Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 5

Good morning, world. 
Here is the link for Day 5 of the TIAS 2014. 

There is plenty of time to start from the beginning if you've only just found the TIAS.  Links above this post will give you the introduction and all five days. 

We're not yet halfway through yet so let the fun continue!!!!

First in with her day 4 is Sarah who has just finished in time for day 5!!!!
I finally caught up and took pictures! It's looking like a Dalek to me. :) The thread I am using is Lizbeth Falling Leaves.

Next in my over night inbox is from Mary Beth who has this to say:-
"Dear Jane,
Here is my day 4 TIAS.  At this point I'm guessing a fire hydrant.  Am I right???
Mary Beth
Fort Worth TX"

First of the day 5's is now in within half an hour!!!  Fiona - were you sitting there waiting for it?!?!?
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 5-not the best photo. I am enjoying reading everyones guesses. It has finally cooled down in Melbourne, we got to 24 today, we spent time in our garden trying to salvage part of our veggie patch - 5 days of 40+ was just too much for many of our lettuces. :(
Until day 6
Fiona T (one mad tatter)"

Right - back from breakfast and before I brave yet more rain to go and get Nick's paper.
This time I have Claudia's photo.  Last time she forgot to attach her day 4 and sent it in later saying she shouldn't drink a glass of wine before sending messages.  I explained that two glasses would probably help her to NOT forget to attach her pictures!!!  Don't you hate it when you forget to attach?  I do it all the time!  Here's her comment:-
"Good morning Jane
I think, it is a little bit too early to drink two glasses of wine.... so the picture should be attached. :-))  Tomorrow I will have some guests for dinner, so cleaning up and out of my apartment, going for grocery shopping and then baking a cake, what a program for a Saturday. Fortunately the weather is not so nice, some gray and gray mixing up, called high level fog.... well, wintertime in Zurich. So here comes my day 5.
Enjoy your weekend with a lot of pictures coming in

Next to pop in is Bettina - another early day 5!!!  She says:-
My day 5 pictures, still not gona venture a guess, back to the UFO.
Regards from South of Sweden

Now I'm worried about Isa's little family.  I hope they don't catch cold in the snow!!!  Here's what Isa says:-
"Good Morning Jane:
Here is TIAS day 5!
In a wonderful winter day plenty of snow !
Send you and for all the people over the world participating on your TIAS a big hug!
Happy week end!"

Here's a genius of a picture - what an incredible imagination Szilvia has!!!
"Little sailing boat :D"

Next in with her day 5 is Angela who says:-
Here are my Day 5s. Still no guess. Can't wait for the next installment!

Following close behind now is Muskaan who again is sending in her day 5.  She says:-
"Good morning Jane :-)
sending day 5 TIAS pieces.  Can't think straight, yet. Hence no guesses today. 
love the immense imagination & creative perspectives of fellow tatters....

Now I have Firanghish in the next slot of the blog.  Her comment is:-
"Hi! Jane
Here's my Day 5 assignment. Its fun reading comments on the blog. I thing it is a tail of a cat or a bird.

Have enjoyable weekend.


Next to come in is from KF who has this to say:-
"Hello, Jane!
Here is my teeny, tiny Day 5 tat. As per usual, I am stumped and anxiously awaiting the next installment! :)
Well, I'm sorry but you'll have to be patient!!!!

Finally the last at the moment in my inbox is from Fran here in the UK.  Hope you're keeping dry, Fran.  Here's her comment:-
"Dear Jane
Here is my day 5. Its so lovely to look forward to a little bit of tatting every few days. Thank you.
Fran UK"

Now from Holland comes Sonja who says:-
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 5. Still hard to think about it will be. I think you love supprise.
Sonja from a cold, half sunny and not too much wind in Holland"
I am pleased to see you haven't lost days 1 to 4, Sonja!!!!

A welcome now to Tove who has just joined us.  Thanks, Tove, good to see you.  She says:-
"Dear Jane!
Here is my TIAS day 5.
I have not posted before ur thought it should be nice to pacipate for once.
I do not know what it should be but my guess is something in 3D.
Kind regards
Tove Karlsson"

Sarah's had a difficult day but has now found time to do day 5.  This is why I space each part out - so that people who don't have a lot of time can keep up.  Here's what Sarah says:-
"Fussy baby today so it has been hard to sit down and work on anything.  I managed to get to it though!  Today I think it might all be part of an adorable penguin!
Sarah M."
LOVE your drawing, Sarah.

Now I have another lovely picture along with two resident geckos who have made an appearance!!!  Wonder where you found that pattern, Marla?
"I almost put this off till tomorrow but ..... you know, itchy fingers get you every time!  :)
Mr. Gecko (on the left- he let me know his name is Marty)  is very excited that you are starting another Dunce cap for his friend Simon!  And they will match!  :)
Cheers! Marla"
That's an original idea - gecko dunce caps?  I'm not admitting whether that's what it is or not!!!

Next in is Stephanie who has a good idea over attachments - here's her advice!!!
"Hi Jane!
Got smart and attached the scan FIRST - before I forgot!  ;-)
I've had my shuttles 'loaded' and ready to go since completing Day 4.  There was a bit of ....ummmm....difficulty this morning, as I managed to remember where I put my first bit of tatting....but couldn't find the shuttles to start today's tatting.  Finally found them, and - as you can see - my Day 5 of the tatted Whatzis is complete.
It's definitely a UFO or a Whatzis.  ;-)  Or maybe something else....
Have a terrific weekend!
Big hug to you and to all the TIAS tatters!  :-)

Now I have Caroline back with her day 5.  She says:-
"Well, the wind is back with a vengeance.  They say 50s tomorrow but I am not sure it will get that warm.  Wish we could send a little of the cold to those suffering with the heat.
Here is day 5 - it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.
Wish we could send some of our rain to anybody who needs it too, Caroline.  

Next in is Wendy who says:-
"Bit late this evening, we have been out all day visiting our Son and his family in Chobham, Surrey.
This looks like a little cross. I suppose it could be a ship, this being be the mast.
Wendy x"

Now for the cutest picture of a lion I've ever seen.  This is from Anita who seems to have the answer to this year's TIAS.  Or has she?
"Yep,...can still see Tatsy the Lionette!!.... Anita"

Now I have a picture from Anne.  Thanks, Anne.

It fascinates me when I'm doing the TIAS how we're all on so many time zones.  Here in the UK it's almost bedtime on Saturday (well, for old gits!) and now I have Australia waking up to a Sunday morning!!  Here's Frances who has this to say:-
"Morning Jane,
here is my day 5, in which you will notice there is a slight colour change as I use the last of the light blue for the first part.  I was hoping that we would change colours now.  oh well mine will have 3 colours unless I can keep this colour for part 3 let me know.  Still leaning towards the sail boat.
Frances S

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I love Szilvia's picture. I can imagine the tatted sailboat on the sea. Lovely.