.
Still thinking on the lines of a yacht or sailing boat, although haven’t ruled out some other form of transport. Perhaps a Tatmobile

Next to arrive is Wanda with her day 5.  She has this to say:-
"Hi Jane!
Finally got Day 5 done.  We had a very busy day yesterday so I didn't get to it until this morning. Mine has temporary antenna due to breaking the thread on ring 5. I don't have any guesses today.
Wanda in Kansas"

Now I have Susan back with her day five and her rhyming comment below:-
"Hi Jane! It's a grey Sunday here, but I do have TIAS to brighten it up!
Day 5 has come and gone, and so
Another little tat to show.
On lace she sits so prettily
Though I've no idea what she will be!

Thanks for all the fun!
Hugs from Suz"

When I see Tally-Tatty's emails in my inbox I start to smile.  When I open them I laugh out loud and that becomes a real chortle when I see the picture and see the comment!!!
"Greeting Mylady!

My Dear lady Jane,
Day 5 and 1 look somewhat the same!
After baby George’s buggy last year,
We are now tatting Nessie as she appears.
We make the 3 visible bumps
When  to the surface of the loch, she jumps.
With your tatting you honor the UK
Every part of it, and tat’s OK

Now I'm pleased to announce the arrival of Roelien who has sent in her day 5.  She says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 5. I still have no idea what ist shall be.
But I'm already looking forward to the next day.
I saw that the water in your town is going away again? 
Hopefully  it does not come back. Did you have also water in your home?
Many greetings,
Yes it's going away again, Roelien and we won't get it in our home unless the whole of England floods!!!  We live a few metres up from the river.  On a small hill, I think you would call it.

Next in is Suzanne who is still studying Lewis Carroll (one of my favourite authors) and she says:-
"So perhaps it is not a slithy tove after all.  Just now, the shape is more suggestive of the White Queen, with her sceptre.
Looking forward to the next clue; when all will become mud!"

Mud, Suzanne?  I can give you plenty of mud from around my home!!!

Now I have Fox who knows the answer to the TIAS 2014.  BUT - is she right?  I don't know!!!
"Obviously. Most obviously.

Next to arrive is Helene who says:-
"Hi Jane,
I did it again, tatted day 5 yesterday and forgot to send it out to you.  So here it is, I think it may be another blade for the windmill.  We are doing it another way though, clever you! Truly, I don't know what we are tatting, it may be as some say a sailboat, it may be a windmill and it may be .... well we will find out, just have to be patient.
Can't wait for day 6 

Sandra still has no idea what this is going to be.  She says:-
"Still no guesses so stumped."

Next to arrive is Lisa's picture.  Love the thread, Lisa.

Well I can only agree with Denise who says:-
"So very curious what this is gonna be.
Denise Royal"
I'd like to know too, Denise!!!

Next in is Julie with a tale of woe.  She says:-
"Hello Jane!
Here are the photos of my day 4 and 5.
I had to restart since the very beginning, since I went to fast and didn't read the instructions correctly, I made a big mistake !  And I didn't have to switch shuttles to go on with shuttle 2, don't know why!!!
No idea of what it could be !
Thanks ^_^"

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