Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Day 6

Good morning.   Here is the link to day 6!

First in this morning and new to this year's TIAS is Alba Alicia from Mexico who says:-
Here I am, from Mexico with my first four days. I made a mistake in day 3 and had to start again and again, but finally here it is.
Thank you so very much for this unique game.
A big hug
Alba Alicia"
Next in is from Val who has sent in her days 5 and 6.  She says:-
"Here's day 6. Interesting, but really hope it's a King Penguin!
Off to the shops after this one from Claudia.  She's already sent in her day 6!!! 
"Good morning Jane
Thank you for placing Day 6, but it didn't help a lot for a guess...

Thanks to Claudia I've just fixed a missing picot on SR11.  

Now I have Fiona's day 6 with the following comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 6. I messed up the spilt ring 8, but was able to reopen the ring again and continue. Hurrah! Though it doesn't sit how it looks in the diagram, I'm sure it will after day 7.
This could be a foot? Hmm you've really got us guessing this year!
Until day 7
Fiona T (one mad tatter) "

Next to arrive is from Sue D.  Here's her day 6 and her comment:-
"Hi Jane
Here's my offering for Day 6....
Definitely the other half of the roof of the duckhouse.... or a wall.... LOL
Chat soon
Sue in UK"

Kristen has now popped in with her day 6 and the following comment:-
"Hi again!
Here is my Day 6...Once again it's not turning the way your diagram shows, but I have faith that Day 7 or so will correct that! Still no guesses, but all the split ring practice has been fun!

I;m back again with Lelia who has just joined us.  She says:-
"Dear Jane:
Thank you for TIAS 2014.   
I have attached photos for days 1-2 and days 1-4.
I am using Lizbeth, size 20, Color 129.
Always, Lelia
blogging at:   Stitches of Life II"

Next to pop in with her day 6 link is Julie who says:-
"Here is my day 6. Thanks to you, I practice a lot the split ring, i'm gonna be a professional ;)"
Yes, by the time you've finished with this year's TIAS you will be a real professional, Julie!!!!  More to come!!

Sonja has now arrived with her two TIAS's.  She says:-
"Hello Jane
Here again me from Holland. You make it very difficult to see what it will be, but I think you like that (and we too). Still no ideas what it will be.
Happy Tatting from Holland (It’s dry today)


Now I have Roelien back with her day 6.  She says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my sixth day. It looks almost a reflection of the first part.  If you put them in reflection it could be the sails of a sailing ship.
But if that is true........?????

Many greetings,
You will have to wait and see what happens next, Roelien!!!!

Just arrived in my inbox is Jane's day 6 with her comment.  No, Jane I won't look too closely - count this as a practise piece!!  Hmmmm, now I've looked 'closely' I can't see what you're worrying about - looks perfect to me!!!
"Don' t look too closely Jane, I had to fudge it after making a bad join.
Happy tats, Jane"

Now I have Lesley's day six and she's changed her idea of what it's going to be now!!!
"Hi Jane
Day 6 winging its way via the web waves.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a tatmobile?
Meanwhile, whatever it is, I’m going to call it a thingamabob today; next time who knows?
Well, Lesley I can promise you one thing that it isn't and that's a plane - we've done one of those before!!!  A tatmobile sounds most promising to me!!!!

Now we have a very unimpressed participant courtesy of Fox.  Here's her Gian's comment.  Wonderful picture, Fox.
"Hmphhh, says Monsieur G."

Back with her family again is Isa who seems to have them in a different setting each time too!!!!  Here's her comment:-
"Hi Jane , here it's TIAS day 6. Not clue yet!
Big hug"

Now the next visitor this evening is Wanda who says:-
"I have as little idea of what this is now after day 6 as I did when we started. I'm pretty sure these two pieces will be joined together somewhere, sometime, but when and where???
I went to bed after 2:30 AM this morning just waiting for you to post Day 6.  As there is (I think) a six hour time difference I thought I might be one of the first to get it done, but alas, I was too pooped to stay up any later and had to wait for it until my somewhat late morning. 
Still trying to figure it out here in Kansas.

Next I have a worried Firanghish who says:-
"Hi! Jane
Here's my Day 6 assignment.
My work does not look exactly like your diagram. So please let me know where I have gone wrong and how I should improve upon it. Thanks.
Both my husband and daughter think it will turn out to be a cat. 

Frances has sent in her day 6 and is now becoming a real expert in making and joining split rings!!!  She says:-
"Dear Jane 
Here is my Day 6!
I love the split rings and feel confident at joining them now using your instructions. I can't begin to guess what it is going to be.
Frances UK"

Another new person joining the game today.  Welcome, Melanie.  Here are her first few days and her comment.
"Good morning Jane-
I'm late to the party. Blame the termites. Having to empty 3 of the bedrooms, have the termite damage treated and then the floors repaired and refinished set me back....oh....2 months on my tatting to do. So, being this late is quite a catch-up! I'm enjoying the game though!
Melanie (picotsnkeys)
PS I have to guess yet as I've not caught up completely."

Well that's blown it.  Beelizabeth's got the answer.  She's sure and I'm beginning to believe her too.
I have totally chosen the wrong color for this years TIAS. I know exactly what this years TIAS is: it's a Brown Recluse Spider-you know, the kind that are there but and bite on occasion but are absolutely NEVER seen, I have tatted 2 of the first section.  The first I placed on the table by my work seat, on a fuzzy mat so it wouldn't slip away. The second I placed in a zippered pouch. Both have gotten up and skittered away, probably never to be seen again!! I will make another, leave it attached to the shuttles until it's needed again and safety pin it to my zippered pouch. I'm sure the shuttles will be too heavy for the sneaky little critter to pull along as it tries to skitter away and with a pin through its middle it will have 2 means of keeping it from finding its reclusive hiding place,
"Beelizabeth" from the Valley of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA"

Now the next person to arrive is Denise who has this to say:-
"Happy Tuesday Jane!
It's getting so much easier to shuttle tat.
Denise Brant"

Marla's now popped in with her day 6 and the following comment which is:-
"Morning Jane,  ... errrrr... Good afternoon ? .... well, Evening your time I suppose!  Spent the morning at the dentist so I'm just getting around to getting this done up.... Kids (& geckos) are back in school today around here but I bet Marty & Simon will be surprised when they get back that Dunce cap #2 is starting to look a bit different... & maybe a little larger for Simon's larger head....?

Next in is Jo who says:-
"Hi Jane
Here are my days 4, 5 and 6.   I managed to get day 4 done before the weekend but didn't have time to get a picture of it until today when I did days 5 and 6.   Winding new bobbins gave me the chance to switch to my new purpleheart pop-a-bobbin shuttle.
Jo from the UK

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