Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wednesday's post

Now first in this morning is from Anne-Marie who says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here are my days 5 and 6 because I don't felt like doing my english exercise on sunday, but tatting  was made, and perhaps, I thought I 'ld many time until day 6 to find or at least have new idea for this terrific suspense! But no! Compliantly we continue tatting with pleasure to go along Jane's project,as we follow a person in reliance, an old friend ,but with such impatience. It's a true childbirth _ I'll hope longer....-when we did'nt know  if girl or boy,and if delivery would be near!
Greetings dear Jane

 Next in is from Melanie who says:-
"Hello again-
Well, it's probably the start of your day when you see this, but for me it's just about time to start dinner. So,.....
What do you do when you get the call that nothing is ready and they won't be able to work today?? Tat!!
I'm guessing it's a boat. But then, I've just read an article about the America's Cup boats and what computers they had on board. Imagine that! Computers that help them go 40 knots. That's fast!!
Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Now I have Maureen next in my inbox.  She says:-
"Finally, Jane, I have caught up - and I am still hoping for an animal of some sort, because we haven't had an animal for a few years, have we? - I have absolutely no idea what we are tatting......"

Kelli has now arrived with her days 5 and 6.  Here's what she has to say:-
"Hi Jane,
Here are my photos for 5 and 6.  I've been a bit preoccupied with a short trip to Spokane, WA and redesigning my blog header. I think I'm caught up now.
Kelli in Oregon"

Helene is next in with her TIAS.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Got home late from work, had a late supper and took the time to tat day, what are we tatting???
I'm sticking to my guess, it could be the second blade of the windmill. 
But I do admit I love the idea of tatting a tatmobile. 
Now that would be a vehicle worth it's weight in creativity, but then you do not lack creativity, do you Jane?
Happy tatting world,

Angela is next with a whole brood of TIAS's!!!!  What fun you're having!!!
Here are my Day 6 contributions. Thanks for the fun! Can't wait till the next installment!

Anne has just sent her picture in.  Here it is:-

Now I have Bernice's and she says:-
"TIAS day 5 and 6.  Well it is interesting.  Bernice Odom"

Straight after Bernice O I have Bernice B!!!!!  She says:-
I'm no SR expert but they are getting less painful to do. I think I'm closing my rings too tight as nothing is laying flat or are we doing a 3D happy Chinese New Year of the Horse. Day 6 attached.

Next to arrive is Sarah who sends yet another little rhyme with her day 6.
"Hi Jane, We are getting lots of snow here tonight.  A nice time to sit by the fire and tat. : )  There will be plenty of time to deal with the snow tomorrow.   Sarah

Cares and worries I leave behind
I sit and tat what Jane designed.
Let the wind blow and let it snow
It’s off to tatland I do go."

Now I have Lori with her day 5 and she says:-
"Hi well I am a day late but it is done! Yeah me.still have no clue as to what it is.
Lori  ;~)"

Now I have Mouse who says:-
"Hi Jane. Hope you have a wonderful day. Here is my day 6 of the TIAS they look like comets right now. Can't wait to do more. I love tatting.
BUT I have more to show you.  I know this isn't TIAS but I've a feeling this little girl will be doing the TIAS next year.  This is what her proud mum (who is Mouse) says about her:-
"Jane , i'm very impressed with my daughter, M! Here is the 4th attempt at a 4 ring butterfly and she got it! she has less gaps then i did when i started out. So very proud of her."

Next to arrive is Lisa who says:-
"My day 6.  Did this at lunch.  Only productive thing I've done at work tonight.  Tired and feeling lazy!  Tatting kept me awake.  Now, back to it...."

Now I have Claire's day 6 along with the following comment.
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 6 of the TIAS, and the corresponding blog post. By the way, all my post about tatting are written in both French and English. ;-)
This part is slightly different than the first. Could it still be the second sail of a boat? Or something completely different? You said that we were not even half through, so time will tell...
Have a nice day.
Claire (Canada)"

Finally before I go out I have Lori again with her day 6.  She says:-
"Day 6 !! Does not lay quite like it should but I think it will, once I get it all put together I hope it will lay out better.
Lori  ;~)"

Half past two in the afternoon after a successful morning helping at Silver Surfers in the library, a  home visit to help a friend with her laptop (nothing technical, thank goodness) and before going to do similar for another friend I have time to upload a few more TIAS's!!!

First in on this session is Shelley who has been quietly tatting away in the background!!  She says:-
"Morning Jane,
I have been keeping up but this is my first day to post. It has been a joy to start 2014 with tatting each day.  On the days you do not post an update I am still tatting on my other projects.  Three weeks to make a new habit is what I hear and what better habit than to tat each day.  Thank you.  Shelly"

Now I have Emilia who has sent in her days 5 and 6.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
attached another contribution. This time day 5 and 6 and I am clueless again. Can’t wait for day 7.
Kind regards, Emilia"

Esta follows on straight away with her day 6 and the following comment:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 6. I have to admit I an completely stumped as to what it could be.
Enjoying the mystery!

Now I have Muskaan's day six and she's making two @^&*((£s!!!!
Here's her comment:-
"Hi Jane
My day 6 ... One would make a nice bracelet while bluebells & buttercups bloom in the next pic :-)
Having fun & waiting for more. This is probably half-way through ?
Not yet, Muskaan, not yet!!!

Now the next one in could prove dangerous!!!  Here's the comment and picture:-
"I no longer think it is a bird of some is now obvious that it is a rhinoceros and we have created his horns!"

Next in is Katie who has sent in her days 4 to 6 and has this to say:-
"Hi, Jane,
So lovin' your TIAS!!  
Playing catch up, as you can see.   Thanks for all you do for this lovely game!
tatty hugs,
Katie V in NC"

Nikki is next in my inbox with her days 4, 5 and 6.  She says:-
"I got busy but here are my days 4-6 .... I did forget a ring in day 5 but fixed it in day 6...."

Now I have Stephanie's day six and her comment follows too:-
"Sending you my Day 6 tatted Whatzis.  I still haven't any idea what the pieces are going to look like put together, but I'm SURE it's a Whatzis!  ;-)
 Have a terrific week!
Big hug!

Finally in this session I have Miranda who says:-
"Hi Jane,
I tatted day 6 yesterday morning when I got home from work, but I couldn't manage to stay awake long enough to send an e-mail, so here it is today. It now looks different from the first bit, but still clearly related to it. That 6-ring flower must represent something, but I sure don't know what. I doubt if I'll have any new guesses till I see how the two pieces join together.
You've got a long time to wait, Miranda!!!!

Next in is Susan with another picture and comment.  Here it is:-
"Hi Jane,
We're back in the arctic freeze here with temperatures of -29C expected overnight. It was -24C when we woke up this morning, and has risen to a balmy -17C at 1:00 p.m!  Here's my photo for Day 6, Though it's listing slightly
Can't think of a rhyme today-- My brain froze last
Hope you're having a warmer, sunny day!"

Denise has popped in now with this message and picture.  She says:-
"Oh what a time I am having :)
See my post at  You will smile when you read what a time I had.
Denise Brant"

Next into my inbox is Wendy who asks a question which I must agree with.  Probably I'm biased, though although I don't think so.
"Here we are, not got a clue but aren't the shuttles beautiful 😄
Wendy x"

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