Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thursday 23rd

Another day and another inbox full of wonderful pictures and comments.  First, though, tomorrow will be day 7.

Top of the list (and bottom of my inbox because it's first in) is from Andrea who says:-
"HI Jane,
Here is my Day 6. You are really testing my brain cells with this one ... 2 lots of drawings abandoned after completing day 6!! ;)
I am feeling a little better today thanks, but no guesses as it has been my 3rd grandson's 4th birthday today .. so we had to go party!!!
Best wishes
That age group's parties are the BEST.  

Now all the way from Canada is Jeff who says:-
"Hi Jane!
Here are my progress pics for days 5 and 6. No idea yet what we are tatting.

Next is Umintsuru who sends in such a colourful picture and says:-
"Dear Jane,
Here is Day 6. Background is another shopping mall flyer. Thought it be a nice and bright.  Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog post,

Jennie has arrived now with her days 5 and 6.  Her comment follows:-
"Here's my days 5 and 6.  This is a great mystery to figure out!

Next is Bettina from Sweden who says:-
"Good morning Jane
My day 6 of the TIAS.
Have a nice day (everyone)
From the South of Sweden

Next in is from Caroline who made me shiver with her temperatures.  She says:-
"Here is Day 6.  Sorry for the photo quality.  It is to be 20 - 30 degrees below 0 in the morning.  A lot of the rural schools are starting late.  Sure glad I got my shopping done today and also filled up with gas.  It is to be in the 40s by the weekend.  The temperature has sure not been very consistent this winter.  Caroline H"

Owls seem to become the 'order of the day' for Sarah!!!  Love this picture along with the beads for eyes!!!!
"Hi Jane.  
Now I know!!! It's a Great Horned Owl!!!
Sarah from Canada"

Next to arrive is Barbara who is guessing well at the moment.  Now I'm not saying if she's right or not!!!
"Hi Jane,
Here's my Day 6.  I'm sure getting a workout making split rings.  I can see differences in size despite the SR's having the same number of ds' and picots. They can only get better, right?
I'm still thinking that the TIAS is part of the solar system; this is a comet, and the other piece is part of a constellation :-)
Having lots of fun!

Back again with Helen who has sent in her days 5 and 6 combined.  That's such a pretty thread, Helen.
"Hello Jane,
was away for the weekend, so a bit later my results from day 5 and 6.  And because  I was in a hurry I had to untat a part! Well tatting should be relaxing, so I learnt my lesson.
Bye Helen"

Next in is Connie who thinks she's made a mistake.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Finished day 6 but when joining to ring 1 - I think I missed a step on day 5 ;( My guess has changed drastically this morning. I think now we have gone to a zoo or to the circus - part 1 is an elephant with his trunk curled up over his head and part 2 is a lion (or at least everyone else's looks that way. Lol!
Hope everyone has a beautiful day!
From what I can see on the picture, Connie, it looks OK to me!!

Martha (in a hurry!) has just sent in her day 6 with the following comment:-
"Well, if this were going to be Lady Liberty per my last guess, she must be growing arms of Popeye proportions. Must think again.
Must run and get ready for work,

Next in is Suzanne who has sent in her drawing as well as a comment.  This is what she says:-
"It is YOU! - windsurfing in the Santa Barbara Channel.  Roll on Day 7!"
Day 7 is tomorrow, Suzanne so not long to wait!!!

Yet another fantastic picture and this time it's from Chantal who has sent in her day 6.  Oh, along with a rhyme too - there's talent:-
"Hi Jane,
I am so sorry for all of us
This is not a Nessie-saurus!
I have a better idea,
As you can see.
Rotor blades being an important factor,
No doubt, it will be a helicopter!!
Did something wrong on day six,
Tomorrow, there will be a fix."

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