Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday's arrivals

First of all - tomorrow will be Day 6 so be prepared!!!

First in this morning with days 4 and 5 is Adrain who says:-
"Hi Jane
I must have messed up measuring the thread on my first attempt, as I had nowhere near enough thread left after Day 3.
So, start again... Measure twice, cut once...
Here's my Day 4 and Day 5. Part 2 looks remarkably like Part 1, just started from a different place but using more thread. Intriguing. (As ever!)
Too early to make a guess yet, I think.

Next in is from Graciela who says:-
"Querida Jane!
Te envio lo nuevo que hice en Tatting. Espero que te guste.... Mi nueva naveta fue realizada con un vaso plástico de "The Muppet Show", el oso Figaredo.
Quedo a la espera del nuevo dia de TIAS!
Muchos saludos
Which using Google translate to turn it into English too says:-
"Dear Jane!
I send it back I did in Tatting. Hope you like it .... My new naveta was made with a plastic cup of "The Muppet Show", the Figaredo bear.
I await the new day of TIAS! 
many greetings
Thanks, Graciela - I LOVE your shuttle.  It's staring at me right now!!!!

Lisa's now back with her day 5 and comment.  Here's what she says:-
"Here is my day 5 contribution....anxiously and happily awaiting more.....I can barely wait to see what it is!"

Next to arrive is Andrea who isn't feeling well.  Get better soon, Andrea cause it's day 6 tomorrow.
"Here is my day 5 contribution....anxiously and happily awaiting more.....I can barely wait to see what it is!"

Now I have Anita with her day 4 and a suggestion which is probably the most unusual yet!!!
"Ok...complete turnaround.
DH and I have traveled extensively throughout the U.S., living in an RV.  One of our favorite places is the Arches National Park in Utah.  There is a rock formation there entitled "the Three Gossips".  It looks like this:
If you look closely, you can even make out her nose...after all, a gossip's nose is always in everyone else's business, right?
Loads of fun, Jane!!

Following on from this is Umintsuru who says:-
"Dear Jane,
I had to be silly and used a different shade of thread. Tatted in Flora size 20.
What is it? I am going to say it is a smaller version of the first, whatever that is. Flags of a fairy castle?
umintsuru in cloudy Singapore on a dreary Monday morning."

Finally and it's well past breakfast time I have Martha's days four and five.  She says:-
"Well, here I come limping in with 2 days worth again.  When I saw the helpful note about not losing the first motif, I had a bit of a fright since I realized you did not warn us about not losing the ball of thread...  It did turn up eventually.  Even better, we're now far enough along to see what this is.  An unusual choice for a Brit, but perhaps that was just to throw us off the track.  Tell me, do you take the wrong guesses as ideas for what to make next?"

Later on in the morning and Barbara has just arrived with her days 4 and 5.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here are my days 4, and 4 and 5.  I tatted these after watching the San Francisco 49ers football team lose their chance to play in the Super Bowl.  It was warm and sunny around the San Francisco Bay Area.
My guess is that this could still be a constellation, but it also looks like a large chick (like an albatross) sitting on a buoy or triangular shaped nest while it's mom is coming to feed it.  I actually don't know what it is!"

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