Monday, 13 January 2014

More in this morning!

First in today is from Wanda who says:-
"Hello Jane!  For Day 3 it looks like the pinwheel has fallen in the water.  Maybe it's a paddlewheel! (my guess might have something to do with the color of the thread...)
If it was a pinwheel it would spinning pretty fast here today, the wind is at 23 mph.
Wanda in Kansas, USA"

Second in this morning is from Eve who says:-
"I am new to this. And loving it impatiently.  Love seeing all the shuttles too.  I included the shuttle I got from your Etsy shop a couple month ago.  Lovely shuttle to work with.   I worked with it so much the first two days I had it I got very sore thumb and had to lay off tatting for a while.  Not been doing much tatting last few years anyway other than teaching  people that it really is not that hard to do.  Eve in Mn.
Blog link
Flickr account"

Next in this morning is from Sheila who has sent a brief but welcome message:-
"My third day work completed, can't wait for fourth day."

Caroline has sent in her day 3 too.  Here's her comment and picture:-
"Here is Day 3.  It was nice and warm today but to get colder now.  I struggled with the right side tatting.  When I lost track of the stitches I had to take them all out and start over.  I am determined to stick with it though.
Caroline Hill                Omaha, NE    USA"

Now I have a day 2 from Lori who must be feeling patriotic as she says:-
" here is day 2 for me!
Lori :-)"

Off for breakfast, chores and to the Post Office - back later!!!

 Well, breakfast eaten and it's a bit early to go to the Post Office so I'm adding one or three more before I go.   This next one is from Grace who sends  in a funny picture - I love the funny ones!!!!
"Hi Jane!
--Im so excited!!! I'm new in this Tias and I'm learning with Monica how to tat !
There's my third day. Hope its correct... I have no clue about what it would be, but it so funny to do!
thank you for your comments about my shuttles. Here in Argentina There's no plastic shuttles, only metalic ones and they are very heavy.
See you next Tias day!
Best to you!
Grace "

Now I have Jennifer's day 3 and she says:-
"Here's my day 3.  I'm wondering if it's an animal, and the flower is it's eye.  The rest could be its snout."

Next to arrive (still working from the bottom upwards on my inbox!!) is another Bernice who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Bernice from Calgary Canada here. Getting ready to return to work after a few weeks away but picked up the shuttles for the TIAS.  Enjoying all the posts from around the world.

Now back on another visit with a new rhyme is Sarah.  How DO you guys think up these things?  Here it is with her picture too:-
"Hi Jane, here is day three and my feeble attempt at a limerick. Have a happy day : )

There’s a clever “old git” in UK
With shuttles and thread she does play
She sends us all clues
That come from her muse
and we happily join her soiree."
Wonderful rhyme!!!!  Thanks from the OG.

Now I have Coretta's day 3 too.  She's got elephants on her brain.  Great guess, Coretta - it could be!
"I could see this growing into an elephant."

Next in is Monica with such a pretty thread - think I've said that before.  Still, here's her comment and her picture.
"Hi Jane.
Here is my Day 3. I am not sure where you are going with this one, but I'm intrigued. I can't wait til Day 4 to see what is next.
Have a wonderful tatting day.
Monica Braxton in Columbia, MD"

From elephants to other animals - the guesses are now coming in!!!  This is from Firanghish who says:-
"Hi! Jane
Here's my Day 3 assignment. I think its a cat or a dog.

That's it - I've caught up with the overnighters so I'm REALLY off out now.  Back later, I hope!

Back again and nearly lunchtime!!  First in now is from Roelien who is sending in both days 1 and 2.
"Hello Jane,
Here are my first two days of the Tias. My third is also ready, but  that one I send you tomorrow.
Many greetings,
Roelien Moesker
The Netherlands"

Next to arrive is from Helene who forgot to send hers in yesterday!!  Here's her comment:-
"Hi Jane,
I tatted day three yesterday and forgot to send it.  So here it is. As to what it will be, I'll just have to tat it and see.  I have no idea.
Hélène, Québec"

Now I have Nikki's day 3 along with her comment here:-
"My day 3... still working on my cwj thanks for teaching me this on the last tias it is really nicer then a regular lj!"

Next is Lesley again with her day 3.  Here's her comment too:-
"Dear Jane
Here is my Day 3. I’ve changed my mind about it being something floral and have to say I haven’t a clue! Waiting impatiently for the next instalment.

What a lovely busy day!!  Next in is from Kajsa who says she doesn't know what it is!! Here's her comment:-
"I have no clue what this might be, but here's my progress so far."

Next to pop in is Cheryl who seems to have overcome her 'bad start'.  Cheryl I have days like that too!!!
"At last I’m on a roll and no redos. No idea what it is yet, but it sure is fun.

Now I've got Dale Marie's first three days.  She's just joined us - welcome.
"Good morning Jane. I have been along for the ride this year, but am just now getting round to posting my submissions to this years TIAS. I have done up two varieties keep myself busy, but also just to see which I prefer. For now its the blue. Love those colors!! As to guesses...bit early I suppose. So far it looks a bit like the front end of a train...but also a bit like a bell. I do love guessing, but I am never right. Haha!! On with day four...
~Dale Marie"

Next to come in with her day three is Helen who has a great idea of what it could be.  I'll let her tell you:-
"Hello Jane,
here I am again with Day 3 of the TIAS. Don't know what it will be, but my wild guess for now is a lion!
Greetings Helen"

Just arrived - Stephanie with days 1, 2 and 3.  She says:-
"For the TIAS people:
I know what it is!  For sure, I know what it is!'s either a Whatzit or it's a UFO (unidentifiable fun object).  Maybe both.  But I know for sure what it is!  Here's my multicolored Whatzit, tatted in Perfect Quilter 17-wt, color 'volcano.'  (roughly equal to a size 80 thread.) 
Thanks so much for this game, Jane!  It's such fun!
Sorry to spoil the secret and tell everyone what it is already.... 
Big hug!

Probably the last one today is from Andrea who says:-
"Hi Jane, here is my day 3 ... a little late as we have had 2 family occasions this weekend (a 10th birthday party for one of our nieces and our darling granddaughter Millie Rose was baptised) so have been a tad busy. Sorry no further guesses as my brain won't work today ;)  I do like this colour though :)

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